What Kind Of Newbie Are You?! They Said That “Summoner” Is A Terrible Job, Yet They Call Her The Last Boss – Chapter 143

Chapter 143: The Birth of the Newborn [Dragon Hatchling]!

More than a dozen players had gathered in the meeting room of the Dark Castle.

The interviews of the six who have successfully passed the sifting process are over, although there is a disturbance caused by a runaway of the forum members. The interviews are not so formal.

Light interaction with the dragon chick cadres .

“Why did you apply?” and the like… and the chit-chat. And so today, the dragon chicks have six new members. If Giltia and the other three are added, a total of nine members have joined. That’s more than double the number of members.

“We’re starting to look like a guild, aren’t we?” Donald’s eyes were brimming with tears as he said, “You’re starting to look like one of the guilds, aren’t you?

So let’s start with the Guildmaster… But since there is no one here who doesn’t know who the guildmaster is, the newcomers are to introduce themselves today.

I’m Giltier. Nice to meet you!”

I’m Miu… It’s nice to meet you.

The first thing to do is to make sure that you have a good time with your friends and family.

Go on.

I’m Pierre. Nice to meet you.

Pierre, who just showed overwhelming strength, greets him bluntly.

Go on.

A female player wearing a ninja costume, who was inconspicuous in the shadow of Pierre. She is about the age of a university student. She has black fox ears and tail, long and cool eyes, and her mouth is covered by a black mask.

I’m Ruhorobi, I’m lvl 60 and my occupation is [ninja]. My occupation is [ninja].

There is no occupation of a ninja in GOO. The original occupation of a player who calls himself Ru-Horobi is [Destroyer]. However, what Rui said is not completely wrong.

The least played profession in GOO is, by far, the summoner. However, this is not because summoners were unpopular, but because players retired from GOO after the specs were changed to make them much weaker.

So, if you remove those factors, the most unpopular job is actually the one of destroyer.

This one was simply not popular enough, and the management has made some changes to the game. For example, the [Samurai] and [Ninja] skills were added to the game so that the player can fight in a similar way.

Ruhorobi is one of those players who chose to be a destroyer and learned ninja fighting through his ninja skills.

Go on.

Standing in front of them are three middle school girls with a cheerful atmosphere. They seem to be three good friends who started playing GOO at the same time.

“We’ve switched from [Sword of the Farthest End]!”

“I’m good at fighting!”

“I’m looking forward to working with you!”

The player names are [Rin], [Luna], and [Moruhine]. Smokejou P hears the name and mutters, “That’s it. He mutters “I’ve got an idea.

“Their names…”

“What’s the matter, Smokejaw P., suddenly…”

“Lin, Luna, Moruhine… They’re all names of drugs. So the unit name [Drug Girls]… Yeah. We can go. This unit… We’re good!”

“No, you can’t use that name for an idol.”

“It’s doubly bad. Are you crazy?”

I get a harsh criticism.

And the last one to step forward was…

“Phew. I’m finally in line with you, Ogre! First, I’m going to get my revenge.

Cross stepped forward and pointed at Auger.

“Oh, no. “What a jerk.”

Pancho looks really uncomfortable. On the other hand, when he points a finger at Pancho, he says, “I’ll take it.” “I’ll take it!” he says.

Cross, perhaps satisfied with Auger’s attitude, points a finger at Johan, the guildmaster, as if he feels better.

Next, you, auntie! I’ll beat you and make up for this!”

Yes, let’s do it again.


Just as Johann yells, Donald Smile moves in behind Cross. He grabbed Cross by the shoulders. He puts his face close to his ear and mumbles something in a voice that everyone can’t hear. Immediately, Cross’s attitude suddenly changes.

“Oh… Cross. I’m a bowman… Uh, nice to meet you.

“Yes, well done.”

Released from Donald, Cross returned to his seat weakly. His shoulders were shaking.

“Well… Cheer up.

And Pancho and Ogre encouraged me.





