What Kind Of Newbie Are You?! They Said That “Summoner” Is A Terrible Job, Yet They Call Her The Last Boss – Chapter 158

Chapter 158: I promise I’ll crush you

August 11 .

Obon is a time when busy working people can take a short rest.

The big event of August [GOO Summer Festival] will be held on the 20th and 21st, But the preliminary rounds will start from today, August 11, or else we won’t be able to keep up with the schedule. Otherwise, we won’t be able to meet the schedule.

The opening ceremony of the [Tag Team Duel Tournament] which was planned by Pierre, the newcomer of the Dragon Hina, and became the highlight of the Summer Festival as a result of various intrigues, and the exhibition match will be held on the 11th.

As the champion, Johan will play an exhibition match against one of the star players invited by the management as guests.

But that’s only at 7:00 p.m.

It’s still mid-morning.

Johan was competing in his own event, the [Summer Race].

[Summer Race] is a race using a racing toy [Gear 4WD] held by the Killing Hobby Club.

[The final will be a big race using all of the fourth layer.

Johann is also participating in the [Beginners’ Section].

The course is a round of the perimeter of Amaterasu City. The [beginners’ section] will pass the first preliminary round if they can complete the course without any problems.

Except for Johan, most of the participants were elementary school students [in the beginner’s division]. Johan also participated in the event with his custom-made machine, which he was very proud of, aiming for the fastest speed…

“Go, go, Hina Dragoon K-I.”

Johan cheers desperately for his beloved machine, which runs slowly and makes a distinctive driving sound.

The course is wide enough for two lanes of the road, so it looks even slower than it is.

Behind him walks a sorry-looking bison (a member of the Killing Hobby Club).

It’s the bison’s job to keep an eye on the riders from the tail section.

“What’s wrong, Hina Dragoon K-I? Your power shouldn’t be like that!”

“Let me ask you something, Johann. Is there anything gimmicky about that horn-like object…

“No, I don’t have one!”

Johann exclaims with an impish look on his face.

“Yeah, take it off!”

“No, no! If I remove it, Hina Dragoon won’t be Hina Dragoon anymore!”

“Those corners are too heavy to go fast! From the looks of it, it must have been made entirely out of putty!”

Putty is a material often used in plastic modeling, which is hardened after being shaped like a paste. It is usually used to fill in scratches on the surface or to mold small parts, but if you use putty to make a piece as large as the horns of a Hinadragoon, it will be quite heavy.

“… I’m afraid so.”

“No, ‘what’s the problem?’ Don’t look at me like that! The balance between light enough to go fast and heavy enough to keep you from going off the track is a real challenge. The balance is the most important thing in gear 4WD, and I’ve never heard of such heavy parts!”

“Damn… I guess I’ll have to rebuild it with some lighter material…”

“… You really haven’t given up yet?”

Johann looks at him with a bitter look on his face and says, “No, take the horns off.” Bison thinks to himself. You’re free to make modifications as long as they’re within the regulations, but if they’re out of the scope of the competition, it’s a problem.

“Well, you’ll be cleared for the beginner’s division if you finish… Good luck.”

Bison was trying to calculate in his brain how many more hours it would take at this pace.


The sound of a massive engine echoed from behind us.


It sounded like a motorcycle.

It is a sound that you often hear when you walk on the street, but that is in reality.

It is an unfamiliar sound in GOO.

Johan and Bison turned around.

“I didn’t think…”

“Is that really a motorcycle?”

A two-seater motorcycle came running over the course that Johan and the others had been running at a very high speed.

“Why is there a motorcycle in GOO?”

“No, this is a track the hobby club made for gear four-wheelers. I can’t let you ride a motorcycle on it. Stop!

The organizers said it was an unforgivable act.

Bison enters the track and waves his hands in the air, trying to stop the bike. But.


Suddenly, what looks like a missile is fired from a running motorcycle.


Mr. Bison?

It charged straight at the bison, reducing its HP to zero with a single blow.

“Ha-ha-ha-ha! I’m in first place! I’ll make anyone who gets in my way disappear!”

“Look out! Stay clear, Hina Dragoon K-I!

The bikes are closing in. Johan calls for the Hinadragoon K-I to move to the left edge of the track.


The bike was in the middle of the track and then it veered off to the left. And it just…


They crush the Hinadragoon with their huge front wheels. The Hinadragoon is destroyed to pieces, unable to do anything about the overwhelming difference in mass.

“I’ll crush anyone who steps in front of me!”

The man behind the wheel shouts. And the man sitting behind him plays his guitar to a triumphant fanfare.


