What Kind Of Newbie Are You?! They Said That “Summoner” Is A Terrible Job, Yet They Call Her The Last Boss – Chapter 136

Chapter 136: Past + Past + Past → Future

Ultimate Chrono Dragon .

A god-class summoner with three heads and a jet-black exterior. Although it is a summoner from the Bachimon Collaboration, it does not appear in the original work, and is an evolved form only possible through GOO.

Kong, Mei, Christer. Each of these Chrono Dragons was created by Ultimate Fusion Summoning their respective Chrono Dragons.

I never thought I’d actually make it.

The power of the opposing S.O.G. Amen-Ra and the Ultimate Chrono Dragon takes all four of their breath away.

“Ultimate Chrono Dragon… Thank God.”

Johan, not expecting to see a single Chronodragon powered up, claps his hands together and thanks the management. Then he looked at Pharaoh.

“Well, I’ve successfully summoned a God-level here too.”

“Now I can break through [Sun God]’s resistance and damage Amen-Ra!”


But what was funny. Pharaoh laughed out loud at May’s words.

“You’re being naive. Even if we’re both God-level, there’s a clear difference in power between me, the Pharaoh, and your summoned beasts.”

“… Mm-hmm.”

Johann roars . Ultimate Chrono Dragon’s stats are indeed high. In player terms, it’s equivalent to lvl 100. But the enemy Amun-Ra has a high status as a boss monster, just like every other summoner Pharaoh has ever used.

In a simple contest of strength, you would lose.

“No, why are you depressed, Johann? Skills. Check your skills.

Oh, yeah.

The summoner’s skill is created at the moment the summoning is confirmed, and the summoner’s skill is created by the Ultimate Fusion Summon. The skill of the summoner is designed to turn the board upside down, while still retaining the abilities of the original summoner.

Johan opened the status screen. Kon and Christer peeked into the status screen. Behind them, Mei peeks at the screen. He seems to be curious about it.

“Two skills…”

“What a shambles.”

“But with this… I can go!”

Johann checked his skills. And the four of us worked out a way to win.

Are we done here? Then let’s get back to playing.

Pharaoh looks like he’s had enough of waiting.

“I’m sorry. And thank you for not attacking me. Or is it that you can’t?”

I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Pharaoh is upset. But only for a moment. He quickly reverts to his pompous ways and gives orders to Amun-Ra.

“Your delay has allowed us to re-use Millennium Crisis. Take that!

Amen-Ra once again unleashes a powerful beam of light. The storage summons that have not yet been summoned are dealt damage. All three of the summoners except for Mei, whose handhelds were wiped out in the last Millennium Crisis, are now all dead.

The rest is up to Ultimate Chrono Dragon.

“Now it’s our turn!”



“Yeah, I’ll take care of it. Ultimate Chronodragon! –Ultimate Chronodragon, activate skill!

the space around the Ultimate Chronodragon distorts. And a magic circle resembling a clock unfolds, just as it did with Chronodragon. But unlike the time of Chronodragon, its hands are moving into the future.

“A Chronodragon is a dragon with the ability to reclaim the past. But not this one. Her power is to bring back the lost future! The [Super Dimension Dragon Emperor Realm Futuremaker] can activate skills that existed in this field but couldn’t be activated!”

Chrono Dragon’s [True Spacetime Dragon Emperor Realm Timemaker] is a skill that activates an already activated skill. On the other hand, Ultimate Chrono Dragon’s [Future Maker of the Realm of the Super Dimension Dragon Emperor] can activate skills that have not yet been activated.

“Whatever your skill set… I’ll be merciful and tell you. Even if you activate it through a god-level Ultimate Chronodragon, the skills of a lower-level summoner won’t work on my Amen-Ra.”

Pharaoh is right, no matter what skills you activate in the [Realm of the Super Dimension Dragon Emperor], you won’t be able to break through Amun-Ra’s [Sun God] resistance unless the summoned beast you originally had is God-level.

But that’s not what Johann and his men were after.

No. We’re here for something else.


Kong. I’m going to need your partner’s help.

I don’t care.

“Activate the Nine-Tailed Fox’s skill [Half Soul Technique, Possession Attachment]! All the stats of the defeated summons are added to the Ultimate Chrono Dragon’s stats!”

“Of course, the summons that were killed in the [Millennium Crisis] are included in this number.”

“How is that possible?”

The approximate number of storage summons defeated in the two Millennium Crisis is 1,050 for Johan. Kong has 1,400. Christer has 1,200. Mei has 850.

The power of approximately 4,500 summons is concentrated in the Ultimate Chronodragon.

“Guru oh oh oh oh.”

The Ultimate Chrono Dragon’s body, which has been enormously powered up, glows golden, and its overflowing magic power becomes visible and gushes out as an aura like a bolt of lightning.

His light shines like the sun, blinding even Amen-Ra, the original sun-god.

“Awesome… Mr. Ultimate. You’re like a real god.”

