What Kind Of Newbie Are You?! They Said That “Summoner” Is A Terrible Job, Yet They Call Her The Last Boss – Chapter 142

Chapter 142: New Champion Tactics

This way.

Zecca brings Auger to the window and points out the window with his thumb. He looks outside to see what’s going on, and sees that the college-aged players (the forumites) who had just been sifted out by the Con are all ready for battle.

“Oh, so they’re the usuals.”

When Oga peeked in earlier, he was dressed in a horrifying outfit that made him want to turn away, but when he changed, he found that the players were the ones who always got Johan into trouble.

“So I guess I’ll just kill him like I always do… “What? What?”

Then he notices something strange. Donald is outside, but the other members of the dragon chicks are all here, watching the scene outside.

“As expected, it’s going to be tough for Donald-san to deal with that many people by himself…”

You don’t want me to go with you in a roundabout way? Auga asks. But Zecca shakes her head. He looks at Zecca seriously, and she follows his gaze. There stands a man in a suit with gray hair pulled back in an all-black hairdo.

He has a good posture, but his complexion looks terribly unbalanced, as if he’s just come off the night shift.

“That guy is [Pierre]. He’s currently the number one player in the ranking event.”

“Number one in the rankings?

Why would such an amazing person join our guild? I’m surprised… but inwardly I’m thinking, “Oh, so he’s a weirdo…” but inwardly I’m thinking, “Oh, so he’s a weirdo… Perhaps I’m not mistaken.

“But, it’s an achievement from a ranking event without a master, isn’t it? How is that an advantage?”

“Even Mr. Roland isn’t all-powerful. If I hadn’t seen him the first time, I’d have been killed for sure.”

“First time… So this is… Is this the new wizard tactic we’ve been hearing about?”

“Yeah. You should watch Ogre too. The environment will be all about that strategy.




Pierre confronts the people of the forum with his back to the castle of darkness. In his hand he holds a large A3-size book.

This is a weapon [grimoire] for wizards, and its counterpart [staff] is used by few wizards. By installing your skills and magic in it, you can use it at the cost of MP.

It seems to be a very powerful weapon, but it has a disadvantage that only a few people use it.

First of all, the capacity of a grimoire is determined in advance according to its performance and rarity.

The more powerful a skill or spell, the more space it takes up to install it. The more powerful a skill or spell, the more space it takes up to install it. If you want to put a lot of weak skills in a grimoire, then there is no reason to use a grimoire that is overloaded with MP. Weak skills and spells cost less MP.

You have to use the installed magic skills in order from the first page. You can’t suddenly use the magic you installed on page 10… You can’t do such a thing.

In other words, you need to install your magic and skills before you install them.

“…” Flickering.

“…” Cockleburr.

When Pierre and the people of the BBS confronted him they looked at each other. They cooled down when the swamp field was deployed. They calmly switched to taking it out on each other.

They are players who have been playing this game for a long time. They were not completely ignorant of the game. They knew the grimoire’s greatest weakness.

It means that the grimoire will be unusable for a day after all installed magic and skills are used up, just like a summoner.

And there are 100 of us. No matter how many spells Pierre cast with his grimoire. There was no way he could lose.

A grinning smile appears on the faces of the forumites.

“Are you sure you’re okay? You can always tell me if you want me to join you.”

Donald, who had taken refuge outside the swamp with the other successful candidates, spoke to Pierre. But Pierre conquered him with one hand.

“It’s okay. It’s all right.

Pierre activates the skill when you tell him.

“Skill activated… [Mage Librarian Librarian]!”

Countless grimoires appear around Pierre. And they float around him as if to protect him.

What the hell is that?

New skill?

“This is a new skill implemented in the fourth layer . You can get it by using a lot of grimoires. This skill compensates for the weakness of the grimoire, which can only be held in one hand. It’ll be floating around in your hand like this.”

“I see…”

“So it’s a new skill that strengthens the weakness of the grimoire wielder.”


Can you beat us?

“You can win. –…[whirring]!”

The skill installed in the grimoire is activated and ripples spread across the swamp with Pierre at the center. The ripples gradually became waves that shook the bodies of the people of the forum.

Oh, shit. We’re stuck here.

“But we can make it over this wave.”

Pierre opens the grimoire and turns the pages. He activates a new skill.


Now gusts of wind will blow like a typhoon day. It’s a head wind for the people of the forum.

“Shit… We’ll never make it to Pierre.

“Then let us [archers] take care of it.”

Oh, there you are! You got it!”

Hey, man.

I’ll take care of it.

Several archers among the people of the forum use their [Must Hit] skill all at once and fire their strongest arrows at Pierre.

Not yet!

We’re here, too!

The wizard raises his staff and casts an attack spell.

But of course Pierre has read the long-range attack. He lets go of the grimoire in his hand and picks up another that is floating in the air and opens it.

“–[Arrow Dodging Warding][Magic Absorption].”

You can suppress enemy’s long-range attacks with [Arrow Dodge] that disables a bowman’s [Strike] for a certain time and [Absorb Magic] that absorbs magic attacks.

