What Kind Of Newbie Are You?! They Said That “Summoner” Is A Terrible Job, Yet They Call Her The Last Boss – Chapter 37

Chapter 37: Breaking Through the Third Layer

Donald Smile .

He is a solo player who is actually a wizard. However, he has abandoned his staff, and all of his magic skills are auxiliary spells that strengthen him. He is an unorthodox fighter with a focus on strength.

This time, Donald has received a boost from Con’s summoner, giving him significantly more firepower. He runs towards Crystal Leo with the beautiful form of a member of the track team.

We’ll cover you. Backup cheerleader, go after Donald.


Backup Cheerleader receives Kong’s command and flies away and chases after Donald. Kong uses his skill on the backup cheerleader.

“Activate Sacrifice Escape and… That should do the trick.

Sacrifice Escape] is a summoner’s skill which gives your summoner [Target Focus] and attracts enemy’s attacks.

“Zecca-chan, Renma-chan, we’re here to help you!”

Zecca and Lemma were surprised to see Donald Smile dash up to them, his muscles seeming to bulge. Zecca and Rengma are surprised to see Donald Smile, who seems to be bulging with muscles, dash up to them. Zecca and Ranma are relieved to see their main attacker.


The enemy’s skill [Absolute Zero] is activated, but Backup Cheerleader takes Donald’s place, and he is pickled in ice.


Donald then smashes the last floating crystal that stands between him and his foe with a single blow.


As Donald closes the distance, Crystal Leo activates his attack skill [Diamond Dust Burst]. A spiral of fine ice attacks Donald.

“Ala… Is it bad?

Donald realizes that the speed of the attack is impossible to avoid.

“… It’s okay… [Luminous Eternal]!

Ranma’s strongest defense skill is activated. This protects Donald from all damage and anomalies.

“Oh, my God, this is so great… “Well, let’s get this over with.”

All the floating crystals protecting Crystal Leo were gone. All that was left was to jump on the backs of his enemies and beat them to death.



The cold air gathers around Crystal Leo and ice crystals form. And it gradually changes shape…

“Hey, hey, hey, what’s the matter with you, I didn’t hear you~!”

A monster made of ice has appeared around the enemy. The creatures look just like Crystal Leo, but are half the size. But there are three of them.

“… I still had skills.”

“This is not good…”

Crystal Leos made of ice attack Zecca, Renma and Donald.

“Nn~ I can’t take the attack, can I?”

Donald muttered as he dodged the Ice Body’s attack. The disadvantage of the super-aggressive skill [Fighting Spirit Zero] has made it so that Donald will die instantly if he takes even a single point of damage.

Of course, in Donald’s current state, he could take out the ice crystal Leo right in front of him at any time. But we can’t let him do that, not for the good of the party. What if they fight back? My mistake would be the party’s undoing. I couldn’t make a rash decision.

(So this is the party fight… Hmmm… That’s pretty exciting.)

While Donald takes evasive action, Zecca defeats one of the ice alter egos. Zecca takes over the body that was attacking Lemma.

“… [position change]!!!”

Rengma is freed from the enemy’s attack thanks to Zecca and switches places with Donald. This means that Rengma has taken over the body that was attacking Donald.

Mr. Donald… You have to go!”

“Nice. I’m off.”

Donald is running again. A fairy with butterfly wings runs alongside him. This is the Prelephua summoned by Kong. This makes it possible to protect Donald with the Dance of the Immortal Butterfly, even if an enemy attack comes.

“Nice one, Kong-chan. I feel like I’m a fairy too!”

Donald jumps up and down.


But Crystal Leo won’t stand idly by. He attacks with his skill [Absolute Zero].

“No use! Mummummumm dummumm dummumm dummumm.”

The illusion of a butterfly envelops Donald and protects him from the attacks of his enemies. Finally, Donald’s fist slams into Crystal Leo’s head.

“Donald Magic!”


He shatters the ice from his foe’s helmet of armor. Donald rides his enemy’s back and rips off his wings with every ounce of strength he has. He then punches the back of the enemy’s head with a series of punches.

“Garu… Gar… Gar…”

Crystal Leo held out for a few moments, but even then she was unable to withstand Donald’s firepower and disappeared as a particle of light.

“… I’m clear!”

“We did it, we did it, Ranma!”

“Hmm… You’re a stronger foe than I thought.

“But with our bonding power, we were able to win!”

The four of them checked the items, but no special items dropped. It seems that you can’t get it unless you see it for the first time and do it solo.

“I wonder if Johann is clear?”

“I don’t know… But he’ll do it!”

“… He seemed confident, but…”

The current Demon Lord should be able to handle it.

Despite Johann’s worries, the four of them made it safely to the third level.