Mei murmured. Johann felt the same way. It’s true that the power of summoned beasts that aren’t of the divine class can’t reach Amun-Ra. But with their power gathered together, they could display this much power.

“The power of all our summons now resides in the Ultimate Chronodragon. Now, this is our victory–[Ultimate Geocide Force]!”

Use your Ultimate attack skill. The enormous amount of magic released from his three heads spirals together and attacks Amun-Ra as one.

If we do this, we win!

“Ha-ha-ha-ha. How about that?”


But at this moment Pharaoh smiles evilly.

Did you just attack? At this moment Amun-Ra’s last skill Sacred Barrier will be activated.

Suddenly a rainbow-colored wall appears before Amun-Ra. The light of the Ultimate Geocide Force is sucked into the rainbow wall.

“[Sacred Barrier] is the god’s last line of defense, absorbing and doubling your attacks. In addition, this reflection penetrates all defensive skills.”

“No, that’s not fair! It’s not fair!”

May, her hopes of victory dashed, cries out in a voice that sounds like it’s about to cry.

“Only a god can damage us. But if I launch a god-level attack… it’s a barrier that repels that attack… That’s terrible…”

“Do not be sad. The fact that my Amen-Ra is so strong is proof that you have pushed me that far.”

The more you corner Pharaoh, the stronger the summoned beast will be called. Pharaoh consoles Mei by telling her that if she feels unreasonable, it’s proof that they were strong enough to do so.

“It was fun battling you guys. Come back and challenge me again.”

He held out his hand ostentatiously and gave the order for the final attack on Amen-Ra.

“[Sacred Barrier] Release. It doubles the damage it absorbs. Ultimate Chronodragon!”

A thick beam of light shot out from the rainbow-colored wall, piercing through the Ultimate Chrono Dragon.

“Gimme… Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.”

And the Ultimate Chronodragon is silenced. The gleam in its eyes disappears, and it slumps to the ground. Mei watches on with tears in her eyes.

Johan tapped Mei on the shoulder.

“Don’t cry, Mei.”


That’s right. So far, so good.


“While Ultimate’s status was increasing, Pharaoh had been acting relaxed the whole time.”

“Yeah, so I knew there was definitely a hidden ball here.”

May rolled her eyes at the three adults’ words.

“Oh, my God… All three of you noticed!”

“Well. And Pharaoh’s secret was his reflection.”

“This confirms our victory.”

Johann, Kong and Christer are confident of victory this time.

“Idiot. Your god class is already gone… No… No…

You finally noticed?

That’s when pharaoh realizes… The three of them are after him.

The body of the Ultimate Chronodragon, whose HP has been reduced to zero by the rebound attack, remains in place instead of disappearing.

“Which is why?”

May’s surprised.

That’s the thing, you see.

Johan put his hand on May’s shoulder and pointed to a corner of the room. Finally, Mei understood. Lying in the corner of the room was the metal cluster scarab that had been attached to Mei’s back when they had entered here. It was the monster from this dungeon that Johann had crushed to death and left lying in the corner of the room.

“Yes, that’s right. I made it this far without triggering the bug’s skill this time.”

“In the ‘skills that haven’t been activated yet’ of the Super Dimension Dragon Emperor realm, that bug’s skills also fall under that category.”

“Yes. Ultimate Chrono Dragon had activated Metal Cluster Scarab’s [Magic Breeding].”

And then you got hit by a magic attack. That clears the activation condition.

The fallen Ultimate’s armor-like shell cracks open, and from within…


It was a golden sunadora.

“Oh, my God! She’s so cute!”

“It looks like that, but it inherits all of Ultimate’s stats, and it’s a god-level summoner.”

“There’s more than one. Look, they’re pouring in.

“Moo.”” Mooo.”” Moo.””

The golden Hinadra is pouring out of the Ultimate’s body. Amun-Ra must destroy the Ultimate’s body as quickly as possible, but he has no way to attack it himself, so there is no way he can break out of this situation.

Come on, let’s go! Hinadora and the others!

“”””””””” “Mokyu!!!” “””””””””

“–[Ultimate Geocide Force]!”

Golden Hinadras unleash their special attacks all at once. Even if you use your Sacred Barrier you can only block it once. It is difficult to block all of their attacks.


And all their attacks hit… and S.O.G. Amun-Ra’s HP drops to zero. Pharaoh sees this. He takes off his mask and turns to face Johan and the others. His face, which still looks young, is somehow radiant.

“Brilliant. You have vanquished the gods. You win. That was a fun battle. The summoner’s EX skill… you’ll be able to use it. I hope you continue to enjoy this game.”

Pharaoh puts his fingers to his neck.

Come on. Finish me off!

It’s a very difficult quest until you defeat Pharaoh.

“Yes, you’ve made my day. Thank you.”

Johann mutters to himself and orders the golden Hinadras to attack. The number of Hinadras had grown to several hundred, and with their simultaneous attack, Johan and the others defeated Pharaoh. The four of them have completed the extremely difficult quest [The Great Synthetic Graveyard Pyramid].