What Kind Of Newbie Are You?! They Said That “Summoner” Is A Terrible Job, Yet They Call Her The Last Boss – Chapter 201

Chapter 201: Tutorial

After an hour break, Johan logs back in and starts the Medamon Collaboration.

But the Medamon Collaboration was a large-scale project that lasted for a month. The scale of the event was also different from previous collaboration events.

“Well… To get to the event area, we’ll have to warp from the city of beginnings…”

To play Medamon Collaboration, you have to go through the gate at the center of the city of beginnings and go to the first and fifth layer.

“We’ve arrived. “Hmm… That’s great.”

When you pass through the gate, you’ll find yourself in a town. But it’s not a medieval European fantasy town like the city of beginnings.

“Well… It looks like it’s right in front of Tokyo Station. It’s kind of like Marunouchi.

Behind it is a building that looks like Tokyo Station. Beyond it, buildings rise up as if to hide the outer area.

And if you turn your eyes in the direction you are going, you will see a stretch of fashionable sidewalks and a row of modern buildings next to them.

The white tile road illuminated by the lights of electric lamps and buildings was beautiful and fantastic.

Layer 1.5 [Megatokyo].

This is a special area created just for this Medamon collaboration event.

It seems to be reusing a map from an unsuccessful home VR game called ‘Tokyo Arking’, and the scenery is Tokyo itself. However, the geography and topography have been changed, moved and modified for the event, and the size of the map has been reduced to about 1/20th of the actual Tokyo.

“It’s not exactly a view of Tokyo. It’s kind of futuristic… There’s a sense of openness. Why is that?

Johan now lives alone in Tokyo. He has been in front of the Tokyo station several times. However, the view in front of him is somehow different from the one he remembers.

Is it because there’s no one here. Or is it for some other reason? Johan looks up above his head, feeling a sense of fantasy in this realistic view of Tokyo.

“Come here.” an arrow would be pointing in the direction of the palace.

Shall we go?

After a while of enjoying the unrealistic Tokyo, we came to a glass-walled laboratory-like facility.

This seems to be our destination.

Welcome to the Medamon Institute. The doctor is waiting for you.

A beautiful researcher-like NPC at the entrance leads you to the back.

Then I saw the back of an old man in a white coat.

That must be the doctor.

His hair is all gray, but he has a good physique, a straight back, and an intellectual impression from his appearance.

(You’ve got a fightin’ body.)

Johan wondered what was going on, and the doctor-like man turned around and greeted him in a friendly manner.

“Oh, you’re Johann. We’ve been waiting for you.

“Hi, hi.”

Johan greets the familiar face with a bow.

I am Dr. Medamon. I’m looking forward to working with you.

(Ugh~ I knew it was Dr. Medamon! I’ve missed him! He’s real!)

but Johan is no stranger to Medamon. They’ve been captivating children since before Batimon.

When I was in kindergarten, I used to watch TV cartoons every week and my father took me to see movies.

Dr. Medamon appears in the anime. He is a memorable character who plays the role of an adult who guides the main character, a boy and a girl.

“Hmmm. From your reaction, I’d say you know about Medamon?”


“Well, I’ll skip the explanation of the work~↑↑↑.”


I don’t remember him as this kind of character…? Johan.

The character was slightly different from what I remember.

Apparently, the character has changed in the 20 years since I stopped watching.

I’ll tell you what happened. One day I was searching for a medamon in the forest when I was enveloped in a black vortex. And the next thing I knew, I was reincarnated into the world of Genesis Omega Online!”

I heard that.

“We know that this world is home to a large number of monsters different from Medamon. There are 200 of them.

Two hundred and twenty…

“That’s right. I found out that those monsters can become friends with [Friend Medal].

Here’s an overview of the Medamon Collaboration Event.

Your objective is to return Dr. Medamon, who has wandered into this world, to the world from which he came.

Players become a collector and aim to make friends with the 200 GOO monsters that appear in Mega Tokyo.

When you friend a GOO monster, the monster’s data is recorded in the friend book.

The more kinds of monsters you have recorded in your Pictorial Book, the more friends you keep with the same monster, and the more unusual activities you witness, the more your Pictorial Book level will increase, and you will be rewarded accordingly.

The ultimate goal is to create the ultimate medamon [Ultimenoid] with the power to cross dimensions using the data collected by the players.

“So… A little bit of a little bit of a little bit.”

Dr. Medamon mutters, and a message rings in Johann’s ears.

‘The [Friends Diagram Book] page has been added to the menu screen’.


I open it up. Naturally, there is not a single monster recorded in the book yet.

“Oh, my… What’s this thing called the Big Picture?”

“Mm. That’s a friend book that can be shared by all players.

Johan’s personal friendbook records only the monsters he has made friends with.

On the other hand, the whole picture book is literally completed by all the players.

If one of you succeeds in making a friend of Medamon, the habitat area and data of Medamon will be recorded here.

“It’s impossible to complete an individual’s book. That’s why you should aim to complete the whole picture book too~.”

“Wow… It’s only been a week, and you’re already over half full.”

Johan flips through the whole book without worrying about any spoilers.

There were some familiar monsters in it, such as Dangoron. And the number of illustrated books was 120 out of 200.

“Eighty fish in three weeks. That’s a lot of time.”

“Yes. You’ve been very helpful. And now, for the last time…”


Dr. Medamon clears his throat and points to the right. It looked like a pet shop, with three glass cages lined up in a row. Each of them contained three different kinds of monsters.

Johann is also remembered.

“See those three medamons over there?”

“Yeah. I think it’s… I think it’s a red monkey, a kikijiji, and a blue dog.

There were three Medamon in the cage, three of the most famous ones, and even Johan could remember their names. It seemed that the event was not only about making friends with GOO monsters, but also Medamon.

“Mm. It’s all mine! Isn’t it great!”


I thought it was an event to give me one, but I guess not.

Since no further events seemed to be taking place, Johan left the doctor’s room.

“I felt something strange there, but… I don’t know what it was.

Johan felt something unnatural, but he didn’t think about it any more and went outside and down the stairs.