What Kind Of Newbie Are You?! They Said That “Summoner” Is A Terrible Job, Yet They Call Her The Last Boss – Chapter 155

Chapter 155: [Heisei] and read “party”

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Ultra Mask The Susanoo.

Superlative Summoner.

You need to activate the skill [Electronic Combination] against [Orochi], the strongest electronic beast, which can be summoned only when special conditions are met.

The skill effect of the Unique Equipment allowed Johan to manifest the Susanoo all by himself.

But originally, if an ordinary summoner wanted to summon the Susanoo, he would need two summoners, one to control Orochi and one to control Lutsuwan.

The specifications of this class are higher than those of the other super classes, because of the troublesome procedure.

And what of Roland now that he has the exceptional power of The Susanoo?

“I see… A super level summoner has the same stats as a level 80 player. My stats have also increased significantly.

If the player becomes The Susanoo, his status is raised to the same number as The Susanoo.

But Johan said, “What is that, a robot?” Johan was like, “That’s a robot! That’s right, it’s got thrusters on every part of its body… dragon wings on its back… metal behemoth caterpillars on its feet. On his back are the wings of the Dragon Wing, and on his feet are the caterpillars of the Metal Behemoth. Missile hatches hidden in various places…

The difficulty of controlling this body is greatly increased over controlling an avatar. Johann will barely be able to walk. Or maybe he’ll fall.

And even a Christer who is used to these transformations will need a lot of practice to pull off the specs.

So, although this merging has the advantage of greatly increasing the status, it has the very big disadvantage of being difficult to control.

Whether you know it or not.

The Ultra Masked Haoh, who had been watching us quietly, moves into attack motion. A snake covered in black scales breaks through his back and opens its mouth wide, shooting a purple beam at him.

The attack, which is clearly venomous in nature, hits Roland straight in the face.



Johan exclaimed. At least that’s what Johan saw.

But it wasn’t.



The next moment, Roland turns behind Hao and slams his steel fist into the snake growing out of his back.

The black snake vanished like a balloon bursting. The impact sent Hao’s body tumbling to the ground.


The HP bar above Hao’s head has decreased slightly. Finally, he’s able to deal some damage to the enemy.

“I knew it…”

I’m honestly impressed, Johan.

(I couldn’t even operate the Dragon Wing properly… I can’t believe I was able to use that in an instant.)

The verniers and thrusters throughout the body must be used efficiently and perfectly to achieve that speed.

You’re the… You’re a champion.”

Johann smiles.

Then he glanced to the side. There were a large number of parts that had not been used for the Susanoo’s merging, so-called [surplus parts], lying around.

Oh, I don’t know what to do.




“… Mu?!”


Hao shouts to the heavens as he takes damage from Roland. His voice is sad.

At the same time eight demon wings sprout on Hao’s back.


Then he flew up and hit Roland with great speed.

“Damn… How fast… If we don’t…

Not only is it fast, but its attack power is also tremendous. Even Roland’s defense, which has been raised to the equivalent of level 80, can’t protect him, and his HP is slowly being whittled away.

Do you need a hand?

No. I’ll take it from here.

When Johann’s offer is refused, Roland will activate his skills. The Susanoo’s powerful skill.


At the same time as activating the skill, a total of eight head parts of the electronic beasts fly up from the pile of surplus parts and head towards the enemy, clad in an aura of lightning.


One… One by one they bit Haohu, stopping him from moving at high speed.

“Go on– [Amanohabakiri]!”

And all the extra parts except for the neck rise to the surface. Then they join together in mid-air and head for Roland, the Susanoo.

“This is the mightiest sword that judges evil. Its name is Amanohabakiri! I’ll increase my Strength value by 10 times!”

“Amazing! All the extra parts are combined to form a sword… A sword?

Johan had been excited, but now he tilted his head. Roland raised his hands to the sky and it didn’t look like a sword at all.

“It’s like a blunt instrument made of surplus parts put together at random–“

“This is how it’s done, Hao! Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!”

Roland shouts, interrupting Johann. A golden aura extends from Amanohabakiri, which is poised toward the heavens. Like a pillar of light, it extends high into the sky and swings down towards Haou, who is bound in mid-air and unable to move.

“This is the end!”


A blow so powerful it could cut the earth in half.

The Ultra Masked Hawk’s HP was reduced to zero, and Johan and Roland’s victory was confirmed.




“The drop item is an update driver… I don’t know what this is.”

Johan tilted his head as he picked up the USB memory stick-like item that had been dropped by the Ultra Masked Hawk.

Roland, who also has his share in his hand (the combination is already deactivated), is reading the item information.

“Apparently, it’s a kind of transcode for items exclusive to this Ultra Mask Collaboration Event. It seems that you can use this to enhance the items you get from this event.”

“I guess it can’t be used for everything. I guess it’s only good for summoning Luts One.

I’m just saying… Lutz One has learned a new skill.

“[Dual Electronically Combined]… I see, you can combine two electron beasts!”

“It’s going to broaden our strategy.”

“Yeah. But it sounds like a lot of work to use it yourself.”


Roland looked away awkwardly, remembering Johan’s earlier blunder.

“But you didn’t get the unique item.”

Roland said something to get us off the subject. Johan heard him and said, “It’s all right.” Johan said, not seeming to mind.

“It’s better that someone who loves the Ultra Mask and can’t stand it gets it than we do. It’d be better if someone who loves, loves, loves the Ultra Mask gets it.

Roland smiled and nodded at Johann’s words.

“Maybe this collaboration event will be a good opportunity for you to start playing GOO. And then get some unique equipment. There might be a player who starts playing GOO because of this collaboration event and gets unique equipment and rises to the top very quickly. Just like you once did.”

“Hmm, that would be interesting. I wonder what he’s like.

Well. I can’t imagine.


Maybe you’re a working man who once idolized heroes.

Could be the boy who now longs to be a hero.

No, maybe it’s a woman.

They return to the city of beginnings, thinking of the rivals they might meet one day.