After the meeting is over, the topic turns to the [GOO Summer Festival].

“But we don’t really have anything to do as a guild. You can participate in someone else’s plan. Or you can just have fun on the day. You’re free to have fun.”

Johann muttered as he stepped out in front of the others.

[GOO Summer Festival] is an event like a cultural festival for users’ participation during the summer vacation.

The festival will be held from the 20th to the 22nd of August. Preparations will begin tomorrow, August 2.

If your plan is accepted, you will be allocated a plot in Amaterasu City on the fourth level. During the preparation period, you will prepare for the shops and events that you have planned in the allocated plots.

Also, we have been very busy helping players who started for this event to get up to the fourth level.

This will be a tough event for working players because of the time required for the preparation.

However, there are no special rewards, and there are no complaints. The majority of the players in this game are students.

“So, are you guys in on something?”

Con mutters something about a topic and Pierre, the newcomer, stands up.

Yes, Mr. Pierre? What is it?

“Huh. I’m working on a project of my own. If you’re free, I’d love for all the dragon chicks to join in on the fun.”

As he says this, he steps forward and displays his plan on the whiteboard.


“[First Tag Team Duel Tournament]?”

“Yes. A battle festival to decide the strongest pair of GOO. The winning pair will receive a prize I’ve prepared for them. I just got the go-ahead from the management. What do you say, Demon King? Why don’t you pair up with someone and join us?”

Zecca, who was sitting on the seat, reacts to Pierre’s question. It seems that he wants to leave with Johann.

“Um. I’m actually going to another event, so… I’ll pass.”

“I see. I thought we’d get a lot of visitors if our Demon Lord appeared.”

“What kind of events does the Demon Lord attend?”

“Hmph. I’m glad you asked, Kong.”

Johan grinned as if he’d been waiting for it and took a certain item out of storage.

“What is this?

Johan took out a Gear 4WD.

“This is my very own Gear 4×4. It’s called the Hina Dragoon K-I!”

“[Hina Dragoon K-I]?

“That’s right. I’ve actually been invited to the Summer Race hosted by the Kakuro Koro Koro Hobby Club. It’s supposed to be a huge race with 4 levels of different fields. I’m going to try to be the fastest with my Hina Dragoon K-I.”

It seems that Johan has customized his own body from the Gear 4WD that he got from the guys in the hobby club. Anyway, Johan has some fun plans for the day.

Seeing Johan looking forward to it, the other adults including Smokejaw P, Donald and Kong start thinking “I should join some events too…”. They start to think about it.

Oh, uh…

And in that atmosphere, May raised her hand a little reservedly.

“What’s wrong, Mei?”

“We’re going to have a [haunted house] with the other kids from the guild.”

Well, that’s good!

Mei, Oga, and Pancho are going to play the Haunted House in cooperation with other elementary school players except for the dragon chicks. They probably feel guilty about teaming up with non-Guild members. Johan senses her feelings and pats her on the shoulder, telling her not to worry about it.

“I’m really looking forward to the haunted house you and Mei are making. We’ll be there for sure. Invite us, okay?”

“Yes, yes! I’ll make a very scary haunted house!”


“If Johan and the others are coming, I can’t be embarrassed by the finish!”

I’m sorry, it’s a cross.

“Yeah. Let’s build a super-scary haunted house.”

I’m in elementary school.

“We’re collecting scary stories and stuff right now. It’s gonna be a good project.”

I wasn’t invited.

“You’ve been talking too much, Cross.”

You’re not being very nice, are you?

The adults, except Johan, were looking at the schoolchildren who were making a lot of noise.

“”””…”” “””

They were staring at the group of elementary school students with envy. Or perhaps they were remembering their own childhood.

Those summer holidays that felt like an eternity. Those days when you felt like you could do anything, when you felt invincible.

That unreachable brilliance that passed so long ago is now, however, for the schoolchildren in front of me.

Con, Donald, and Smokejaw P. look at each other and nod yes.

