What Kind Of Newbie Are You?! They Said That “Summoner” Is A Terrible Job, Yet They Call Her The Last Boss – Chapter 186

Chapter 186: Don’t piss Mei off

While Auger and his men were serving Gardomor and his men.

There was trouble on the fourth floor.

“Nyago oh oh oh! It’s a ghost!”

A schoolboy dressed as a monster cat terrorizes a trio of customers.

“Shambo, you’re a dick.”

“You’re just a kid.”

I’m getting bored.

“Ugh… Ugh…”

The attitude of the three junior high school students or so broke the heart of the elementary school player who was dressed up as a monster cat, and he burst into tears.

“I’m getting bored. I’m gonna go hunting.

And one of them will hold a sword in his hand.

Sir? Weapons are not allowed in this room.

“I don’t give a shit– [FINAL SABER]!!!”


One of the middle school players has activated his attack skill.

The player who was a monster cat loses HP by the attack and disappears.

They were in disguise and not equipped for battle, so it’s not surprising.

Hey, you guys… What are you–“

“Shut up– [GAYBORG]!!!”


Next, the junior high school students attacked another customer who had heard the commotion.

“Come on! What are you doing? You’re not allowed to fight!

May and the others hear the commotion and come over.

And I frowned when I saw the devastation on the 4th floor.

The students’ attacks have torn holes in the fragile walls and ruined the interior.

The junior high school students make agitated expressions when they see Mei looking furious.

“Huh? No fighting? Why not?”

“You can’t fight in the city in the first place… What do you mean?

I see you’ve finally figured it out.

You cannot fight in the city unless you use the duel system. You will not take any damage from a swinging sword.

It was the same in this abandoned hospital.

I know I’m supposed to.

“I don’t know about you, but since yesterday I’ve been able to attack other players in the city.”

That’s why I’m here, to get you out of my way.

It seems that there is a glitch in the system that allows you to deal damage with attacks in the city.

The junior high school students who discovered it came to this abandoned hospital that runs the same haunted house as theirs.

“But that doesn’t make this any less…”

“Is it bad?”

“The system can do it, so do it.”

“It’s your fault we’re running a haunted house in the first place and you start copying us right in front of you.”

“Fuck… We’re going to be like this!”

“Yeah, I’m gonna kick your ass.”

The schoolchildren, rushing in late, take up arms in anger.


May won it.

The abandoned hospital stage given to us by management is fragile. It’s so fragile that if a cross hits it, it will break. The reason for this is that I made it so that the damage from the attacks would pass through so that I could make it look like a wreck.

And now it’s completely backfired.

If this turns into a group battle, it’ll be so messed up there’ll be no turning back.

Despite her trembling anger, May made a calm decision.

But the middle schoolers didn’t understand that.

“Oh, you’re so cute.”

“Oh, my God, he’s bull… You’re a kid.”

“You should’ve been quiet from the start. You know…”

The victorious junior high school student took something out of storage and scattered it on the ground.

Mei looks at the ticket on the ground. It seems to be a ticket for the haunted house organized by the junior high school students.

“Come on, guys.”

“Watch our haunted house and learn a thing or two.”

Bye, kids.


Mei silently watched the backs of the junior high school students as they left, giggling.




“You’ve got to be kidding me!”

A few minutes later.

Pancho’s angry voice was heard on the fourth floor of the abandoned hospital, which had been temporarily closed.

“You’re not very mature…”

Auga mutters a little.

A schoolboy dressed as a monster cat cried and said “I’m sorry, I’m sorry…” but everyone encouraged him.

They think they’re the bad guys.

“It’s terrible…”

“We were having so much fun…”

The other elementary school students are also feeling a little down.

Meanwhile… some of you are silently gathering your gear.


Mr. Cross… What are you doing?

What are you… We’re going to strike back.

Cross smiles as he holds his unique equipment in his hand. His expression is calm, but his eyes are burning with anger.

Cross doesn’t help much, but I guess he has some feelings about it after seeing how hard everyone worked during the summer vacation.

Mr. Cross…

“I was just talking, I wasn’t helping…”

“You must have been enjoying yourself in your own way…”

“Of course. All those little fish, they’d only take a second if we all jumped on them.”

“For the first time, I’m on the same page with you! I’m with you!”

Pancho on it.

“Yeah, I know… I can’t let you do this.

They were the ones who made the first move.

“I’m a little scared of fighting middle schoolers, but…”

“Don’t worry, Cross, he’s strong!”

“Let’s do this! All right, I’m gonna clear out that abandoned hotel across the street.

“”””” oh oh oh oh .””” “”””

(This is…)

(It’s kinda sucky…)

Seeing everyone united in a bad way, Oga and Zoma break out in a bit of a cold sweat.

I’m 100% sure they’re at fault, but if we go in there with that many people, we’re gonna have a problem.

At worst we might get in trouble with the dragon chicks.

(Now how do we admonish these guys who’ve been on fire… Hmm?)

As Oga and Zoma are trying to figure out a way to resolve the situation.

No, guys.

May’s strong, quiet voice echoed through the fourth floor.

What the fuck?

“Yeah… We didn’t do anything wrong!”

They started this war first!

“They blocked me first, so I’m gonna block them back. That puts us on the same level as those middle-schoolers. So no. What we need to do is fix the Haunted Mansion so that it can reopen as soon as possible. We need to tell the management that we’re having trouble because of some weird bug.”

Mei said clearly. But her expression was much more mature than that of the students in the middle school.

“But you know what? You’re not going to stop us from getting angry, are you?”

“Yes, I agree. At the very least, they should be punished somehow, shouldn’t they?”

Pancho and Cross had a point.

May says, “I’ve thought about it.” and picks up their haunted house tickets, which the middle schoolers have scattered around.

“As I recall, earlier… You were saying something about ‘come with us all’…” Mumbling.

May opened the menu with a mumble and seemed to have called someone.

“Hey… Hey, who are you calling?


“…. Nah.”


May won’t answer.

–Pull, pull, pull, pull.

–Pull, pull, pull, pull.

–Pull, pull, pull, pull.

I’m gonna go–

‘Hi, Mei. Did you want to see me?”

–Who was on the other end of the phone?