What Kind Of Newbie Are You?! They Said That “Summoner” Is A Terrible Job, Yet They Call Her The Last Boss – Chapter 183

Chapter 183

”Well, well… It seems that Zecca-san and Giltia-san can move now. Then please start the fight!

The announcer’s words echo through the field .

“Professions [Holy Knight] and [Astrologer]… I have no idea what you’re going to do!”

Girtia, who can now move, calls out when she sees Saki and Fumi’s occupations.

“The [astrologer] kid is acting weird. Maybe he’s getting ready for something big.”

[Fumi the Astrologer has been holding his staff up to the sky. Zecca was right.

Its name is Super Nova. It’s a powerful skill that can cut down your opponent’s HP in an instant.

“I see. That’s definitely the formation.

And seeing Saki standing there protecting Fumi, Girtia is convinced.

“If it comes to that…”

We’ll have to subdue them in an instant.

“Okay. Then we’ll both go at the same time.


“””–[Final Saber]!!!”” “

Zecca and Giltia both activated their strongest skills at the same time. A powerful energy wave from their swords struck Saki and the others.




“You’re just going to use your firepower? Hmm, you’re simpler than I thought.”

Saki calmly predicts the enemy’s attack. Final Saber], the strongest attack skill of the swordsman, does not have any nasty additional effects.

(Our character is more than twice as good as theirs. I don’t mind taking it for what it is…)

“Just in case–[Paladin’s Sanctuary]!”

A white magic circle spreads out from under Saki’s feet and a white aura surrounds them. All your allies’ defense values are doubled.

Then Zecca and the others fire [Final Saber] at them, but it ends with only a little damage.

“–[Paladin’s Rain]!”

Saki continues to activate her skill. Rain pours down from the clear night sky. The rain drenches Saki and the others, and heals their HP.

(Their strongest skills don’t do much damage. Besides, even if they take damage, the rain that falls on them heals them.)

“All we have to do now is hold those kids back until Fumi is ready!”

Zecca was the first of the two to come at us. Saki held her shield in front of her, ready to attack.

“Oh… Handless? !”

Zecca ran low like a beast, but her sword was not in her hand.

Then intercept!

Saki is puzzled but raises her right hand to intercept with her sword. But it was Zecca’s trap.


Zecca activates her skill with a short mutter and grips her sword in each of her hands.

Two swords bigger than you are.



A huge sword slams into Saki’s unprotected side. It’s not a fatal blow. But the damage is much greater than expected.

Damn it!

Saki’s face contorts in shock as she swings her sword down. But Zecca lets go of the sword in her hand and rolls to avoid the attack.

And then he quickly turns behind Saki and activates [Conversion] again. She grips two huge swords in both hands…

“–[Grand Cross]!”

“What? Aaahhhh!”

He hit me from behind with his strongest two-fisted attack skill.

“Damn. You couldn’t beat him.

“Hey… Why are you… That’s your two-handed sword, isn’t it?

There are different types of GOO swords. These swords are light, easy to handle, and can be held in one hand, but have low attack power.

It is a two-handed sword that requires two hands to handle and is difficult to maneuver, but its destructive power is tremendous with a single blow.

Zecca’s newly acquired skill [Stiffness] allows her to equip with one hand weapons that originally had to be equipped with two hands.

Combine that with the dual wielding and you’ve got a status enhancement that could be lethal to even a level 200 star player.

But as powerful as they are, they are difficult to control. “Can be equipped…” does not equal does not equal

It is a fighting style that can be used only with Zecca’s natural athletic sense and sense of balance, and with steady practice.

“Damn… I can’t be too careful.

Saki glances at Fumi as the rain heals more than half of her HP. She sees Girtia closing in on Fumi.

I couldn’t let you get in the way.

“I won’t let you– [Paladin’s Judgment]!”

Saki raises her sword above her head and several bolts of white lightning shoot out from the tip of her sword, striking Zecca and Giltia.


Girtia cannot avoid it and is attacked by the enemy.


Zecca, on the other hand, avoids countless lightning attacks with a minimum of wasted movement.

“If this happens, it’s a continuous attack–[Paladin’s Slash][Paladin’s Testament][Paladin’s Blade]!”

Numerous attack skills are fired from the sword he wields. But Zecca avoids them all.

“Damn… What’s with the movement, you’re like a monkey.”

“Calm down, Saki. I can win if I use my Super Nova. You have 60 seconds.

“Ha-ha-ha… Okay. I can make it another 60 seconds.”

Saki smiles fearlessly.

“Damn… I’m so careless.

Are you okay, Giltier?

It’s okay.

“We don’t have time. Let’s use that.”

“…? So this is where we use it!


“I don’t know what you’re asking me to do… I’m going to need you guys to be a little more quiet… Activate skill– [Ultimate Sword Making]!


