What Kind Of Newbie Are You?! They Said That “Summoner” Is A Terrible Job, Yet They Call Her The Last Boss – Chapter 163


Using the summoner entrusted to him by his children, the god-class summoner Lutz One Future Mode has revealed itself.

The dazzling light of the halo on their backs caused both Buddha Qi and Dine to squint their eyes.

What the hell is that?

“I don’t know. I don’t know, I just feel like we’re in trouble.”

Feeling a sense of crisis, DINE strums his guitar and activates his new skill.

“This is the best [melody bomb] I’ve ever seen!”

You’re gonna have to eat me.

The embodied notes and the missiles from the Death Wheel strike Roots One in the sky above.


Oh, my God.

You’re unharmed?

Lutz One’s HP is still low after all the attacks. The two Star Players’ best blows do no damage.

But it wasn’t only the star players who were amazed by the sheer strength of the game.

“What a defense… [God Class]. How much status do you have?”

Roland asked as he came back next to Johann.

He seemed to be simply impressed and at the same time amazed by the wonders of the EX Skill.

“As far as stats go, you’re about as strong as a level 100 player. However, a God-level summoner called by [Ultimate Fusion Summoning] will be given skills to deal with critical situations. Loot One has also gained the skills to finish off those two.”

The first skill Loot One has is [Strongest Hero].

The ability is that you can’t accept any attacks, skills, or abilities except those of a god-class summoner just by having it.

This skill is exactly the same as that of Amun-Ra’s [Sun God], which appeared in the battle against Pharaoh.

The only difference is that the two star players you are playing against have no way to defeat this ability.

However, the level and status of the two star players still far outstrip that of Roots One.

Their only remaining chance to win is to use their overwhelming status to get past Roots One and run out of MP, but they’ll have to make do.

Naturally, Roots One has the skills to overturn this overwhelming difference in status.

“Here we go, Roots One. Activate Skill–[Perish Evil Shining]!”

A rainbow-colored glow emanates from Loot One’s body, enveloping the two star players.

“Reduce an enemy’s Strength, Defense, Magic, Agility, and Dexterity to zero. And add the amount of the zeroed value to each of your stats!”

What? “”

Suddenly, all of their stats are taken away and they’re both left in a heap.

“Toadies! — [evil dead end]!”


With the activation of his skill, Roots One takes a leaping kick position and advances towards the two Star Players who are on the ground.

The overwhelming violence of status taken from both of them poured down like a meteor. And then there was a huge explosion.

“Damn… I’m… I’m such a…

“Game over… Ka…”

‘It’s settled! It’s finally settled! The winners are the champion tag team! Genius Racers Buddha Qi Kakeru and DINE lost!

As soon as the HP of all the Star Players simultaneously dropped to zero, the barrier between the battlefield and the stadium was lifted and the hustle and bustle of the battlefield began to pour out.

The excitement and excitement are boundless.

Johann silently thrusts his fist into the sky. Johan silently thrusts his fist into the sky, towards the children who are watching somewhere.




“VR games… I didn’t realize the numbers weren’t all that different… It’s deeper than I thought… I might get into it.”

Just after logging out. DINE smiles as he remembers the fight he just had. It’s quite a painful experience to lose in front of so many people, but he seems to have enjoyed it.

“Fucking… Fuck… Fuck…”

However, beside him, the rough and tumble Buddha Qi was kicking the chassis angrily.

Look at that,

(I wonder if they’ll change tag partners)

I think DINE.

“Hey… Why isn’t anybody here?

The first thing that comes to mind is the fact that the Kannagata staff members have not been able to find anyone even though they have logged out of the room.

As DINE and I walk down the corridor to get back to the waiting room, we pass the other star players.

It seemed that we were going to break up today, and everyone left with the managers without being called any more.

Then Buddha Qi finds Jiang Liang P. and talks to him on his back. He almost grabbed him.

“Hey, give me the account. The only reason we lost today was because we weren’t used to the controls. I honestly underestimated the gamers. They’re passionate about that game. They spend a lot of time on it. To beat them… To win, you have to understand the game. So…”

But when he looked back at Jiang Liang P’s face, Buddha Qiye was speechless.

Yeah, well, good job.

Era P. said a few words and started walking again.

I’m horrified.

I saw myself in Era P’s eyes.

It was like looking at a dead man. He was trying to say something kind… But his voice didn’t have the usual flirtatious gay tone.

He was kind of cold… It was a very businesslike tone, like he didn’t value me at all.

“Well, well, well. You’ve given up on me completely. Don’t worry about it, Buddha Qiye.”

On the other hand, Dine didn’t seem to be bothered by it, as if he was used to the flip-flops of people in the industry. He put his hand on Buddha Qiye’s shoulder as if to cheer him up.

“If you don’t keep winning, you lose value. But if you win again, you get it back. Music, racing… It’s the same thing, right?”

“Yeah. I gotta win… I got to win… No matter what it takes.

Buddha Qiye stared at Jiang Liang P’s shrinking back as if he had made up his mind to do something.