What Kind Of Newbie Are You?! They Said That “Summoner” Is A Terrible Job, Yet They Call Her The Last Boss – Chapter 151

Chapter 151: I Remember Every Encounter

The next day, August 7. Saturday.

Johan wrapped himself in the Chaos Apocalypse and joined Roland in the GOO, who had logged in earlier.

Roland then gives a brief explanation of the Ultra Mask collaboration event.

An event ticket will be given as a login bonus during the event period in August. (If you don’t use it on that day, it will disappear.)

By spending an event ticket, your party moves to the event area. You fight 2 stages of battles there.

Defeat the monsters that appear at random and collect [Collaboration Points]. (There is a possibility that an item is dropped.)

If you clear a stage, you can get a random skin that lets you change the appearance of your equipment to any of the Ultra Masks from the past. (200 skins in total)

You can exchange the points you collected for various materials and limited items during the event.

Event tickets can be purchased additionally by paying for them.

I guess it’s like this.

“I see. It’s kind of like the Idol Stars collaboration event, isn’t it?”

Yes, I’m sure that’s correct.

Johan thinks back to the event when he first started playing this game with Zecca and the others.

I was innocently enjoying myself with two beautiful girls, but I had no idea back then that such a monster (Smokejaw P) was being born behind the scenes.

Now that we’ve got the party together, let’s move on to the event area.

“Yeah, sure. Okay, I’ll take the ticket.


Johann shreds the Event Ticket he’s called up from the log-in bonus. His vision is distorted and he is transported to an unfamiliar location.

I look around, and it seems to be under an elevated railway track somewhere.

I’ve never been here before, but it looks familiar to me, even though it could be anywhere.

“Is this… Is this related to the Ultra Mask?”

Yeah, we often get into battles like this under the overpass. Now the enemy’s coming out.

They found themselves surrounded by black shadows that were approaching them with strange noises. No, really, men dressed in black and wearing sunglasses were surrounding Johan and the others.

How many? 120 or so? That’s a lot.

“Actually, they’re equipped with special items to increase the number of energies. But I’m sure we can spare them.”

Well, they don’t look too tough. Let’s just get this over with.




Johan and the others beat the mooks [Combatant] without any difficulty. After collecting a large number of [Collaboration Points] dropped by the enemies, the location changes.

When the distorted view returned to normal, we moved to an open area somewhere deep in the mountains.

“Um… Is that a mountain somewhere?

Yes. This is a former quarry used for special effects. It’s easy to use explosives. Looks like that’s the boss monster.

Before Johan and the others have time to observe their surroundings, a half-fish-like monster appears in front of them.

“That’s also an enemy character from Ultra Mask, right? It’s a collaboration event.”

“I’m sure he is. But I’ve never seen this monster before.

“Oh, you’re a fan of the series, aren’t you?”

“Yes, I love the Ultra Mask series. I used to watch it. I’ve been watching them ever since I can remember. But it’s a long-running series that will soon celebrate its 50th anniversary. There are over 30 main titles alone. It’s hard to keep track of all the enemy characters.

It’s a Showa-esque enemy.

“I’ve never seen an enemy I didn’t know existed, so well crafted… Oh, I’m sorry. I got a little carried away.”

Roland’s spirits rose as he talked. But when he noticed that, he scratched the back of his head in embarrassment.

“Why? You like her, so it’s natural that you’re passionate about her, right?”

“No, but it’s a little uncool… for a grown man to talk so passionately about something he loves. It’s a little uncool.

Of course, it’s true that Roland likes the Ultra Mask, but that’s not the only thing he likes about it.

Roland, who is an actor in real life, made his debut as a leading actor in one of the Ultra Mask series.

But there’s no way I can say that. Roland gives her an apologetic look, as if he wants her to forget what she just saw.

“Don’t worry about it. It’s not cool to throw away what you love just because you’re grown up… Now’s not the time to talk about it.

“What? Oh, I forgot.

Roland, who has been in a daze, rushes to his sword.

“Giggly giggly giggly!”

Johan and Roland work together to destroy the half-fish monster that attacks them with a strange voice.




After completing all two stages, the two men were checking their loot together.

The skin that you get at random when you complete a round is not the one you were looking for, and Roland is depressed.

“Damn… [I wanted the Ultra Mask Switch.

“Oh, that’s the one I guessed.”


“What do we do now? Since it looks like we didn’t get the one we wanted, why don’t we go around again?”

Yes, please!

(He has the same eyes as my nephew…)

Roland’s shining eyes have the same gleam in them as his nephew’s when he is looking at the Ultra Mask, and Johan can’t help but laugh.

What is it?

“I’m sorry. You look just like my nephew when he’s in front of the TV watching Ultra Mask.

Johann chuckles and Roland scratches his cheek in annoyance. Roland scratched his cheek in annoyance, but there was no hint of embarrassment in his expression.

“Children have always been attracted to strong, good-looking heroes.”

“Oh, yeah. It’s almost the 50th anniversary of that series, right?”

Yeah. Showa, Heisei, and 2025. They’re great heroes who’ve been the heroes of children in all three eras.

“It’s really amazing when you think about it. I think the people who liked the first series are old men now, aren’t they?”

