What Kind Of Newbie Are You?! They Said That “Summoner” Is A Terrible Job, Yet They Call Her The Last Boss – Chapter 42

Chapter 42: Revenge

30 minutes later, at 14:00, a 2-on-2 duel begins in the Colosseum.

Mr. Kong. What’s going on?

Donald and Renma had taken over the store and the three of them were walking towards the Coliseum.

What do you mean?

“All of it. The guild wars, the absurd price hikes…”

“Was there a reason?”

The announcement for the Guild Tournament arrived around midnight. Con had been reading through it while trading summons.

There’s no reason. We pick off the money where we can get it, as much as we can. That’s all.”

“Kong-chan. You don’t have to play the villain.”

Johan holds Kong’s shoulder from the side.

“We’re friends, aren’t we? You can talk to me if you want.”

Kon scratched his cheeks in embarrassment at Johan’s words.

“My friends… Hey. Oh my… The Demon Lord’s presence makes me crazy… I was so frustrated…

“I’m sorry…?”

Kong nodded.

“Zecca-chan, if you had to pick the strongest guild, where would it be?”

That would be the Sword of the Farthest End where those two you just met are, right?

“You’d say that. But no. The best guild is the Dueling Inn!


The Guild. Zecca recognized that name. It was once the most powerful guild. A guild made up entirely of summoners. and the guild collapsed.

I was a subguildmaster there. I’ve killed both of those guys and Zecca before…”

“I’m sorry… I don’t remember.

“It’s okay. But we’ll never forget it.”

At the time, because of Prelevere’s abilities, it was said that the strongest summoners were those who teamed up with summoners. Summoners therefore clustered together and formed their own community in the game.

In such a time when the summoner was the only one who had the power, players of other professions such as the Sword of the Most Farthing Sword and the Sacred Elysian Order went to protest against the management.

‘Only summoner is unbalanced’, ‘Nerf it or I’ll quit the game’, ‘Adjust summoner’.

“Hey, Zecca? Did we do something wrong? You guys were saying that we summoners are cheat cheat, but do you know what cheat means?”

“Kong-chan. Don’t take it out on Zecca.”

“It’s okay, Johann. What Mr. Kong said… Everything Mr. Kong says is right.

During the summoner’s heyday, Zecca was one of those who said that summoners were unbalanced. No, in those days, players of all professions except summoner thought so.

So the management had no choice but to weaken them in the name of adjustment.

“The place we loved so much is gone. Everyone quit. The strategy site says it’s stupid to start a new summoner… There won’t be any new summoners anymore.

Since the weakening, Kong has lost men every day.

I’m quitting. I’ll give you the summons.

‘There’s another game called Summoner, I’ll enjoy that one.’

‘Are you still going to play this shit?’

Every time I log in… my guild membership dwindles… and my heart wears thin. And then her guild that she loved so much disappeared. It’s because it fell below the minimum number of members of 5.

The strongest guild had become the Sword of the Farthest End. Kon couldn’t accept that. It’s a lie. The real power is us. That thought bound her to this game.

That’s why I couldn’t forgive them. Those guys who came to our place to buy summons with impunity… I really…”

Kong is in tears before he knows it. Zecca gently wiped away his tears. Zecca regretted it. The time of the strongest summoners. Every time they lost. Hurry up with the adjustments!” Every time we lost. It was slang by now. It’s a cliché that players who lose to summoners always say.

“No… No. Maybe it’s an excuse.

Zecca had assumed that the people who chose to be summoners were people who didn’t care as long as they were strong… and that winning was all that mattered… and that they had no pride. But I was wrong.

The woman in front of me, shedding tears, was a player just like us, who loved the summoner profession and had fun playing with her friends.

Zecca shakes Kon’s hand and looks her straight in the eye.

What? What?”

Mr. Kong. Let’s win this duel for sure!”

“No… Why is this girl so motivated all of a sudden? I’m with the Demon Lord…

“Yeah! Zecca and Kon! I think you should play this duel. I think you’d make a good team!

“Wait, Demon Lord… We can’t win if we work together. Summoners need to team up as summoners.

“That’s not true! I’m also someone who quit the sword of the farthest reaches because I didn’t like the way it was done! I’m sure that you and Kong-san will be a good match!”

“No, that’s not what you said… Are you sure you want to do this?”

Thus begins a small counterattack by the uneven duo.




The three men enter the Coliseum. Johan is transported to the audience, and Zecca and Kong are transported to the field.

Oh, so you’re saving the Demon Lord?

“Well… I was hoping we could pick up where we left off, but I’m not sure I want to.”

Gilthia and Roland were clearly disappointed. The other reason why they had accepted the duel was of course to purchase the summons, but they also wanted to make their power relationship with Johann clear.

They’re taking us for fools.

“Yes. But soon you’ll regret it. For underestimating us.

The signal for the start of the Duel rings out as 14:00 arrives.

“You stay out of this, big brother. I’ll handle this on my own.

“… Copy that.”

Gilthier, you’re moving forward. The enemy might be trying to find out what we’re up to. Roland doesn’t want his sister, the guildmaster, to fight. Roland has been sharing all of his builds, battle strategies, and thoughts on his channel, so he has nothing to hide.

He’s the most powerful even with everything out in the open. Gilteer, on the other hand, is a master of unique skills. It’s best not to fight him too openly.

Well, okay.

I’ll let her do what she wants because that’s in her nature. I think so, Roland.

I’m coming! Cover me!

“I know, summon the summoner– scapegoat!”

A woolly sheep monster emerges from a geometric magic circle.

“[multiply] and cover Zecca-chan…”



Zecca holds up her unique equipment [Dead or Alive] and rushes into Girtia with the Scapegoats.

“Activate Skill [Conversion] — [Basho Sword Basho Ken, Rasetsu Onna Rasetsu Nyyo] in my hand!”

Giltia activates the [Conversion] skill which allows her to freely exchange her equipment for storage equipment during battle. With that she takes a fan-shaped sword in her hand and swings it as if to look up.


“What the hell is this?”

Giltia swung lightly and a tremendous gust of wind was generated, causing Zecca and Kon to fall to the ground.

Unique Equipment [Basho Ken Rasenjo]. This sword has no offensive ability, but it has an invincible defense against enemies.

“Hey, that frustrated look on your face is hilarious. Did you really think you could beat me?”

Giltia sneered at them as they fell to the ground.