What Kind Of Newbie Are You?! They Said That “Summoner” Is A Terrible Job, Yet They Call Her The Last Boss – Chapter 147

Chapter 147: Summer for Elementary School Students

August 4th. 7:00 a.m.

Johan and the other workers are getting ready for work in a depressed mood.

An elementary school student, Yusaku Oga a.k.a. Oga Yusaku, was running and kicking a ball on the riverbed in his neighborhood. He was accompanied by Pancho, Yachiyo Miori, who used to be on the same team.

They run through the field for about 100 meters, passing the ball to each other with one touch. When Yusaku reaches the goal line, he wipes the sweat from his forehead with his arm.

“Hmm… I’m getting my strength back.

“You look like that, Yusaku.”

Yusaku quit soccer once. However, Yusaku’s mind was turned to the next one after winning the cross, even if it was just a game.

When I enter junior high school, I will join a club and resume playing soccer.

That’s why we train early in the morning. The early morning training started a little before the summer vacation… and Pancho Mio joined us. And one more…

“Hey, Yusaku. What’s he doing here?”

Miori is the one who talks to Yusaku. The girl in a white one-piece dress is sitting on the bench. She is wearing a large white hat and a parasol to block out the sunlight and sunglasses that are half the size of her face.

After Yusaku found out that Miori and he were training together in the morning, he started to show up every morning.

“You know what? I don’t know what he’s thinking.”

“Hmm. Well, I can pretty much guess.”

Miori smirks.

“Hey! You can’t just stand there and watch! Let’s play too!”

And call out loudly to satsuki. But satsuki lift her foot silently.


Miori noticed that Satsuki was wearing white sandals and gave up on letting her participate in soccer.

I don’t think I can do this.

“Seriously, what’s that Tennouji guy doing here…”

Yusaku can’t read Satsuki’s thoughts. They practiced for about half an hour.

“Okay. It’s time to break up!”

Then we’ll meet at the Dark Castle after breakfast, okay?

Miori who wiped her sweat vigorously with a towel said smilingly.

No, we’re meeting after dinner, right?

“Well, until then, you’ll just have to learn.”

Satsuki and Yusaku didn’t go along with Miori’s proposal.

“Oh, my God, you guys… It’s summer vacation, right? In the summer? Oh, yeah. You’re doing homework.”

“I finished my homework in July, okay?”

“During the day in August, I spend most of my time studying.”

The recent summers have been hot enough to be fatal. So I do my exercise early in the morning and study at home during the day. I play games in the evening or after dinner.

This is Yusaku’s summer vacation routine.

The two people who said study as if it was a matter of course,louis vuitton handbags outlet, Miori muttered while looking at the two people who said study as if it was a matter of course with eyes that looked at something unbelievable.

“Oh, you guys are really… We’re honor roll students. We’re in grade school, right? It’s our job to play, right?”

“No, I’m not forcing you to do anything. Why don’t you just log in and play first?”

“Well, I guess. I’m sure Lemma will be here at this time.”

“Lemma… Oh! You mean Goripai? (Goripai stands for Gorilla Pie-sen.) Then I’ll log in as soon as I can and get some fluff…”

“Ugh. Then let’s break up before it gets too hot.


“Oh, hey. I’ll see you later.”

And just as the three of them were about to break up…

Suddenly, I felt a presence. I followed the presence and looked up on the bank… There was an unexpected figure standing there.

“Oh, you’re… You’re not…”

You’re alive…?

Looking down at us from the bank was Yusaku and his classmates’ Zoma, Handa Souma.

Yusaku and the others can’t hide their surprise since they haven’t heard from him for the past few days and there have been whispers of his death among the others.

“Yo, Yusaku. Mensore.”

“… What?

“Son of a… !”

That flirty aloha shirt… I’m sure of it.

“Oh, he went on a trip to Okinawa!”

“That’s right. My dad called me on a spur-of-the-moment trip and left his phone at home. I’m sorry I made you worry.”

I hope you’re okay. What the hell are you doing here?

“Oh, yeah, right. I came all the way out here to tell you something in person.


The first thing to do is to make sure that you have a good time with your friends and family.

Yusaku. Meet me at GOO at 8pm today?”

“8:00 p.m.”? Okay. I wonder if Guillermas will be here… I’m sorry I stood you up. You wanna come with me and apologize?”

“Yeah. That’s good! Johan wasn’t mad at all, I’m sure he’ll let us in soon!”

“You should join us. The guys in that guild are really funny, you know?”

The three of them thought Souma’s business at GOO was to join the Dragon Hina. But Souma shakes his head.

“I’m sorry Yusaku. I’m not one of the dragon chicks.”


Yusaku is surprised. He is shocked when Souma, who is his best friend, rejects him.