I’m almost overwhelmed by the weight of its history.

“Grandpa… It’s not just grandfathers. Every woman must have had a hero. Like Batimon for you, Johann.

“I’ve always wanted to… I long for…”

Johan looks a little far away.

“… I knew it. You’re not feeling well today. Is something wrong?”


Johan feels as if someone has looked into his mind. He feels like relying on Hinadora, and finally realizes.

(I didn’t summon a walker today, did I?)

That’s how much something’s been bugging me.

“Is it still about the operation…?”

“That’s not the same thing. Hmm. Can I tell Mr. Roland?”

Johan tells me something that’s been nagging at him.

Yesterday, when they were looking for tag team partners. Johan approached almost everyone he’s ever played with. But they all turned him down. He tried to play coy, but he was still a little shocked.

“I hope they just say no…”

It’s those who dare to make enemies.

Zecca, Giltia, Con, etc. etc. etc.

“The spirit of the fight is in all of us… I don’t know. Those fiery, straight eyes, they scared me a little bit.”

Johann has been challenged by many players. But he was a little shocked when his friends challenged him to a fight.

Even if you didn’t know the circumstances surrounding the operation.

I wanted my people to tag-team and work together.

“I’m sorry. I’m just sulking, that’s all. I’m just saying that you didn’t think as much of me as I thought of you… That’s all I’m saying.”

Johann says, amused, as if he can’t stand the silence. Roland thinks for a moment and opens his mouth.

“That’s not true, Mr. Johann. It’s impossible that Zecca and the others don’t care about you.


“Yes. But it’s not like we’re just friends.


“Johann, Johann, is Zecca’s… No, not just Zecca. Now Johann is the goal of every player who plays this game.”


Johan tilts his head.

“I admire you, I suppose you could say. Or perhaps a rival. They didn’t turn against you because they don’t like you. They’re here because they love you. They wanted to win a real fight, fair and square.”

“I want to win because I love you… I want to win.”

I thought of their faces last night. Those glazed over, fighting eyes. I was scared. I wondered why they had to look at me like that.

But at the same time, I thought it would be fun.

“I’m fine as long as I can have fun with Bachmon and my friends. Maybe that’s what Johann is thinking. Their thoughts might be a nuisance to you… But… You are not just a beginner anymore.”

“… Yeah. Yeah.”

“You are the player’s dream, the player’s goal, the player’s dream.”


Roland said firmly. Johann murmured, letting his words sink in.

”Mr. Johann!”

I remember Zecca’s face… the way her eyes sparkle up at me every time I see her. The girl who was like a sister to me. The girl who was so friendly with me like a little sister and wanted to be just like Johan one day.


Johan takes the Hinadra summoning stone out of storage.

I still remember. The day I logged into GOO for the first time.

She was small, good-looking, and beautiful, who had scooped me up like a prince after I’d had a lousy time with a strange player.

Zecca was the reason we were able to cross all those miles of time and meet Hinadra.

It all started when I met that girl. Johann’s dear, dear friend.

I bonded with Zecca’s kindness for guiding me.

I admire the strength to be able to say with pride that I like what I like.

I was attracted by the beauty of the dancing fighters.

Now Zecca clearly wants to win against Johann. with that fiery fighting spirit in her eyes. She’s looking straight at Johan’s back.

What’s wrong?

“No. I was just… I’ve never fought Zecca before.

We’d stood shoulder to shoulder. We’ve never faced each other. The corners of Johann’s mouth naturally turn up. But at the same time his arms and legs are trembling a little.

“That’s a lot of pressure. “What someone thinks of you… It’s such a nerve-wracking thing.

Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it.

Roland said smiling at Johan who felt uneasy. I thought to myself, “He’s a devil, isn’t he?” I thought to myself, and laughed.

“You’re not alone, Johann. I’m here. And…”

Roland’s eyes shift to the summoning stone in Johann’s hand.

“Of course you did. Summon the summoner–Hinadora.”


A black dragon leaps majestically from the geometrical magic circle. He climbs on top of Johann’s head and pats him on the head reassuringly.

“Thank you, Hinadra. That’s reassuring.”

Hinadora wasn’t the only one. The summoned beasts he’s met here at GOO have been his absolute allies. Then there’s nothing to fear anymore.

And as a friend, as a player they admire.

Just be ready to intercept.

It seems you’ve made up your mind.

“Yes. Thank you, Mr. Roland. You’ve been very encouraging.

It’s no big deal. It’s not easy to be someone’s dream. I’m Johann’s senior in that.”


Johann tilted his head. I didn’t understand what he meant.

“By the way, Johann. By the way, Johann… can you trade me the Ultra Mask Backpack I won for the Ultra Mask Switch you won?

“Yeah, sure. I mean, you listened to me, so I’ll give it to you in return.”

“Oh, thank you. I’ll take it.

Roland smiled boyishly as Johann handed him the [Ultra Mask Switch] skin data.

It was so cute that Johan started to smile.

“Roland, is your favorite character a hero named Switch?”

“Guess… I mean… This is me.

“Oh, wow. Huh? Hmm? Hmm?”

“I told you. I’m the older one when it comes to being someone’s dream.”

“Well… Does that mean… I don’t know if your real life is…


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