What Kind Of Newbie Are You?! They Said That “Summoner” Is A Terrible Job, Yet They Call Her The Last Boss – Chapter 203

Chapter 203: No. Inspired

Johan started the Medamon Collaboration Event, known as [GOOGO], and was exploring the beginner’s area [Fureai Park Area] with Zecca, who was playing ahead of him. He was exploring the beginner’s area [Fureai Park Area] with Zecca, who had been playing earlier.

This place was built on the base of the Imperial Palace, and although it still has its original appearance, it has been arranged in a somewhat fantastical way, making it fun just to walk around.

Johan was walking along enjoying the unreal scenery when Zecca said “It’s about time…” Zecca says “It’s about time…” and changes his equipment. He now has two one-handed scythe-like weapons in his hands.

Is it time?

“Yeah. I’ve changed my equipment because I think the monsters will appear soon.”

“Monsters. That makes me nervous.”

“Ha-ha! Don’t worry Johann. Johann can kill all the monsters here with just one finger.

“Oh, yeah?”

I remember when I first heard about this area being for GOO newbies.

Then why did you change your equipment?

“That’s because your normal equipment is too strong and will kill the monsters.”

“What’s wrong?”

“… Um…”

Johan tilts his head and Zecca begins to explain.

“To make monsters your friends, you must not kill them.”

Zecca’s words felt strange to me, but it was obvious.

“Yes, you’re right. We’re going to be friends, so we can’t just kill him.

“Yes. That’s why you need to use this low-kill [raw Casaz Kill Saz] to cut down his HP to the limit.”

“Wait, Zecca. I feel like you’re leaving a lot out.”

Zecca was not averse to Johann’s words and explained the system of this event to him.

To make a monster your friend, you need to hit it with a [Friend Medal].

When you hit a [Friend Medal], a probability-based decision is made to determine whether or not you can make a friend with it.

“This success rate is different for each monster. The more valuable the monster is, the lower the chance of befriending it. This is the same as in the original game.”

“I see…”

However, there are several ways to increase the probability of this friending.

The first is to cut HP.

The closer you are to death, the higher the chance. If you kill them too much, it is impossible to make friends with them.

The second is to inflict an anomaly.

The probability of being friends with a friend is greatly increased by the numbness and the freezing state.

And Zecca has [raw kasaz kill saz] equipment that grants [paralysis] at a certain rate instead of low attack power.

It was the perfect equipment for this event.

“Well, it’s a fun game. But it’s not the way I’d want to be friends with you.”

“Well… Well, what he’s doing is pretty gruesome, but it’s a game. Oh, I found just the thing!

I’ll show you first, and you can watch.”

A goblin appears ahead of Johan and the others.

Johan reminds me of a Happi wearing individual I fought at the Idol Stars event. It’s probably the model for that monster.


The goblin notices us and raises a machete in his hand. But by that time Zecca has already moved in behind him.


Zecca gently hits the back of the goblin’s head with the tip of her scythe a few times.

“Gobble… Gobuga.”

The goblin is paralyzed by the first few strokes of the sword. The Goblin, unable to move, falls to his knees and struggles in pain. Zecca looks down at the goblin with mechanical eyes. He seems to be checking his remaining HP.

I’ve got 21 HP left. I don’t know…”

He mutters coldly and crouches down beside the goblin.

And .

crunch crunch

crunch crunch

crunch crunch

Three times he plunged his scythe into the goblin’s belly.


That’s three HP left… Alright!”

Looks like he was adjusting his HP.

Zecca gives a small smile and takes out her Friend Medal and puts it on the Goblin.

The damage caused by the medal hitting the body has been calculated.

The goblin’s body is sucked into the medal as a particle of light, and a goblin-shaped crest appears on the medal as it rolls on the ground.

It is a success.

“Phew… Now I’m friends with a goblin… Johann? Why do you look so pained?”

“No… I’m just confused because I don’t feel like we’re friends.”

In the real world, you could drug a man walking down the street to numb him.

He assaulted her.

Johan fantasizes about what it would be like to drive away in a Hiace.

Ha-ha-ha. You’ll get used to it, Johann.”

“I’m afraid it’s really going to happen…”

But we’ve already checked to make sure that Bathymon isn’t one of the targets.

Johan changed his mind and said that he wouldn’t mind if Batimon didn’t have to go through what he’s going through right now.

“Oh, Mr. Johann! There’s another goblin!”

“It’s true! Well then, Zecca. Can I do it this time?”


Johan had been a little put off by Zecca’s so-perfect moves, but now that he was going to do it himself, he was a little more excited.

“Yes, yes! Let’s do it!”

And with the medal in his hand, he was fired up.