What Kind Of Newbie Are You?! They Said That “Summoner” Is A Terrible Job, Yet They Call Her The Last Boss – Chapter 126

Chapter 126: System

A few days later.

With the help of the Dragon Hina members, a plan to raise Johan and Mei’s level to 50 was about to be carried out.

Okay, I’ll explain it with a diagram.

Johan explains today’s strategy to May in the meeting room.

On the whiteboard was a simple map of the [Grassland of Decadence] in the southeast of Amaterasu City, and each monster distribution area was marked with a letter of the alphabet from A to K.

“First, I need you and Donald to gather all the monsters from point A into one place.

Johan and Mei ride Chrono Dragon to point A. Johan and Mei form a party and use his firepower to destroy the monsters they’ve gathered.

And disband the party. Johann and Mei move with the Chronodragon, this time to point F. Kong and Donald move to B and lead the monsters there.

At F, Zecca and Renma have gathered monsters, so Johan forms a party again to destroy them. Johan and Mei ride the Chrono Dragon to B, where Kon and Donald are waiting for them.

Zecca and Rengma move to point G and lead the monsters there. If there is another player ahead of them, they move to another location and contact him.

“I’ll repeat this process to efficiently destroy the monsters.”

“Wow… “Wow. It’s like an army.”

This strategy would not be possible without Chronodragon’s mobility, Johan’s super firepower, and the cooperation of the other members, but it would be a very efficient way to gain experience.

“But it’s not like Johann. He’s usually so reluctant to play efficiently.”

“Well… I get that all the time at work. Efficiency, productivity…”

So Johan really wants to play games without thinking about such things, but this time was different.

“But I want to use [Fusion Summon] as soon as possible.”

“I understand!”

“So I’ve been thinking really hard.”

It hasn’t been decided yet that the EX Skill you can get is [Fusion Summoning].

“I see. If you have such a great plan, I really wish Ooga had come too.”

Oga and Smokejaw P aren’t participating in today’s level-up mission. It’s no use for P. Smokejaw because his wife and daughter have caught a cold, but not for Oga.

According to Mei, she’s been out at the pool with Cross and Zoma. May has never been asked to join them since she belongs to a different group than Auger and the others.

“Well then… Let’s keep the fun to ourselves, just the two of us girls!”

“Yo, Johann, that’s…”

Johann smirked and pulled out a gorgeous bottle from the storage. Mei is surprised that he knows what it is.

“Or, it’s the charged item [Hyper EXP Potion]! And two of them… Bonuses? You got a bonus!”

“Relax, Mei. You got your bonus, but I didn’t buy this. I didn’t buy this.

Hyper EXP Potion. The ultimate level-up aid, costing 4,800 yen a bottle.

GOO can be played for a basic fee of 980 yen per month. However, there are several other items that can be purchased by paying money.

They are so called “charged items”. However, there are no items that are so strong that you can’t win without them.

Even the equipment you can get for 10,000 yen is a step below the best you can make in production.

The significance of charged items in GOO is that players who do not have time to play slowly but have enough money can catch up with players who have enough time.

Why would Johann have something like that?

“My friend gave it to me.”

“This is the kind of friend who would give me a luxury item like this… Wow.”

The effect of Hyper EXP Potion is that you gain 20 times more experience for 1 hour.

The price is too high (4800 yen), and the effect is very powerful. However, it is not a demerit, but you can only use this potion up to level 50.

That is, Johan, Mei, Oga, and Smokejaw P among the dragon chicks.

Well, let’s move on, then.




Then Hinadora, evolve!


Johan moved to the fourth layer, and immediately summoned Hinadora and activated [Evolution Summon]. He then boarded the Chronodragon and flew to location A, where Kon and Donald were waiting.

He’s in the air, working with Mei to buff Johan as much as he can. Now we’re ready to go.

“I see you, Johann!”

“Right, let’s go then.”

When they reach the sky above point A, the two of them gulp down a [Hyper EXP Potion]. For the next hour, they’ll have to see how many enemies they can defeat.

On the ground, Kon and Donald were battling eight dinosaur-shaped monsters called [Attack Stego]. They were monsters of the 4th layer, and very strong, but Kon and Donald had managed to keep up with them and kept the number of them without defeating them.

Johan thanks them and sends them a party application. His request is quickly accepted. They can now avoid getting caught in the middle of Johan’s ranged attacks.

Kronodragon, drop a little more altitude… Okay.

When the Chrono Dragon approaches the ground, Johan activates his skill.

“Let’s go! Meteor Bird– [Meteor Rain].”

Johann shouts and five fireballs rain down from the sky at Attack Stego. Johan’s enhanced status makes his attacks more damaging to his enemies.

How’s it going?

No. I haven’t killed any yet.

“Muh… This is the fourth level… Even the mook monsters are different…”

The attacks that would have killed them in an instant in the previous levels were not decisive. But that doesn’t mean they’re not taking damage.

“I’m going to push through this–[Meteor Rain][Meteor Rain][Meteor Rain][Meteor Rain][Meteor Rain][Meteor Rain]…”

Johan activates the remaining 9 meteorains all at once. 5×9. 45 fireballs rain down on point A all at once.

It’s like the end of the world. The sky turns red with flames. Even Attack Stego couldn’t withstand it.

“I’ve seen this view in a foreign movie.”

“Ragnarok, I think.”

Armageddon, maybe.

Donald and Kong on the ground gazed at the so-called “apocalypse” with distant eyes. Although they were not damaged, the hot wind was tremendous.


“I’ll look forward to seeing you next time.”

Johan is level 43 and Mei is level 44, so they thank the two on the ground and leave point A.

We’re going to F, where Zecca and Lemma are.

“Good luck with that.”

“Well then, shall we go too~?”

Johann, I think we can get this system working.

“Yeah, we’ve got 55 minutes. Let’s go for it!

After seeing them off on the Chronodragon, Kon and Donald move to point B to collect the monsters.