What Kind Of Newbie Are You?! They Said That “Summoner” Is A Terrible Job, Yet They Call Her The Last Boss – Chapter 41

Chapter 41: Let’s settle this in a duel

The Saturday after Johan and his friends bought their guild home. Other players also bought guildhomes that fit the atmosphere and size of their guilds.

A meeting room, a common safe. And as we all check out the new additions, such as private rooms for each member, we realize that we’ve all been there.

I’m going to need a summoner.

Summoners are an endangered species, and few players have them. The only summons you can get from the NPC shop are starter sets.

Then buy the summoner of your choice on the trade board! and they saw the following message.

<Summoner for sale! >

speculation (e.g. on stocks)

Advanced Rare… 100 million gold.

Advanced… 5 million gold.

Intermediate. 1,000,000 gold.

Beginner level 100 units for sale in bulk…. 1,000,000 Gold

We will also exchange for various other rare materials.

Place: Aska City Central Square

Time: Sunday 8:00 –




“Duf… Three Dark Elf girls and three Maid Lagoon girls…”

“Thank you very much… 6 million gold.”

Sunday noon. The summons are selling like hotcakes. The morning’s sales alone had brought back the 1.9 billion gold that Johan and Kong had spent. That means the profit from the afternoon sales will go straight to the bottom line.

“It’s going to be a fun sell.”

Zecca opened her mouth in surprise.

“If you have a guild home, you don’t have to be a summoner to enjoy summoning.”

I’m sure they’ll sell.

The strong and advanced monsters sell well, but the cute and pretty ones sell even better.

Dark Elves and Maid Laguns don’t have much skill, but they look pretty. These summons are selling so well that we are already running out of stock (of course, we have enough for Johan and Kon).

“I can’t do anything naughty, of course, but if I make her do something, she’ll shake, and her breasts…”

“Breasts… Breasts.

Zecca gives me a delicate look. Then.

“It’s been a long time, Zecca.”

A girl in dazzling golden armor stood before Johan and the others.

The player name of the girl with pink hair and winning eyes is Guiltier. She is the guildmaster of the most powerful guild in the world, the Sword of the Farthest End. And behind her stands Roland, the current top ranked player.

“Oh my, the two top members of the most powerful guild are matching. What’s the matter?”

Giltia ignored Kon’s words and stared at Zecca for a while, but then she seemed to have had enough and went on to the main topic.

I’m here to buy a summoner.

“Thank you.”

“100 Royal Guards. And three Zelnesia the Emperor. How much?

Royal Guard is a medium level summoner. It is a scapegoat without multiply. It is not that powerful. But it looks like a knight in silver armor, and might be the best summoner for [Sword of the Farthest End], who is said to have turned a chalk castle into his guild home.

And Zelnesia the Celestial. This is the most difficult summoner to obtain among the higher levels. She is the chief of the Royal Guard, and can summon and strengthen multiple Royal Guards with her skills. He is a summoner like any other summoner.

“400 million gold in all.”

“Well, it’s surprisingly cheap…”

“Yeah. I thought you were gonna blow it.”

It seems cheaper than expected and Gilthier and Roland start preparing the gold. But then Con seems to get a message from someone. He shouts deliberately.

What’s wrong, Con?

“Oh, wait a minute. Oh… I’m so sorry.

“What a shame.”

Giltier stared at Con quizzically.

The summons you’ve been asking for aren’t selling anymore.

“What? What, out of the blue? I can pay you 400 million.

“I’m sorry, but I just got a call from another customer. He ordered 100 units of the same Royal Guard and 3 units of Zelnesia.

“Huh? The exact same order? That’s so fake.”

I’m sorry, but we have a prior engagement. Can you turn it down?

Gilthia and Roland are packing up on Kong.

But you know what? They’re willing to pay double the 800 million.



They’re both mortified. They’re deeply offended by the blatant rip-off. Even 400 million is a rather high price to begin with. But Gilthier and Roland look at each other in dismay.

“Just in case you’re wondering, do you have any spare stock…”

No. I can only sell to one of them. That’s too bad.

“… You piece of shit. Okay, okay. I’ll give you a billion. You don’t have a problem with that. Sell it to us.

“Wait a minute… They’re offering 2 billion yen.

“Screw you, you vixen!”

Gillette snapped. No wonder. Roland restrains Gilthier from grabbing Kong at any moment.

“Oh dear… Guillmasters of the strongest guild shouldn’t be beating up on the weaker ones. I’m recording this whole exchange, okay?

“Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh!”

“Mr. Kong… You’re being too provocative. If you don’t want to sell, just say no.

Zecca stops him.

“I’m willing to sell. I just want to do business with someone who’s willing to pay a lot of money. That’s all.”

Kong smiles wickedly. Then Roland, who had been silent until now, opens his mouth.

We originally had 1.5 billion in reserve. Will you give it to us? I don’t mean to be presumptuous, but we [Sword of the Farthest Sword] are the most powerful guild in the GOO today.

Well, I know.

“If you give it to us, we promise to form an alliance with you [Dragon Chicks] at next month’s guild event.”

“Hey, big brother?”

Giltear is surprised at Roland’s proposal. Johan and Zecca are also surprised, not knowing that the inter-guild event will be held next month.

“Brother… Don’t buy from these people.

“I agree. But, Guillmuth. You’ve made it clear to your Guildmen that you’ll buy the summons and bring them back…

“Umm… “Sure… I can’t be embarrassed.

“What do you think, Mr. Kong? I don’t think it’s a bad idea.”

Roland stared straight at Kon. Kon doesn’t make eye contact with Roland, but opens his mouth as he works his way through the menu.

“I just talked to the other side about it, but…”

Everyone here understood that there were no more guests on the other side of the room, but it was a tough con that didn’t stop the play.

“Roland, why don’t we settle this in a duel?”

“Duel… With me?

“Roland’s right. You’re the one who approached me first. But they’re offering more money. If we’re this screwed over, we’ll have to settle this in a duel.”

Come on, let’s do it. I’ll crush you, vixen.

Let’s have a 2 vs. 2 tag match. If you win, I’ll sell you the summons for 1 billion. But if we win, I’ll sell them the summons for 2 billion and ask them to form an alliance with us. Of course, you’re on the bottom. It’ll be fun, won’t it?”

Next time. Zecca and Kong take on the strongest of them all.