“Pow pow pow.”

“Oh, my God, out of nowhere?”

Donald screams.

“I’ve been thinking about when we should have a welcome party for the new recruits.”

“That’s what we decided to do today.”

“Oh, you decided without me, Gilmas?

Johann feels alone and lonely.

So, what’s the event?

“Hmph. You listened to me very carefully, little Ogre. The event is a test of courage, a summer tradition. It’s called… [The First Hundred Tales of the Dragonborn…

Hundred and one stories~! “””

One Hundred Tales. Each person brings his or her best scary story and takes turns to be a storyteller and tell a ghost story.

“Yes. I was hoping it would help you with your haunted house.”

“We can’t help you, but we can at least… I can’t help you.

“And you know what? We adults want the students to have a fun summer. See, getting together and telling scary stories… that’s what youth is all about, isn’t it?”

Kong says with a fresh smile. Then, Johan visits Kong.

So, what do you really think?

“It’s not fair to have all day off while the grown-ups are working in the heat! That’s cheeky. I just thought a few horror stories might traumatize you a little.”

Con. But he was honest.

“Ugh… That’s a scary story.”

“I’m not really afraid of it, but… I’m kind of okay with it, but this story about Donald, it sounds bad.

Mei is trembling and Oga is shaking with fear. Pancho laughs as he claps them on the shoulder.

“Ha-ha-ha. Don’t be too scared to pee your pants, you two.”

“No, I’m sure you can handle it, Pancho. You’re not as good at scary stories as me, are you?”

When Oga tells him, “Oh my god, you were right…” Pancho turns pale. Pancho looks at him and smiles as if he’s just learned his enemy’s weak point.

“Oh, really? You’re not good at scary stories.”

Pancho looks at May’s proud face and says, “Oh my god, I’ve been exposed!” Pancho makes a bitter face. As if to laugh at Pancho, Ogre opens his mouth.

“Ha-ha-ha. That’s the thing. Last year at camp, there was a test of courage. He couldn’t sleep afterwards.”

“Oh, yeah, I had to take oga to the bathroom with me. I’m sorry about that.”

“Hmm? Is that a night thing? Just the two of you at night? Mm-hmm…”

The smile fades from May’s face.

“You ended up following me to my futon… Don’t let go of my hand… Don’t let go until I’m asleep. Don’t let go until I fall asleep. He was like… I mean, how scared is he? That was really funny.”

“Oh, come on, don’t embarrass me.”

“…” Gogo.

Oga talking pleasantly. Pancho’s face turns red with embarrassment. Mei emitting an aura of anger.

The three of them were being watched by the drug girls and Pierre.

“Do I smell a romantic comedy in there?

“Elementary school students these days are so advanced…”

“Ooga boy, you’re slow.”


Pierre, who had been watching them with his hand on his chin, asked Kon who was standing next to him.

“Mr. Ogre,” you say. What is he… He’s the hero?”

Yeah, something like that.

“Oh, yeah. I’m jealous of him…”

And so, next time… The Hundred Tales of the Terrifying Dragon Chicks begins?




Extra, Dragon’s Chicks Member List

Lv52 Johan Summoner

Lv62 Zecca Swordsman

Lv55 Guardian of Lemma

Lv60 Con Summoner

Lv60 Donald Smile Wizard

Lv51 Smoke Strike P Producer (Sideline: Spear User)

Lv46 Ogre Swordsman

Lv52 May Summoner

Lv62 Guiltier Swordsman

Lv55 Mew Swordsman

Lv40 Pancho the Destroyer

Lv64 Pierre the Wizard

Lv42 Cross Bow User

Lv60 Ruin and Destroyer

Lv62 Moruhine Guardian

Lv62 Lunar Spearman

Lv62 Phosphorus Wizard

Chapter 143, then.

After the meeting, the adults say, “Let me show you what fear really is. “Mmm-hmm.” and they begin to prepare for the Hundred Tales.