“Why not? You want to come with me?”

“Why the fuck… I don’t know. Because… I’ll tell you when we get together at the GOO. So get ready.


“Yeah. Duel me, Yusaku.”




And 20:00.

Auga, Mei, Pancho, and Zoma gathered in the underground dueling hall of the [Dragon’s Chicks] guild home, thinking that there would be no waiting time.

On the battlefield, Auger and Zoma are facing each other, and Pancho and Mei are in the audience, watching the action.

As the two players glared at each other silently, the system sounded the start of the Duel.

“… What? Zoma, it’s…

“I’ll show you, Ogre. This is my new tactic– [swamp creation].”

Zoma spreads out his [grimoire], a weapon exclusive to wizards, and activates his new skill, [Swamp Creation].

The battlefield is instantly transformed into a swamp.

He’s… No way.

Oga’s mind replayed Pierre’s fight the other day. Zouga wondered if Zouma had mastered this strategy that even Zekka and the others had yet to find a concrete countermeasure for.

(No, he’s bluffing. Even if we reallocate our skill points, we’ll still need a good amount of money to get enough grimoires.)

In fact, Zoma can only control one grimoire in his hand. He has yet to acquire Librarian of Magic, which allows him to control multiple grimoires at once.

(Then we can do it.)


“You’re not going to eat that hand– [Sword Dimension]!”

Oga summons seven swords from storage. Using the swords in the air as footholds, he evades the wave. He then manually places the swords at equal intervals until he reaches Zoma, who jumps over to him.

If we keep this close…

“Sweet– [storm]!”


A tremendous wind blows upon him. He is caught in mid-air by the force of the wind, and is unable to jump to his next sword, and falls into the swamp.


But you get up before the swamp pulls you under.

(Think about it. You need 10,000 MP to activate [Mars Gravity]… There’s still time.)

“Whoa, I won’t let you rest, Ogre– [rod dimension]!”

When Zoma activates his skill, seven magic wands appear around him. When they catch him, they each activate their own built-in skill.

Low-level skills like [Fireball] and [Gand] are fired at Ogre like machine guns.


Each hit is not fatal to Ogre equipped with [Mystic Series], which has a magic damage reduction effect. However, the additional effect of [Gand] is troublesome, so you are forced to avoid it after all.

But in the process of evading it a black magic bullet grazes Oga’s shoulder. It does no damage. But [Gand] stuns him for a few seconds, stopping him in his tracks.

“Now– [Stonefall]!”

A number of huge stones rain down from above the head of the ogre.


Crushed by the falling boulders, the body of the ogre sinks into the swamp.

(Oh, shit… Oh no… I have to get out of here… But… I can’t move.)

You don’t have to use Mars Gravity in a one-on-one fight. This is a really deep strategy… I know you can’t hear me.

Oga was unable to escape in the end, and the duel ended in victory for Zoma.




“I’ll make this quick before Miss May and Pancho come down.”

After the battle was over and the battlefield returned. Zoma turns to face Auger with a serious look on his face.

“You know there’s a tag team tournament at the GOO Summer Festival, right?”

“Yeah. I mean, it’s hosted by a new guy in our guild.”

Then we’ll talk. I don’t care who you are. Tag along. And… Fight me.

“… Why not?”

Zoma doesn’t answer Auger’s question. It’s as if to say. as if to say, “You don’t have to tell me.

“If I was going to compete… I’d rather be in the tournament with you, right?”

I can’t do that. I’m not gonna work with you.

“… I don’t know. But I don’t get it. If you want to beat me, isn’t this enough?”

“No, my fighting style is still a work in progress, and a surprise win like this isn’t worth it. And if I’m gonna fight, I wanna fight on a bigger stage. That’s what a man does.”

For now, they want to give each other time to prepare and fight again.

“So fight with anyone but me. And win. Or else… I will. Or I’ll tell the man you love how you feel about him.

Oga has only ever discussed his feelings with Zoma, whom he trusts. He has received much advice.

I don’t care if you tell on me…

No, you don’t mind…

I’m gonna tell him myself. I’m just gonna make sure you’re not the kind of guy who’d do something like that.”

“Ha, he trusts you a lot. But I don’t know, do you?”

“Let’s not play games, okay? Well, if you’re willing to do something that doesn’t suit you to have a serious fight with me… I’ll take it.

“Well said, oga. Well, I’ll be looking forward to it.”


Zoma has left the underground duel arena.

“What the hell is he… Is he…? I don’t get it.

Oga is bewildered. I’ve never seen Zoma so full of fighting spirit.

“And yet…”

Auga thought as he gazed blankly at the two girls rushing towards him.

Tag team partners… I don’t know.