What Kind Of Newbie Are You?! They Said That “Summoner” Is A Terrible Job, Yet They Call Her The Last Boss – Chapter 173

Chapter 173: Final Tournament Combinations

Aug 19 .

The battle of the tag team duel tournament qualifiers is over.

In the meeting room of the Dark Castle all the members were present except for Pierre who was away running the tournament.



Two of them sighed at the same time, Oga and Cross.

“We won two in a row on the first day, and then… We’ve been a mess.

“I can’t believe we haven’t won a single race since then.”

Aside from Ogre, Cross is also in a rare state of depression.

“Schoolkids are getting depressed all the time.”

“The level of your skill isn’t up to the standard before your skill.”

“I’ll have to get you up to at least level 60 before I can try.”

“”Ggh…”” “

Three drug girls’ righteous argument sticks in two people’s minds.

“Well, if you say that, even Rengma-san hasn’t reached level 60…”

Auger talked to Rengma, who would also fail to qualify.

“… Yeah, well. But we had fun, so it’s okay.

Rengma and Repair have a combined record of 0 wins out of 8 fights. After this poor result, his partner Repair says ‘I’m off to train for the 2nd Tag Team Tournament. Please wait for me, Ranma! and heads off to train.

I wasn’t sure if there would be a next time, but I was glad that he wanted to work with me again.

“By the way, you played with Mr. Ruin, didn’t you, Mr. Kong? How was your battle result?”

Mei, who had been listening to the conversation, brought up the subject with Kong. She must be curious about Kong since she thinks of him as her mentor.

Our record is…

What’s your record?



“… All the wins!”

You’ve got a lot of nerve…

It was a great result, though. Although it was completely random, there were many players with high rankings in the ranking events, and the qualifying rounds were very chaotic.

All the wins in that .

May’s eyes lit up and she exclaimed, “Great, great, great!” “Oh, my God!” she exclaims.

“Well… I’m getting tired of this situation where the Demon King is the strongest summoner. I thought it was time to decide who’s better.

“If Johan and Mr. Kong fight… What’s going to happen? What’s going to happen?”

We’re in a hurry, but I’m sure we’ll see it soon.

“Wait a minute.”

“… What?”

Zecca interrupts the conversation between Mei and Kong.

“We’re going to win the final tournament and play Johan.”


We’re gonna win it all. We’re going to qualify. We’ll crush you in the finals, you foxes!

I’m scared. Please be gentle with me.

Sparks fly from three directions, and May gasps. “Awww!

That’s enough! You guys, check your notifications.

Donald intervened, and the members noticed a notice from the tournament management. Only the participants of the tag team tournament were notified at once.

Each opens a notice. The contents are simple: a schedule of upcoming events and a tournament table.

first round (of tennis, etc.)

Avenger Masuo.


black goat

versus (vs, v.)

Racer Buddha Qi Kakeru


Musician DINE

second round (of tennis, etc.)

familiar (informal) (speech style)



versus (vs, v.)

Video Contributor Mercurial


Popular comedian wrist cut

third round (of tennis, etc.)




versus (vs, v.)




fourth round (of tennis, etc.)



Giltia (Greek goddess)

versus (vs, v.)

Young Actress Hospital Saka Fumi


Idol Kurui Saki

“After all, it seems that all qualifiers are played between regular players and star players.”

Smokejou P nodded as he peeked over the side at Oga’s notice.

“Isn’t Gilmouth’s partner an actress and an idol?”

“That’s why I’m not Guilmouth right now.”

“Overwhelming victory in the face! He’s winning the game! I feel sorry for my opponent.”

“Well, I’m not going to lose to anyone…”


“Oh, what’s wrong, Mei?”

While everyone was excited about the matchups, Mei was groaning with a difficult look on her face.

“What do you mean, ‘Unknown’?”

That’s definitely not a word I’m familiar with.

Pancho and May are both tilting their heads at May’s question.

“Unknown is a word that means [unknown] or [unknowable]. In this case, I think it is used to mean that we will have to wait until the day of the tournament to find out who it is.”

“Oh, so it’s a surprise… What?

“That’s not fair.”

“The challenger will be told the identity of his opponent on the day of the match, right?”

That’s not a good thing.

“Well, fortunately, it’s not my people who are fighting this Unknown star player.”

“Right. Let’s just take a look around.

The schoolchildren nodded at Donald’s words.

“If I’m going to play Mr. Kong… The final.


Kon replies lightly to Zecca’s mutterings.

“I want to fight you too, Mr. Kong. Please come back and win!”


Con said, “You’re scaring me!” He tried to make fun of her, but stopped himself. He thought the answer was insincere as Zecca looked straight into his eyes.

Yeah. If we get together… In the finals.

And fist to fist.

If we’re gonna fight.

We’ll fight with everything we’ve got.

No hard feelings no matter who wins.

“”…” “

Their hearts tremble at the prospect of a fierce battle.

I want to fight the opponent in front of me as fast as possible. I want to compete.

But first, we have work to do. First, we have to destroy the enemy in front of us, our star player.

Kong and Ruin have left to prepare for tomorrow’s game. Zecca, Giltia, and the Drug Girls have logged out as well.

With the finalists gone, the tension in the room eased.

“Whew… That was really tense.


Pancho mutters. He was as weak as a deflated balloon.

I guess that’s what we’ve been missing.

Cross muttered in a more serious tone than ever before.


And Ogre will follow.

Ogre and the others didn’t go into this tournament with a lukewarm attitude. They had their battles with Zouma, and above all, they had practiced hard until now, hoping that they could win.


There was something overwhelmingly missing.

It’s about winning.

We’re determined to win at all costs.

“I don’t want to lose. I didn’t have that kind of feeling.”

Me too.

The desire to win that I’ve always had against Cross. It’s real and it’s still there, even after I won.

But what Zecca and the others did was even more impressive.

Oga’s obsession with winning, which he has in a cross-only…

(I’ve got this feeling that I don’t want to lose… No, I have more feelings for all of you.)

“Fuck… That’s awesome, guys.”

“Don’t be so down, Mr. Ogre.”


It was Johan who spoke to the dazed Ogre. Johan had been watching the exchange between Kong and Zecca… Johan had been watching the exchange between Kong and Zecca.

He heard the conversation between Ogre and the others and called out to them.

“It’s important to count the shortfalls, but that’s not the way to move forward.”

“Is that so…”

“Yes. The smaller you were yesterday, the less you’ll be tomorrow. Especially you kids.”

“I wish… I wish.”

“It’s okay. You’ve grown a lot since we first met.

“When we first met… I…”

“Yes. When you guys beat Inukoro… I mean…” Smile.

“Are you still mad at me or…?” I’m freaking out.

Johan continued, not answering Auga’s question.

“So, no more regrets. Starting tomorrow, we’ll both be… No, you’re wrong. Zecca and Giltea. Mr. Kong and Mr. Doom. Let’s support our friends. The best way to get better is to watch the good ones.

“… Yes, that’s right! Thank you very much.”

Auga bowed lightly, and after talking with the schoolboys for a while, he logged out with a cheerful face.

And then one by one, they logged out… When there were not many of us left…

“As for you, Johann, which pair do you want to win, Kong or Zecca? Which pair do you want to win?”

That’s what Donald asked me.

“I don’t know. But whoever comes out on top… I’m going to give it my all.”

“Oh, my God! I can’t wait to see it.”

“Mmm, I’m looking forward to it.”

Will it be Zecca and her friends who win? Or Kong. Or someone they don’t even know.

The final tournament begins now.