They’ve stopped attacking. Let’s take this opportunity to proceed with the battle. –Set the spell jars.

Then Pierre himself, not the grimoire, activates the skill, and a large blue glass vase appears above his head.

As long as this jar exists, Pierre’s maximum MP is temporarily removed.

You turn a page of the grimoire to activate the next skill.

“–[lake spirit’s fury]. I’ll take your MP.


“What the hell is this?”

Pierre activates the skill to absorb MP of all players connected to him through the water. Pierre gains MP beyond his limit with the pot of magic.

“You’re after something…”

“I know.”


The arrow shields are about to wear off.

The duration of the ward against arrows is 45 seconds. The remaining archers ready their arrows when the time expires.

And the moment the wards disappeared…


Archers fire arrows. [The arrows with the “must-hit” effect arc toward Pierre, hoping to cut off his life.

“–[Saint Shield]!”

Pierre switches his grimoire and activates his skill. A shield of light appears and protects Pierre from attacks.

One of the defenses that wizards have.

It was prevented. But the people on the message board felt a definite response. Because the skills and magic invoked from the grimoire would be useless for a day in exchange for the MP being overthrown.

The people of the forum were intoxicated by the sensation of gradually hunting down the gains.


Pierre picks up another grimoire and activates more skills.

“You’re hunting me down. Sweet–[rewrite verse]!”


“This skill will turn every page of my grimoire back to page 1. Well, in return, it also restores all of your HP and MP…”

Pierre activates [Rustling][Storm][Arrow Dodging] again as he says this and protects himself. He also invoked the [Hurricane] skill from his unused grimoire and blew away the people of the BBS who were approaching, opening the distance between them once again.

“Go ahead– [lake spirit’s fury] activate. I’ll take your MP again.”

Pierre getting a huge MP again.


What’s the point of doing this all over again?

“What a pain in the ass.”

Pierre is unfazed by the complaints. He glances at the dozens of grimoires floating in the air around him as he thinks.

“I don’t need this anymore. I activate my skill-[Destroy Grimoire]. A grimoire is [Destroyed] and the MP of the skills and magic contained in it is restored!”




“What’s the point of regenerating MP all the time?”


Zecca ignores Oga’s flirtations and watches the battle outside. She continues to recover her MP while blocking the enemy’s attacks by creating a swamp.

How would I get through it? That’s what I’m trying to figure out.

“That’s the one, right? Zoma used to… What was it called? [Berserker Magic.

“Oh. So you can massacre people with heaping stats.”

A skill that converts all of your MP into stats [Berserker Magic].

“No, it’s not. It’s a nasty skill, but it switches the control of the character from player to auto-control. It’s not stable.”

Zecca cut Pancho and Auga off softly.

“Well, it looks like allies are getting hit now, too.”

“Yeah. Yuya was erased when he approached me carelessly.”

Is it a bitter memory from elementary school? They look at each other and laugh.

“But that doesn’t make any more sense.”

“I wonder why I’m regaining MP all the time… I don’t know.”

Oga and Pancho are questioning again. Some of the magic and skills that Pierre uses are skills that Zoma also used, and there’s nothing special about them.

The only thing I can say is that the foothold is swampy.

“There is. There’s a magic that requires a lot of MP that I can’t prepare by myself.”

“Story magic?”

“Oh, you mean the Planet series, right?”

Miu joined the conversation from a short distance away.

[Planet Series]. It is the common name for a group of skills that were added to the point reward for ranking events about three months after the start of GOO.

A skill named after a planet has been added to each profession. It has various effects, but the common feature is that it consumes 10000 MP (of course, It is impossible to be overpowered or overpay in any way). And because of the fact that the effects were not related to victory, they were not considered by players as a joke skill or a romantic skill.

He seemed to remember it because it was implemented before Mew quit.


“Wizard Planetskills. What was that?”





Pierre closes the grimoire when he sees that his MP is over 10,000. Then he erases all the grimoires and raises his hands to the sky.

“–[Mars Gravity]!”

This is the ultimate skill that requires 10,000 MP points to activate. As soon as you activate it, a green lightning-like effect spreads across the swamp, and all the people on the message board fall down at once.


“What the hell is this?”

“I’m… Heavy?

“The skill [Mars Gravity]. A fun skill that blocks the movement of surrounding players with 20 times the load of gravity, ignoring all resistances.”

When Pierre confirms that all the enemies have fallen under the load of high gravity, he speaks up as if he’s finished the job.

“Giving you high gravity. You paid 10,000 points and that’s it. It’s not something you should be paying a lot of MP for. Of course it is. Then you have to kill the enemy some other way. If I have to do that, I’ll use other means. That’s why Mars Gravity was a joke skill. But as you are now witnessing firsthand, it was transformed with the advent of the swamps.”

There has been no reply from the people of the forum. Their bodies are now submerged in the swamp. They try to get up, but they can’t.

Well, I guess it’s time to go.

When one minute has passed, which is the limit of the oxygen gauge, all of the people on the board who had been sinking lose all their HP and disappear. The end of the game is a bit of an anticlimax.