The meeting starts at 7:00 p.m. They’ve been told to finish their meals in real time. Giltier leaves the meeting room and is stopped by three girls.

“Good work, Guilmouth!”

They’re the three drug girls, Rin, Luna, and Moru Hine.

(These girls… They’re the ones who used to get into trouble with the other members at the end of the world. I wonder if he’s okay. I hope they don’t cause trouble.)

Guiltier’s perception of the girls was that they were three earnest but troublesome girls who often got into trouble with the people around them. That was her impression.

(This is Zecca’s guild. We don’t want any trouble… Let’s just keep it quiet.)

“Ha-ha-ha. I’m not Guillmas anymore. Guilmas is Johann.


“For us, Gilmouth is Gilmouth.”

“We’ve been chasing Gilmas!”


There was no hint of mockery in their words. On the contrary, they were surprised to hear that she had followed him into the dragon’s brood.

‘He’s just decoration.

”I’m not the caliber of a guildmaster of the most powerful guild.”

‘Give up your position to your brother quickly.’

I’m tired of hearing the guild members talk behind my back.

(No. Some of them even told me so directly towards the end.)

I’m not that good. Gilthia herself knew that better than anyone else. But she still clung to her position as Gilmouth because of her two best friends Zecca and Miu who are no longer with her.

If we let go of the guild that the three of us had built together… we would never be able to play happily together again. Such fears bound Giltea.

And if I make the guild the strongest… they’ll come back. I clung to that baseless hope and continued to be the guildmaster even though they hated me.

“Hey, remember when we got PK’d by that other guild? When we got PK’d by that other guild and we were talking about quitting…”

“Guiltier-san just sashayed up and invited me to join the guild, didn’t he?”

“That’s why we joined this guild after Girtia-san!”

“Ah… Huh.”

‘Join my guild! Haven’t you heard? The most powerful guild. If you join us… I won’t let them hurt you anymore. I’ll protect you. So you can play in peace!

I think I remember that happening… I think Gilthier. After Zecca left. Giltear abandoned his obsession with being a swordsmen-only guild and started recruiting players from all walks of life. These were the players she recruited during that time.

“Wait a minute. Just because we lost the killing spree the other day doesn’t mean we’re still one of the strongest guilds? Are you sure you’re okay with quitting?”

“It’s okay!”

“We want the same guild as Girtia-san!”

“Ha-ha-ha… I mean, we had a lot of fights with the others, and it wasn’t very comfortable…”

“That’s because Luna’s going to poke at anyone who’s bad-mouthing Girtia-san, isn’t it?”

“But that’s unforgivable! You’re trying your best, Giltier-san… and you’re sneaking around behind my back.”

“Right. I’m with Luna. I liked the guild you made.”

Oh, you guys…

So… From Girtia’s point of view… these three seemed to be in constant conflict with the other members. They were actually fighting with the member who was talking behind Girtia’s back.

He insulted someone I love. I couldn’t let that happen.

(I didn’t notice…)

And then I realized. For better or worse, Giltier could only see the two people who were gone.

I didn’t realize these girls were there for me.

(I’m not a good guildmaster after all… but… But…)

Laughing quietly, Giltier held out his right hand to the three girls. The three girls look at her and tilt their heads.

“Shake hands. I’m not Guillmouth anymore. I’m just a Guilty. From now on we’ll be equals.

The three girls grasped Giltier’s hands in unison.

Yes! I’m looking forward to working with you, Guiltier-san!”””” “””

“Nice to meet you. Rin, Luna, Moruhine.”

I thought all my years of being a stubborn guildmaster with a sword at the end of the line had been for nothing. But it wasn’t. The smiles on their faces proved it.

Gilteer was the Guildmaster and he kept the girls happy. She kept the girls who were about to quit GOO with only bad memories in their hearts and protected them for the time it took for the bad memories to fade away.

And from now on, it’s not just about protecting one side. We won’t just be protected. We’re gonna have a lot of fun together. We’re gonna make memories together.