The two motorcyclists have gone, their engines making a deafening roar.

You did that on purpose. Right?”

Johan crouches down and picks up the shattered parts of the Hina Dragoon.

“On purpose… I’m sure he did.

Mr. Bison?

Johan is approached by Bison. Bison crouches down near Johan and helps him pick up the parts.

“There’s an item that will take you right back to where you died after respawning. By the way, have you seen their levels?”

“Levels? I haven’t seen them.

“Both of them are level 200…aren’t they some kind of rumored star players?”

The star players are already known to the players.

Ostensibly a collaborative project between GOO and celebrities…

(Speaking of…)

Johan remembers the message he got from the woodpecker last night.

”I’ve done something unnecessary… I’m really sorry.”

She sounded like she was about to cry. She sounded frustrated.

He tried his best to make it a fair fight, but he made it worse than it was.

Johan, who knows what’s really going on, has a complicated expression on his face.

“I don’t think you’re a decent human being… I hope nothing’s wrong. Ah…”

“I didn’t think…”

So Johan and the bison came up with the idea at the same time.

If those two star players continue to run the course, beyond that…

“Damn. Why didn’t I think of that sooner… Come on, bison.


Johann quickly summons his Meteor Bird. Together with Bison, he aims to meet up with the leading group that has been running far ahead.




I’m sorry I’m late.

When Johan and his team caught up with the leaders, it was hell.

Broken four wheel gears were rolling on the track, and the elementary school students who were supposed to be enjoying the race were crying in front of the broken machines.

Are you okay, Ciel?

Bison jumps down from the Meteor Bird and runs to Ciel, another member of the Hobby Club.

“Damn… Two guys on a motorcycle just showed up out of nowhere… I’m like… I’m sorry.

He’s not dead, but he probably fought back. He was on his knees, near the limit of his HP.

“I saw the name… The driver of the car was a racer named Kakeru Buddha. And the musician Dine…”

“Yeah, they’re both star players that the management set up. But I never thought they’d do something like that.”

“They’re like that in real life, in real life… They’re the kind of guys you can’t stop talking about.”

Racer,Buddha Qi Kakeru.

He is a prodigy racer who has won the first place in every race with his riding technique that is on the verge of self-destruction. He is very popular among some young people because of his looks, his champion’s style, and his arrogant attitude towards his superiors and superiors.

He is a dangerous man who is obsessed with the number one ranking and once assaulted a player who beat him.


It reads Dine.

He is also a vocalist, but is better known as a composer. It is said that every song he writes is always a hit.

But he has a bad taste in women. He’s had his hands on many idols and actresses and dumped them… There are rumors that he has a bad taste in women.

“Damn, why are they so popular?”

“He’s got a good record, he’s got a good face… You know…”

“It’s not right in this world!”


Seeing the schoolboy crying in front of the broken gear four-wheeler, Johan remembered something he didn’t want to remember.

That’s what I used to be.

When the toy with the Hinadra in it was destroyed and I just cried helplessly.

“My… My gear four-wheel drive…”

“I worked so hard on it…”

“Ugh… Ugh…”

“…. …”

Johann clenches his fists in anger…

“Boys and girls. Don’t cry.”

The bison walked quickly past Johan and called softly to the children.

“It’s a shocking sight, but it’s in the same destroyed state. I’m a master of production and can restore it to its original state.”

The bison’s words put hope back in the boys’ eyes.

“Really? You’re going to fix my Gear 4×4?”

“Yes, you will. Of course. It’ll just take a little while.

Bison looks back at him.

“And Johann’s Hina Dragoon.”

Johan’s shoulders relax at the bison’s words. He’s relieved.

Looks like the kids’ gear four-wheel drive is repairable.

(Good… Really))

Smiling reassuringly, he pulled the broken Hina Dragoon from storage and handed it to Bison.

“My machine, you’re in charge.”

“Well, you’re in charge. The race will be rescheduled for a later date. But Johann, you concentrate on the exhibition match at night… Anyway…”

Bison’s expression grows uneasy. Johan nods in silence.

Johann’s opponent today in an exhibition match. The members of the opposing tag team are.

Because it’s Buddha Qi Kakeru and DINE.

“It’s just a commemorative fight, and we were trying to make it a good one to watch, but…”

Johann smiles quietly.

It’s not going to happen.

Johann’s scary smile made the children’s faces twitch.

“Oh, come on, Johann. You’re leaking fight…”

“This is an exhibition match today… Hell no… Goklinko.”

With the thoughts of the Killing Hobby Club and the children on his shoulders, Johan takes on the battle against the Star Players.