“I’ve been diving and playing. I didn’t know there was such a use for a swamp field. You’re the new champion, Pierre!”

When the garden was un-swamped, Donald came in, crackling and clapping.

I’m sure they’ll take action against you soon enough. But it’s a good way to show the Demon Lord my power.

“Hey, hey, hey. You think you’ve already passed? I still have an interview.

I’d like to see you pass the test now, but… But okay. Let’s get on with the interview.

Pierre says a little tiredly.

He and the other six players enter the Castle of Darkness.

Chapter 142 Afterwards (The Darkness of the Dragon Chicks)

A room in the guild home [Castle of Darkness] owned by the guild [Dragon’s Chicks] has now been turned into an interview room.

Sitting in a pipe chair with good posture was Johan, the guildmaster, and four self-proclaimed executives waiting for Pierre, age 32. Kon, Donald, Zecca, and Renma. In addition, P. Smokejaw is waiting at the entrance as a guide.

Pierre entered the room and sat down in a chair. He looked around the interview room and sighed.

“I see. This is what you call a pressure interview.”

You’ve got it all wrong.

Johann is so upset that he’s not even aware of it.

“I’ve been through a lot of companies in real life, but… This is not so easy, is it? “I want you to look at this objectively, my Demon Lord. “The people that I’m surrounded by right now…”

Johan puts his hand on his chin and thinks.

“Well, I’m a calm and collected guildmaster…”

And Johann.

I’m a high school girl.

And Zecca.

We have a beautiful woman.

And con.

“… So I guess I’m kind of a mascot.”

And Lemma.

“Oh, yeah. I guess I’m a mood-maker then.”

And Donald.

So I guess I’m in the “common sense” category.

and smoke clause P.

Pierre sighs again when he hears this.

“Whoa. That’s a higher anomaly than I thought. I can feel my heart rate rising. Am I really gonna make it here?”

Pierre’s expression doesn’t change, but he’s worried.

“Don’t worry, Pierre. Our guild is a friendly one.”

“I think I heard a word I don’t trust…”



“Well, now that we’ve got the conversation going, let’s talk about Pierre-san joining…”

“No, I’m not excited at all. Wait a minute, my Demon Lord. He’s going to judge us now? Isn’t that too much to ask? There’s got to be something. Like, “What are your hobbies? Or ‘How long have you been playing?’ Or… There’s got to be something!”

After a few moments of silence, Johan is about to forcefully close the interview.

“… However, you just showed me what you can do…”

“As far as I’m concerned, I’m not afraid of bringing the top ranked player into my group. I’ll have him practice with me as a research subject… I’m sure…”

Zecca’s eyes glow suspiciously.

“Hey, hey, hey, you little black girl. Are you some kind of mad scientist by the looks of you? I’m not much of a people person.”

“Oh, really?”

“I’m more of a production guy. That’s why I don’t like to go along with the girl’s practice…”

“It’s okay, it’s okay. It’s gonna be fun.

“Oh, man. I thought he was the sane one, but he’s pretty scary, too. He’s got the eyes of a maniac.”

I feel as if my only hope has been dashed, Pierre.

“Well, at least ask them why they want to work here.”

“For now… I’m not sure why, but it’s okay. I want to be in this guild because… It’s because I’m number two.

“Well… What’s that?”

“Hmm. Didn’t you get it, my Demon Lord? Let me rephrase. I’m a good second-in-command type.

Did you mean what you said?

The dragon chick cadres tilting their heads.

“I’m embarrassed to even explain it to you.”

“I think it’s more embarrassing to call yourself competent.”

“I’m the one that’s [strong!] [Awesome!] [cool!] I want to work as the right hand man of someone I think is [strong! Being useful to someone like that is what I want to do for a living. But unfortunately, I’m not very good at it. In real life and in the game world, I end up at the top.”

He’s not boasting, but he’s saying that he hates it. Perhaps he’s not lying. He’s come up with the complex strategy he showed earlier in the battle with the forum members. He’s capable, make no mistake.

Perhaps he really does want to be number two to someone he admires.

And you think that’s Johann?

“Well, that’s crazy.”

“… I don’t know what to do. I can’t keep up with all the crazy people.”

“Ha ha ha. You’re not very convincing in that getup, Rengma-san.”

(They can’t be…)

Pierre’s heart is filled with doubt as he watches the exchange between the dragon chicks.

(I thought this guild was full of freaks…) But these guys… Do they all think they’re the only sane ones?)

I felt a cold sweat run down my spine. This is the darkness of the Top Guild.

(Maybe what I’ve walked into is a lot scarier than I imagined. But I hope so. Johann. I don’t care where we go as long as we can play our games at the Mad King’s side.)

And after a few more minutes of exchanges… Pierre was allowed to join the dragon chicks and left the interview room.

Thanks for your help.

Auger greeted Pierre lightly as he went outside. He looked at Pierre as if he was feeling sorry for the poor man.

“Let’s work together.”

“No, your face. You don’t look like you’re trying at all. What? What the hell do you know? Say something! You’re freaking me out!