What Kind Of Newbie Are You?! They Said That “Summoner” Is A Terrible Job, Yet They Call Her The Last Boss – Chapter 130

Chapter 130: The Priest’s Trial

Johan escapes safely from the desert and joins up with Kong and the others.

Johan apologizes for being late, and the others forgive him. They talked about the battle with the mirage they’d met along the way, and received the extremely difficult quest [Pyramid of the Giant Synthetic Graveyard]. Johan and the others finally set foot inside the pyramid.

Johan and his team make their way through the stone pyramid. According to Christer’s information, no enemies appear on the way to the middle boss’s room.

So Johan and Mei walk towards the back of the room without getting ready.

On the other hand, Kong was the only one walking at the end of the line with an unhappy look on his face.

What’s wrong?

“What’s wrong? Why is she here?”

That boy is Christer, the one who leads the way.

You wanted to see me?

No, it’s nothing.

Yeah. This pyramid challenge includes Krister, who Kon tried to outsmart. Johan was late, so Kong and Mei waited with Krister in front of the pyramid for a couple of hours.

“I’m the one who called you. I mean, you’re the one who gave me all this information, and I can’t just leave you out of it. Besides…”


“This quest. Maybe we can’t win it with just the three of us.”

The super-high difficulty quest is the main content of the fourth layer. Therefore, its difficulty is the highest ever. You should explore every corner of the fourth level and raise your level to 80 before attempting this quest.

He’s ignoring the process and challenging it. The more people, the better, in Johann’s opinion.

“Well, that’s fine. But for the Demon Lords who clear quests in one shot every time, this may not be familiar to you. A quest is something that can only be completed after you’ve failed a number of times and have learned some tricks and information.

Kong tells Johan, who has won so far by overwhelmingly pushing his character specs, how to attack the quest the way it should be done.

In the beginning, unknown quests are to be completed by failing many times, gathering strategy information, and taking countermeasures.

You should assume from the start that you’re going to fail a few times.

“Sometimes you don’t have any information and you keep failing. I hope it doesn’t come to this with you and Christer, who I don’t even know very well.”

“I hadn’t really thought about it, but… I’ll figure it out.”

“Well, yeah. Once we’ve done it together, we’ve done our duty. I guess I won’t ask you out a second time.”

I was whispering something like that. Christer, who was ahead of me, suddenly activates [Summon Ride]. The summoning stone he used was [Drill Mord]. Christer looks like a mole with five drills on his head, arms, and legs.

“What? What’s going on?”

“No enemies appear on the road, right?”

Kong and Mei questioned Christer, who had suddenly activated Summon Ride.

“Oh, that’s… That’s a lie.


“When I said the enemies don’t appear until the mid-boss… That’s a lie.”

Then… Something fell from the ceiling toward May’s face. It was big enough to cover her face, and it crawled on her face as soon as it landed. The feeling made her shiver.



Kong immediately pulls out his gun-shaped staff [Deeper Crack] and casts Dark Magic [Gand] at May’s face. It hits something that was covering May’s face. The object falls to the ground.

What the hell?

Johan gazes at the object, and its name and HP are displayed. It seems to be a small monster.

[It’s a scarab with a silver color like metal. Frightened, Mei clings to Kon’s waist as he helps her up, tears in her eyes.

“Aww… I can’t stand bugs…”

“Oh, yeah. That was scary. Don’t worry, we got the creepy bug. Now, you’re gonna tell me what’s going on.

His tone changes from gentle to… Kong glares at Christer. Kon looks at him and smiles. he says, smiling without showing off.

“Fake. Fake. How can I tell the whole truth when I’m on speaking terms like that?”

Krister was telling them false information in case they betrayed him. He was insuring that if he betrayed them and the three of them went to the pyramid alone that Johann and the others would panic and be wiped out. Even if they didn’t get wiped out, it would throw a wrench in the plan of attack and make the other information she’d brought with her unreliable at once. That was the trap she had set for me in case I was betrayed.

“Oh, my God. We wouldn’t do such a terrible thing. Right, Demon Lord?

“Yeah, yeah.”

Johann looks at Kon and thinks, “This guy’s on a roll.” Johan looks at Kong.

No, no, I believed you. It’s true. It’s just insurance. Forgive me. All the other information is true.


“What’s wrong, Mei?”


May points to the metal cluster scarab that Kong defeated.

What is that… Oh, my God.”

A hole opens in the body of a Metal Cluster Scarab that has been defeated, and countless small Metal Cluster Scarabs spring out of it. They quickly return to their original size. As a result, about thirty Metal Cluster Scarabs appear from within one of them. And not just those 30. New Metal Cluster Scarabs are springing out of the body of the first one that was defeated.

“Metal Cluster Scarab. Once you attack it with a magic attack, it will multiply countless times. And their attack power is strong enough to kill a level 40 player with a single blow. Ah, what a fearless monster…”

Just say it!

“So that’s why I rigged the drill. Now…”

The five drills in the drill maul rotate.

I’m sorry I doubted you. I’ll take it from here.




Although I was attacked by Metal Cluster Scarabs several times, I could reach the area where the mid-boss [Priest] was waiting for me.

A crystal floats at the top of the large, square room, illuminating the field with a bluish-white light.

“Wow, it’s a beautiful place!”

“Yeah, it’s kind of divine.”

“Is that so? My university is like this, too.”

“Is your university in Egypt? The pyramids?”

“Oh, no, no, no. I’m talking about the lights.

A metallic sound echoed through the room, as if to blackmail the girls who had arrived at the boss’s room and were getting excited. I looked in the direction of the sound and saw a man who looked like a priest standing there. It seemed that the priest had struck the ground with his staff.

“Welcome, challengers.”

The room is filled with a sacred atmosphere. He wears a white cloak over his strong body and gold jewelry. On his arm is a golden staff. At the end of the staff were two summoning stones.

“There will now be a test to see if you are up to the challenge. We’ll see if you’re strong enough to challenge Pharaoh. We’ll find out. –Summon the summoner!

Two magic circles spread out before the priests. And two mighty warriors in black dog masks appear.

“Show yourself! Spirit of the Guardian Soldier! And Spirit of the Guardian Shaman!

Two summons appear. One looks like a swordsman and the other like a sorcerer, each with different equipment.

“Now, you may call your summons.”

and Johan and the others each take out a summoner.

Okay, then, stick to the plan.


Each summons a summoner as previously planned.

“Summon the Summoner–Mirage Magician!”

Johann is using his newly acquired intermediate level summoner, Mirage Magician, as a .

“Summon the summoner– Necrodoll.”

Con has summoned a Necrodor, an Intermediate Summoner.

“Summon Ride– Celestial Zelnesia.”

Chrystar is Samonride to Zelnesia.

“Summon the summoner–pre-rephua!”

And May called the familiar Prelevere.

“Let’s go then. Plan A. Crush the summoner before he uses his Fusion Summon!”