What Kind Of Newbie Are You?! They Said That “Summoner” Is A Terrible Job, Yet They Call Her The Last Boss – Chapter 193

Chapter 193: Collaboration Event Virtual Monster 2.0

September 3. Sat.

Aikawa Kei, who works on holidays as a matter of course, was unbelievably buoyant from her usual girlfriend.

“It was just a quick text in response. Send me an apology right now.”

“Whew! On a day like this, I want Aikawa-san to comfort me at a good restaurant.”

“Hmm… I think this would be a good place for us to start.”

“Good! This place is nice! It’s so stylish, and it looks expensive, but…” It looks expensive, but…

“You like it? I’ll send you a map, and you can go there by yourself after work.”

“Wai-wai-wai-wai… What? Alone?”

Good night, sir.

And when he finishes his work at a breakneck pace, Kei quickly leaves the office.

After I came home and had a late lunch, I immediately logged into GOO.


“Awesome… The crowd!”

Johann comes to the throne room of the Dark Castle and finds many of the guildmen already gathered there.

Zecca, Giltia, and Mew. Lemma. The sisters Kon and Ruin. The girls with the drugs and the schoolboys.

I think they’re all here except for Donald, Smokejaw P and Pierre.

The guildmen are chatting excitedly.

“Hmm… Looks like everyone’s up for it. To this Bachimon event 2!”

Johan was elated to feel everyone’s enthusiasm.

As a guildmaster, I’m proud of my nose.

Bachimon Event 2… Official name [Collaboration Event Virtual Monster 2.0].

It’s the second genuine Bachimon collaboration, starting at 20:00 today.

The other guild members are looking forward to this long-awaited event.

What could be happier?

Johan~! Good evening~!”

Good evening, Zecca.

Zecca finds Johan and runs over to him. Giltear and Miu follow him slowly.

“It’s finally here, the first event after the service reunion! I’m burning up!”

“Well… I’ve been looking forward to this day too!”


“Medamon Collaboration Event!”

“Bachimon Collaboration Event!”

“… Ah…”


Zecca is sweating profusely.

Johann said he’d never seen anyone with such swimming eyes.

“What’s wrong, Zecca?”

“Um… I mean… Um…”

“I’ve got an event booked.”


“Yes. Well, it’s not that unusual.

“It’s a bit unusual for the collaboration events to overlap, though.”

Miu added to Girtia’s words.

“Hmm. So that means that at the same time as the Bachimon Collaboration that starts today, there will be another collaboration event, right?”

“That’s the way it’s going to be.”

I remember when I first logged into GOO, there was another event going on behind the Bachimon Collaboration event.

There were daily hunting quests with monsters that dropped delicious materials, and all the players at that time were crazy about them.

Therefore, the Bachimon event had become a terribly overpopulated event, combined with the name recognition of the event at that time.

Johann asks Giltier, thinking back on those memories.

“Well, that’s all right. I wonder what kind of work they’ll collaborate on.”



“Don’t you know? Medal Monster… Medamon for short.

“Medamon… Medamon. What?

Johann’s eyes rolled back in his head.

Medamon… Medal Monster is a super big content that will celebrate its 25th anniversary next year.

It has been released as a home video game, and in its long history has been adapted into an anime, manga, and movie, all of which have been huge hits.

The popularity is so great that even Kaminaga Enterprises, which is said to control all of Japanese entertainment, can’t keep it in their hands.

Here’s the basic setup.

The player becomes a [Collector] and sets out on a journey to collect mysterious monsters called Medamon.

Medamon can be made friends by using a special item [Friend Medal], and players can control them and make them fight at will.

Make many Medamon friends, level them up, evolve them, and go on adventures to become a Medamon Master.

This revolutionary system was a huge hit at the time and changed the course of video game history.

Bachimon is also considered to be a copy of Medamon, or a second generation of Medamon, in the eyes of the public.

“Well… So that means that everyone here today is looking forward to…”

“Of course it’s a Medamon collaboration! Unlike Bachimon, Medamon is the king of the character business that’s still expanding into other media! He’s very popular among young people. Unlike Bachimon.”


“I’m here for you too, you know. Unlike Bachimon, he’s got a more interesting story.”


“Stop it, Guiltier! Gilmouth’s life is already zero!”

“It’s okay, Mew. I know. Compared to Medamon, Bathymon is only 1/10 as famous… This is nothing. He’s wheezing…

“A dime?” Don’t exaggerate. It’s only a thousandth of a percent.


Johann? “

It was an irresistible fact, and Johan was simply damaged.

“Hey… I wasn’t just telling the truth. I didn’t say anything wrong, did I?

Gilthier is flustered at the sight of Johan lying on the ground and his two friends taking care of him… Sometimes the truth becomes a sharp blade that cuts into people’s hearts.

“Hmm… I’m finally getting my wits about me.

“I’m glad. But, no disrespect to Bachimon… I’m still a little bothered by the difference in how much effort is put into the event.”

According to Zecca, the Medamon Collaboration is a cooperative event for all players. The Medamon Collaboration is a type of event in which all players have to clear a number of goals together.

In addition, individual goals are set, and the harder you work, the more you are rewarded.

As for Bachimon Collaboration 2, once again it’s just a solo event where you have to watch the story and battle with a certain Bachimon summoner.

Although the story is different from the previous one, it is still an event which is enough for all but summoners to complete once.

And the period of the festival is also different.

While the Bachimon Collaboration lasts for 7 days, the Medamon Event lasts for 30 days.

“Well, the Bachimon Collaboration isn’t something that everyone can get excited about, so I guess it can’t be helped. I’ll go have fun on my own.


Zecca’s eyes watered with worry.

He was really worried about Johan, wondering if he was hurt by the way the Bachimon collaboration he had been looking forward to had been treated like this.

But surprisingly, Johann was calm inside.

Normally, I’d be angry with you.

The way they treated my favorite batchimon. To be treated like an afterthought to the main event.

But Johan, who has been a Bachimon fan for 20 years…

No, no, no, no. It’s business as usual.


Yeah. Bathymon will never be number one.

Even 20 years ago when it was most popular, it was not a dominant content.

Even the magazine that gave the Kakushimon Hobby Club their name… only gets about two pages a month on Bachimon. Even when it was popular, it was on page 6.

Medamon, on the other hand, has over 80 pages of information, including manga.

It’s always been that way.

Longtime fan Johan is no stranger to this.

“Don’t give me that look, Zecca. I’ll join you in the Medamon Collaboration after Bachimon Collaboration 2 is over.”


“Yeah. Bachimon was my favorite, but there was a time when I watched the Medamon anime too.”

“Yes! Then let’s meet up after the Bachimon event!”

Yeah, I promise.

Johann lightly snaps his fingers with Zecca. And the clock strikes 18.

It was time for the event to begin.

Good-bye, Mr. Johann. Have a nice time!”

Yeah, I’m going!

Johan is in Bachimon Collaboration 2.

Zecca and his friends are at the Medamon event.

With their own goals in mind, they warp to their respective event areas.