What Kind Of Newbie Are You?! They Said That “Summoner” Is A Terrible Job, Yet They Call Her The Last Boss – Chapter 34

Chapter 34: Killing your own summoner… That’s terrible!

I’ve got a great deal that’s sure to pay off. Won’t you join me?

Zecca says to Con’s offer, ‘It’s definitely a scam! You’ll get all your money back! He was against it. But Johan didn’t think Kon was such a bad person, so he decided to go along with the offer.

The two of us left the ice dungeon together and rode the Meteor Bird back to the Citadel.

Speaking of which, has the Demon Lord killed his summoned beast yet?

“What are you talking about? There’s no way!

At the entrance to the Citadel, Kong suddenly comes to him with a disturbing question. Johann denies it desperately.

“What? Then you’d better kill him.

He says that you can get new skills by reducing your summoner’s HP to zero. But Johann says that’s impossible.

“No, no, even though it’s a game, I’ve had a lot of help from summons.”

Johann open the storage.

“Oh no… I’m not going to beat my own summoner by myself… I feel sorry for you!”

Retrieve [Dark Elf] from Storage.

“I can’t do such a terrible thing!”

Your words don’t match your actions. You’re taking the summons out in one fluid motion.

Johan activates the summons.

“Summon the summoner–Dark Elf!”

A well-styled, blonde-haired, brown-haired dark elf emerges from the geometric magic circle. Her clothes are like those of a fantasy village girl, and the vulgarity of the event is gone.

“That’s the one from the erotic event. You’ve got it.”

“I got it from the last treasure event.”

“They’re reprinting that event? I don’t know. It was on fire before and they wanted to erase it. Oh well. Then kill him now.

“Hmm. I’m not really into this kind of thing…

‘You activated the skill [Fighting Spirit, Extreme]. Your Strength and Magic values have been doubled.”

‘You activated the skill [Flower of Life]. Your magic value has been tripled.”

He’s so into it… Overkill.

Don’t move. Just stay still– Black Flame!

Black Flame of tremendous firepower strikes the dark elf. The Dark Elf vanishes into the black flames with a resigned look on his face.

No one knows why Johann has gone so far in his attack against the Dark Elves. It should have nothing to do with the incident at work during the day when he was unable to finish his own work due to a major mistake made by a junior colleague.

‘I’ve learned a new skill’.

[Damned charge]

Destroys a summoner you control and heals its HP and MP.

<Conditions for obtaining.

reduces the HP of a summoner you control to 0.

“Really, I’ve got a new skill!”

“I don’t use it much. It’s better than nothing. All right, let’s go.

Johan has acquired new skills and Kon has led him to a facility called the Bank.

The bank is a place where you can keep your items and gold. The only penalty for dying at zero HP is that your gold will be reduced to half of what it was before.

But it’s still pretty tight, so most players deposit their money here.

Also, since the item storage is infinite, the item storage function seems to be unnecessary, but if you leave everything in the item storage, you will have a hard time to find it when it is important. However, if you leave everything in the item storage, you will have a hard time to find it when it is important.

But that wasn’t the basic use of the device that Kong was aiming for.

Johan knew that the bank existed, but he had never used it before. He deposited some unused material items and a large amount of gold he got from the Pirate King battle.

“This isn’t really a trick. You can only have 10 summons, right?”

Yeah, I know.

“But if you put your stuff in the bank, when you get the 11th one, you can transfer it over here.”

“Oh, yeah…”

The limit of the number of summons you can have is only the limit of the number of summons you can put in your storage. If you use the bank, you can collect summoners practically infinitely.

But what’s the point?

Johann wondered. No matter how many he collected, he could only take ten of each type with him. And since the summons of intermediate level and above require materials to release their skills, it didn’t seem to make sense to have a lot of them.

“Meaning”? There’s no meaning. All I’m saying is that there’s a system. And I’m asking you this because… You got a lot of money from the Pirate King’s Raid, right?”


So you’re going to buy up all the summons?

“A hoard…?”

“That’s… A hoarder.

Kong chuckles.

“I don’t know, I’m a newbie, but doesn’t that annoy the other summoners…”

“Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. No, it doesn’t bother me. Do you know how many summoners are logging in to GOO right now? Do you know how many summoners are logging in regularly to GOO right now?


Johann searches his memory. The rank he was in when he participated in the ranking event was about 100,000th, so he tries to imagine it from there.

About 1,000 people?

Ten people.

“Not enough!”

“And if you include me and the Demon Lord, there are only three players who can make it in the events. Almost all of the players who were playing before the nerf have moved on to other games.

Johan did not miss the slight sadness in Kong’s expression.

“So if we buy them all up, no one will be bothered. In fact, we’re doing them a favor by buying them storage space, so they should be grateful.”

But it’s not a good deed, is it?

“Of course. “It’s all about making money. “According to the information we have…”

Con has mentioned that there is going to be a feature added soon that will greatly increase the demand for summons. He wants to take advantage of the players’ money shortage in the Ice Dungeon right now to collect a large amount of summons.

Johan knew that Kon’s information was credible. She had gotten information about the transcoding before the last event.

But then Johan turned her down.

“But it’s not good.”


“Because you’re going to buy them cheaply and patronizingly, and then sell them at a higher price when demand rises later on because of changing circumstances, right?”

I don’t think that’s the language of a working person. It doesn’t matter. That’s the economy.”

“I come here to forget about that.”

“But you need more money, right? You know that, right?”


Johan has a lot of gold from the Pirate King Raid, and his current wealth is around 200 million gold. However, it will cost him 250 million gold to transcode Chaos Apocalypse, and he will also need a skilled production player to help him.

If Kon is telling the truth and this plan works, it might make it easier to strengthen the armor and even help to strengthen Zecca and Renma.

“But, but I can’t… I don’t feel good about this.

You’re so serious. I like that about you. But think about it.

Kong walks up to Johann and whispers in his ear. Like the devil.

“There were 100,000 players who logged in during the Bachimon Collaboration event.”

Yeah, what about it?

“Hinadora is a free log-in bonus, right? That means there are at least 100,000 Hinadras sleeping in this world right now. At least… At least…”

“… !!!!?!???”

Johann gulped hard.

“But you know what? Only 10 summoners can summon Hinadora and take care of her. Don’t you feel sorry for her? Hinadora’s been lonely in storage, whimpering all this time.”

“… Hinadora… No one summoned me… How poor…”

Tears stream down Johann’s cheeks.

“Yeah, I feel sorry for him. So why don’t we help her? I think it’ll make her happier.

“I agree. Give me a hand, Mr. Kong! I’ll save all the dead gnats in storage!

Kong tries hard to hide the corner of his mouth that is turned up in a smirk. In fact, this proposal was an appeal from Kong to Johan. Kong knew that if Johan was going to start a guild, he definitely wanted to be a part of it.

But I was worried.

If Johann is happy with the situation he’s in, and if he wants to keep his relationship with Zecca and Renma, then he won’t form a guild? That’s what I’m worried about.

He seems to be taking it easy, but Con is getting impatient inside. It’s a sales pitch. I can be of great service to you. This is his chance to prove it to Johan. So Kong does his best to hide his joy at Johan’s coming on board like this. It’s not time to laugh yet.

“Then it’s settled!”

“Yeah, let’s get to the market!”

Thus, Johan and Kon’s ‘Operation Save Hinadora’… but rather a ‘summoner hoarding operation’ by Johan and Kon.