What Kind Of Newbie Are You?! They Said That “Summoner” Is A Terrible Job, Yet They Call Her The Last Boss – Chapter 57

Chapter 57: That kind of play

“Well, let’s get started then, shall we, Belial… Belial…

Johan is astonished to see the monster name displayed above the enemy’s head.

“Belial King? Not Belial Tosan?!”


Hinadora beside me tilts her head.

“Damn… The inconsistency of the naming scheme is inexcusable… Come on, Hinadora, evolve!


Activating Hinadora’s third skill [Evolution Summon] causes his body to glow. He transforms his form into a Chrono Dragon. A dragon clad in a jet-black exterior stands before the Belial King.

“Mmm! Nice Chronodragon! Go on, kill that enemy!

With the Chaos Apocalypse on him, Johan would be stronger in a normal fight. However, since no one was watching, Johan returned to his childish ways and seemed to be enjoying himself by having his partner Chrono Dragon fight him and cheering him on from behind.

“… Giii.”

But the Belial King ignores the Chronodragon. He runs at a tremendous speed, and runs toward the orb set up in front of his throne.


“… Giii?!”

Belial King’s body suddenly floats in the air as he runs toward the orb, overtaking the Chronodragon with his speed. He was struck and blown to pieces. By the time he regained his footing, the Belial King had been sent back to the entrance to the throne room.


Who attacked the Belial King… Johann laughs beneath his helmet.

“No, you can’t… You have to fight my Chronodragon properly.

“… Giii.”

Belial King holds up his sword as if giving up.

“I see you’re finally ready to fight.”

Johan takes a sigh of relief. And the Chronodragon activates the only skill that can be used now [True Space Dragon Emperor Realm Timemaker].

Wings of light appear on the back of the Chronodragon. They spread like wings of a butterfly and wrap around the throne room.

You can activate the super-powerful skill [Realm of the True Spacetime Dragon Emperor] once a day with Limit 1. This allows Chronodragon to activate all the skills you have activated during this battle.

The [In Combat] section covers the last attack of the series. In front of Johann’s eyes is a window showing all the skills used during this final assault. There are roughly over a hundred of them.

“It’s more… There’s more…”

Of course, it’s impossible for Johann to master all the skills perfectly. So he starts with the ones he knows.

“Then, Zecca-chan’s technique… [Final Saber.

Chronodragon swings his sword and a golden beam shoots out from it, striking the Belial King.

“… Giii.”

Belial King responds with his original skill [King Slash]. He survives Chronodragon’s attacks. However, Chronodragon has by far the greater number of attacks.

“Next up is White Dragoon’s [Legendary Stream].”

Then Chronodragon fires a breath attack from his mouth, but perhaps because the gap is a little large, the enemy evades it. And then…

‘Belial King’s skill [Gate Open] has been used.’

The skill that caused Donald and the others so much pain downstairs [GATE OPEN] is activated. The undead and ogre monsters that were outside come in one after another through the hole in the space. In addition, these monsters are given the [Target Focus] state, making it impossible for them to attack Belial King.

“Well, I’m pretty sure [Target Focus] is an enhancement.”

I remember what Zecca taught me long ago, Johann. I’ll teach you this skill next.

“Activate Aura of Evil. It’ll unfocus the enemy’s attack.”


“I’m going further… [GATE OF HEAVENS]!”

Use Belial King’s Aura of Evil to unfocus the enemy’s target. Activate Sword Angel’s Gate of Heavens. You summon the Sacred Gate, burying the monsters summoned by the enemy in subspace.

“Continue [Final Meteor Impact]!”


Chronodragon covers his body with flames and hits the enemy. Belial King cannot avoid it and takes heavy damage.

“Mmm, Bachimon’s continuous attack… It feels so good!”

Johann is writhing. No Bachimon summons were used in the defense of the guild’s home this time. So, normally, you can’t use Bachimon’s skills on the Timemakers. But Johann had used Bachimon’s skills himself during his free time to prepare for this battle. He’s going to use them on Chronodragon later.

“… Well, it looks like Chronodragon’s MP is about to run out. I’m going to activate my new skill here.

Under Kong’s guidance, I acquired a new summoner skill, called [Magical Link]. This skill gives all of your MP to your summoner. As long as you are summoned, your summoner’s MP will gradually decrease, and this skill is used to prolong your summoner’s life.

“Now I have zero MP. But it doesn’t matter… Meteor Bird’s [Hayayasume] is activated!” Yes!

Pause for 10 seconds. Johan recovers 50% of his HP and MP. In addition, Little Wizard’s [Mana Acceleration] allows him to regain a small amount of MP every 10 seconds. With Johann’s full support, Chronodragon has no chance. Even if he defeats the Chronodragon, Belial King has no chance with Johann behind him.

“… Giii.”

But even so, the enemy AI is still searching for a way out of the situation. However, Johan did not wait for it. He strengthens the Chronodragon with every possible reinforcement skill he can think of, such as [Flower of Life], [Fighting Spirit Pole], and [Power Ale]. He also uses Scapegoat’s [Multiply] to split the Chronodragon into three pieces.

Triple Terror’s Blaster! Triple Terror’s Blaster!”

“”””Gururrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!””” “””

“… Gee… Gee…”

In the end, Johan succeeds in defeating Belial King by firing Buster Beetle’s [Terror’s Blaster] three times in a row, the most firepower Johan currently has in his arsenal.

“Not so fast… Not as good as the Pirate King.

“No drop items… But I guess that’s the end of the event… Oh?”

Then I get a message from Kong. I open it to see what it says.

‘Congratulations on defeating the Belial King! But the event isn’t over until all the enemies are killed. Come to the garden.

Is this… Does this mean I’m supposed to help you?

“… Mo-?”

Johann and Kronodragon look at each other. And then they run off into the most fierce battleground [the garden].