“Even EX skills?!”

Saki activated a Swordsman’s EX Skill. If you successfully activate it, a sword with a skill that can overcome a disadvantageous situation will be created, and you can equip it only for that battle.

“It’s frustrating, but my player skill has me completely outclassed. So I decided to bet on this EX skill.”

We will do whatever it takes… I’ll bet it all.

“That’s why you amateurs are only doing this to yourself. If you’re not at a disadvantage, your chances of success are very low!”

But not zero.


Zecca glares at Saki and watches to see how her EX skill pans out. If she fails, she’ll have no cause for concern, but if she succeeds, she’ll be dealt with a painful blowback.

‘D system startup’.

”I will now begin the sword-making process.”

‘0.122 percent chance of success…’

“Ha! I’m so sorry! You won’t win!”

(Please, God. For us… Sword of victory.)

‘Sword-making successful…’ Sword making will now begin.”

“I did it… I did it, Saki!”

“Yeah… Yeah!”

Saki’s hand gripped the rainbow-colored sword in her hand.

“Why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why! No count! No can do! No count!”

Guiltier, who is pissed off over the wall of probability.

“Don’t do that, you’re embarrassing me… Besides, you’re not invincible. You haven’t lost yet.”

“So… I know. We can use it to…

“Yeah, let’s stick with the plan. Get ready.”

“Hmm. Okay.”

Saki moves to a position where she can protect Fumi and raises her sword to Zecca and the others as if she is proud of her victory.

“Sorry, but we won. I got the Rainbow Sword of Perfection. Attacks from this sword will destroy or pierce all defenses.”

“No, it’s not… Defensive effect.”

“Destroy… Penetration?

“That’s not all. I’m going after you until I hit you! This is how it ends– [Paladin’s Final Saber]!

A single energy wave shoots out from the rainbow-colored sword. It forms a double helix and attacks Zecca and the others.

If you hit him, you win. If he keeps running, we win when Fumi’s Super Nova completes. We win this game!

“Hmm, I don’t know about that.”


“Let’s go, Zecca, activate your skill–[Coordinator]!”

“What… What skill did you just activate?

Zecca has a two-handed sword in each of her hands.

“If the conditions are met, the two-handed sword [Miraculous Magna Sword] can produce the greatest firepower of all the currently confirmed GOO swords. And [Baseball Sword Home Blade] which can counter an opponent’s attack. I equipped Zecca with my unique equipment with the skill [Coordinator]!”

“No way! You’re the only one who can use unique equipment… And you’re giving it to your ally?

Giltear who has mastered the skill [Refit] has newly acquired the skill [Coordinator], which allows you to equip your allies with equipment from your own storage.

Since the ownership of the equipment remains with Guiltier, you can equip it without any problem even if it is unique.

“But will that be enough to take on [Paladin’s Saber]!”

The spiral is closing in on Zecca and the others.

Zecca glares at the snarling foe and holds her sword in her hand.

“The one true swing. The one true swing. Gathered here now… to unite their power… [Fusion Blast activated. Enchant… Additional effects gained.

Two unique swords cross each other and cut a cross.

“–[Miracle Home Run Slash]!”

Zecca’s light absorbs all of Saki’s attacks. She takes the power of Zecca’s attack and doubles it, then bounces it back at Saki and Fumi.

We’ve been waiting for this moment. We’ve been waiting for this moment… for you to strike hard.

“Well, I didn’t expect it to be an EX skill.”

The EX skill, which generates the ability to overcome disadvantageous situations on the fly, seems to be the most powerful skill, but it has a weakness.

It can only deal with wonders known to the player who invoked it. This means that it is very vulnerable to counters with non-public information.

Saki’s determination to win drew her EX Skill to a successful conclusion. However, it turned out to be the catalyst for Zecca and the others’ victory.

Zecca and the others had prepared this as one of their battle plans to inflict a fatal blow on Saki and the others with their overwhelming difference in status.

“Ku… I’m here… Oh…”

Saki closes her eyes.

I was frustrated. But more than that I felt good. I’m sure I wouldn’t have felt this way if I’d just let the sword fall.

“I had something I wanted… I’m sorry.

Suddenly Saki heard Zecca’s voice. She looked over and saw the girl with the burning eyes staring at her.

Saki laughs.

“No… What I want… I think he already had it.

All I wanted was power. The power to get work. The power to be popular. The power not to feel bad.

But then he looked into Zecca’s eyes.

That you’ve had this power from the beginning.

I just need this power. I just have to keep it burning inside of me and keep building it up.

“It was good to fight. It was a fun fight.”

Zecca’s attack hits Saki and Fumi. The combination of several skill effects multiplied many times over reduced their HP to zero with a single blow.