What Kind Of Newbie Are You?! They Said That “Summoner” Is A Terrible Job, Yet They Call Her The Last Boss – Chapter 58

Chapter 58: The tests have been difficult lately, especially in English

Monday afternoon. At the high school attended by Zekka Himegami Zeka Himegami Zetsuka.

“Hmm. But I’m still tired from yesterday.

After lunch Zecca sat at his seat and thought about yesterday. The Sunday after the event had ended had been quite busy. The points that the dragon chicks had earned from the guild home raid event were far fewer than those of the other major guilds. However, if the points were to be split between the six of them, they would have been able to obtain a large amount of points, enough for all six of them to obtain transcodes and enough materials to enhance and expand their favorite equipment.

Of course, Smokejaw P is responsible for strengthening the equipment. Since it is a delicate work that does not allow for mistakes, only Johan and Zeka’s equipment has been reinforced yet.

Zeka’s unique two-bladed weapon, Dead or Alive. The power increase is now 20+. And the number of Guts she gains randomly when she cuts with the White Sword has been increased from 1 to 3. Now you can store up more Guts than ever before and deliver a devastating blow. Also, although Zeka is not aware of it, it seems that Johan’s unique equipment, Chaos Apocalypse, has a new ability.

“This will be… “In the next guild competition… I could possibly come in first place?”

Zeka muttered something. But there was someone who had heard it.

“Mmm-hmm. That was sweet.


The one standing before you with her arms crossed is the Guiltier, Shishio Zanko, the guildmaster of the GOO’s strongest guild and the younger sister of Roland, the strongest player in the rankings. Zanko laughs as she shakes her golden hair.

“What? Do you really think you can beat us with that comedy guild?”

“Oh, the Comedy Guild?”

Because that’s what it is, isn’t it?

Zanko says, folding his fingers.

“Witch, gorilla, vixen, killer clown, pervert… What the hell kind of human museum is this?”

“Damn… Sadly, there’s no denying it…”

Zeka apologizes in her heart to her beloved guild members, asking them to forgive her for not being able to deny Zanko’s statement.

“But, you know, they’re good people.”

“Nice guy? That’s not a very nice thing to say if you’re weak.”

“… Kuh.”

“Well, I understand your expectations. Johan is definitely strong. But as for Johan, there are many strategies for him all over the net…”

“Johann’s strategy? Online?”

“So. There was a post on the board.”

“Does that mean that Johan’s height, weight, favorite type, favorite food, three sizes, and other necessary information for the strategy has been leaked? I want to know too!”

No, it’s not a seduction strategy… it’s a beat ’em up strategy… Zekka, you’re not…

“I just wanted to get to know my guild members better. It doesn’t mean anything.”

Okay. Well, that’s good, but…

(But Johan’s strategy information…) Who the hell is Johan?)

Anyway, you’re not the enemy now.


I’m interested in the second stage.

“Second stage…”

Guild: Second Stage. Zeka had heard of it. It’s a guild for under-schoolers only, and its leader is a player named Cross. It is rumored that the guild is growing and has recently purchased a large guild home.

“If Zanko is being so cautious… So the rumors are true.

“Yeah. My intel guys are saying… I don’t believe it.

Zeka felt frustrated that they really didn’t consider her and the others a threat, that they would blabber out such valuable information. But for the moment she pushed it aside and concentrated on getting information out of Zanko.

“Every member of the guild has some kind of unique. How can they not be a threat?”

“We’re all…”

GOO’s unique skills are often peaky, but they are powerful. In fact, the more sharp they are, the more powerful they are. On the other hand, Johan’s and Zanko’s Unique Skills are more versatile and adaptable, but they are not as strong. If they attack with unpredictable unique skills, they will be defeated easily. Zanko is probably afraid of that.

That’s what I meant. The Sword of the Most Farther Sword… the Sacred Elysian Order… and the up-and-coming Second Stage. The next guild war will be between these three. What’s wrong? You look frustrated. Well… you abandoned your dream of building the strongest guild with me and ran away. I think it’s better to have fun in a lax guild.

Zeka bit her lip in frustration. The reason Zeka left the furthest sword was because Zanko broke his oath. To create the strongest guild of swordsmen only.

(I never want to lose… I don’t want our guild to be made to look like fools… It can’t be good…)

These feelings swelled up inside Zeka, but she remembered that she was in school and held back. Then I noticed for the first time that Zanko in front of me was holding an English textbook. It seemed that he had come to ask her some questions. Zeka thinks it’s a bit brazen, but decides to ask her.

“Well, let’s not talk about games. You wanted to ask me something, didn’t you?”

Yes, yes, yes! She’s superb. You know everything.

Where’s the provocative attitude she had earlier? Zanko’s tone returns to the way it was when we were best friends. But she’s still acting like a big shot.

“I need you to tell me what the English quiz is tomorrow.”

“What…? The test, it’s next period, fifth period.

“What? Oh, my God.

Just then, the chime of despair sounded, signaling the end of the lunch break.