What Kind Of Newbie Are You?! They Said That “Summoner” Is A Terrible Job, Yet They Call Her The Last Boss – Chapter 51

Chapter 51: First day and night of the event

Monday, the day of the event. Kei came home after working late and had a quick dinner, but it was already around 23:00. He logs in immediately.

Donald and Lemma were gathered in the throne room.

You’re doing it.

You’re late.

“… I’ve been waiting for you.”

We greet each other briefly and then get down to business.

So, how was the event?

“… I’ll explain.”

Lemma, who was present at both the 11:00 and 20:00 attacks, tells the story while showing the footage of the attacks.

The regular sorties started at 11:00. About a hundred slimes, goblins, kobolds, and other weak monsters attacked us. I was able to beat them off with the help of about 300 of the beginner monsters I had set up in the garden.

Go ahead. Regular 8:00 p.m. raid.

This is where Donald joins in. But Donald has heard what happened at the 11th hour, and decides that the summons alone should be enough to defend against this attack. He makes up for the missing summons, and watches over them.

Regular 8 p.m. raid.

The number of enemies doubled to about 200. In addition to the previous group, monsters with superior mobility such as the Dark Wolf and monsters with high overall specs such as the Ogre have been added to the list. Some of these powerful monsters have broken through the garden and entered the interior.

“Well, the intermediate level summons in the lobby took care of everything.”

Donald winked at me.

“This event, the monsters that come to raid us are getting stronger.”

Oh, I knew you’d figure it out.

Donald responds to Johan’s words.

“… That seems to be the case, based on what I’ve read on the forums. There haven’t been any random raids, but according to the other guilds, they don’t seem to be as numerous as the regular raids.”

“I don’t know what’s going to happen if events continue as they are… I don’t know…”

That’s the thing. And I found out something else, too.

First of all, target focus skills such as [Decoy] won’t work on the monsters that come to attack you in this event. They all aim straight for the goal.

It’s a mess.

“Yeah. I had a scapegoat and a few other things in place, but they didn’t help.”

Also, I don’t feel that the AI is able to master complex skills, even if they have complex effects.

“I think it would be better to place summons that have simple offensive skills rather than complex skills.”

“Yeah. And this time we only placed the beginner level in the garden, but we should mix in the advanced and intermediate levels as well to cut down on the number of enemies.”

So from the next raid we’ll set up two kinds of advanced monsters in the garden.

The first one is [White Dragoon].

A white dragon monster that has no complex skills and specializes in combat. Its skill is [Legendary Stream], which spits out super-powerful magic.

The second one is Con’s favorite summoner [Dark Wizard].

A wizard-type monster in jet-black robes, he looks like a little wizard turned into an adult. He does not have much fighting ability, but he has a powerful dark attack [Artemma Burst].

Absorb and repel enemy attacks [countermagic].

He has three powerful skills: [Mana Boost], which recovers 10% of his maximum MP every 10 seconds, and [Mana Boost], which is a very powerful skill.

Tomorrow, we will set up these two bodies and see how it goes.

“A beautiful wizard… I don’t like it when people wear characters.”

No, I’m not wearing it. I’m not wearing it at all.

Different genders… No, what about Donald? I’m thinking about that when suddenly a message appears.

‘Random raids will commence in one minute.

Johann and the three others went out onto the deck of the throne room, where many monsters had already gathered at the entrance to the garden.

“… 150. That’s a few less than the last raid.

“I knew the number of raids would go down when it was random.”

“… Just as we were told. With this, we can defend ourselves with just the summoned beasts when no one else is around.”

“Hey, so you don’t mind if I take down these monsters?”

Donald and Lemma nod their heads at Johann’s suggestion.

“Even if we can protect them, there’ll still be summons that get killed, right?”

Well, you can’t say I’m unscathed.

If we get hit, we’ll be out of service for 24 hours from now. Which means we won’t be available for the 11:00 and 8:00 p.m. raids tomorrow.

Then I’ll take this place down.

“No, you can’t do that… You can’t do that?

“I’m on it.”

Johan multiplies and casts Flower of Life on each of his alter egos. Summons Prelevere and casts Flower of Life. Then he casts Flower of Life on himself. Then he casts [Fighting Spirit] and jumps down from the deck to the garden.

As the enemy closes in, your summoned beasts materialize. But Johann’s attacks do no damage to his summons. Johann prepares to use his attack skills without hesitation.

“Hercules beetle stance, fan!”

What is the stance of the Hercules beetle, the fan? When you fire Buster Beetle’s Terror’s Blaster skill, you can attack a wider area by shifting the direction of your body around the axis of your foot. Monsters who came to the random attack will be extinguished one after another before the overwhelming firepower.


“Oh, you’re still here…”

The one who was lying there protected by several monsters was a pale-skinned humanoid monster named [Belial, Prince of the Demon Realm]. The monster, which is still a child, stands up and is trying to run away from Johann.


“–[Meteor Rain]!”

Johan, on his way home from work, is determined not to let his stress release go. Johan raises his hand to the heavens, and Meteor Bird’s skill [Meteor Rain] is activated. A fireball rains down from the sky.

The first and second shots block Belial’s retreat. Then the third shot lands, and the blast blows Belial away. Just when you think you’ve saved your life, the fourth and fifth bullets rain down, obliterating Belial completely.

“Hey, hey, hey~ I really beat you by myself…”

“… Yeah. Scary sister on her way home from work.”

Donald and Lemma both felt again how reliable and scary the Guildmaster was.