What Kind Of Newbie Are You?! They Said That “Summoner” Is A Terrible Job, Yet They Call Her The Last Boss – Chapter 60

Chapter 60: Oga VS Johan

“… Dueling with your sister.”

You’re a cocky newcomer.

You can’t win.

“If you want to fight Johann-san, you’ll have to defeat me first…”

The members of the Dragon Hatchlings stopped him softly but he wouldn’t listen to them. Johan sensed something in the atmosphere and accepted the offer of a duel.

“Okay. Let’s head downstairs, then.

Yes, sir.

And Johann and the others went underground.

In the basement of the Castle of Darkness, the guild home of Johan and his friends, there is an arena that any guild member can use. The purpose of using the arena is various, such as practicing against other players or trying out new skills. You can also organize tournaments with other guilds if you prepare prizes.

When they arrive at the underground arena, Johann and Auger enter the battlefield. The other members move to the spectator’s seats.

“By the way, why did Oga-chan suddenly challenge Johan to a match?”

“Hey there,” said Donald as he sat down in the audience. Donald sits down in the audience and asks May, the other new member. May answers, a little scared.

“Well, Oga wants [Unique] very badly. He said that if he defeats Johan and you all recognize his power, he might tell us how he got it. And he wants to get something unique for himself too.

Donald and the others looked at each other. Johan, Kon, Zecca, and P. Smokejaw were the only four [Unique] players in the guild. That means half of them have [Unique]. But of course, they didn’t get them on purpose.

“Uniqueness, you know, isn’t something you can just aim for.”

“But Oga is an ex-Second Stage member. He got into trouble with the new Guilmouth and got kicked out.”

Guild [Second Stage]. Zecca’s expression changes when she hears those words.

“So the rumors are true.”

Zecca’s gonna tweet. Mei tilts her head. Kon adds.

“The members of the second stage are all unique. It’s the talk of the town at GOO right now.”

I didn’t know that. But it’s true. Gillmouth Cross got three of them himself and now he knows how to get almost all the uniques. He’s been making his guildmates get them one after the other. Oga… He quit before I could teach him.

“But you’re an amazing kid to have figured out how to get a Unique just by looking at three conditions.”

“… It’s not like he’s heard one and knows ten. She can’t do that genius thing, can she?”

“So, right… It’s impossible. Ha-ha-ha.

May giggles.

But Oga thinks Cross is his rival. He really wants to win. That’s why he’s been saying he wants to win the unique.”

“I want to win, so I need to be unique…”

Zecca watched them fight, a subtle expression on her face.




Now then, are we ready?

Yeah, anytime.

Auga holds up a sword. He is a swordsman. He is 28, higher than Johan’s 25, and wears armor made from monster bones. He wears armor made from monster bones. He is a standard player for this level. He can’t beat Johan in a 1v1 match by mistake.

But Ogre had a secret plan. A secret to defeat Johan. A few days ago when he was using his parents’ computer to search for information on guilds to join. I stumbled upon the message board.

I’ve been posting on a mysterious message board called [GOO] Overthrow Johan [Victims’ Circle] 12.

Johann, a single player, was thoroughly researched in the forum. but he continued reading. What he found out was the terrible fact that Johan could use his summoner’s skills.

You can’t win.

But then he finds a post on the web and is shocked.

128. Mr. nameless fox

Johan’s weakness is MP. He’s got a lot of tricks up his sleeve, but if you can lock down his MP, you can beat him.

I’ve come this far because of what you wrote.

(I’ll beat this guy. Then I’ll find out what the guild’s requirements are for getting uniques. Then I’ll know what it takes to get them. So… If Cross can do it, why can’t I?)

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!”

Oga readies his beloved two-handed sword [Bone Blade] and runs straight at Johann. Johann, on the other hand, reaches out his hand and fires Hinadra’s skill [Black Flame].

“That’s not true!”

Johan attacks, but oga rolls away. And…

“–Magic Break!”

You draw your sword to your side and a slash is fired from it. It hits Johan. It doesn’t damage him. But…


“… Oh?”

Johann tilts his head as if something is wrong.

“You look surprised! I just used Magic Break! The effect of that is that you’ve lost MP for a minute!”

“Oh, yeah… Really?”

“That’s what I’m talking about! I’ve already found out that your weakness is that you can block MP!”

“… What? Is that what my weakness is?”

Don’t be too sweet on me. Come on, let’s take him down while we still can!”

Kon in the audience is laughing, but Auga doesn’t care and approaches Johan. He swings his sword at Johan and tries to hit him with a series of attacks, but…

“– storm!”


A tornado suddenly appears around Johann, bouncing off the body of the approaching Ogre. It is a defensive skill of Sylphid, the Spirit of the Wind, a mid-level summoner.

“Damn… Why would you want to…”

“I’m sorry. I don’t know where you heard that. I’m sure that information’s just a myth.

No way!

From the look on your face, I’d say you’re out of options. So what do we do? Are we done here?

Auger bit his lip in frustration. We were trying to be serious. They weren’t.

(I’ve just… I’ve always been the one that no one wants… No one ever acknowledges me…)

Johann was right, there’s no way out. I just… I just didn’t want to lose.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa!”

“Keep going. Okay– [discharges].”


You manage to evade the blasts from Johann’s hand with your acceleration skill. Johann then unleashes a Buster Beetle Bug. Auga desperately continues to dodge the swarms of black bugs…


“I got him.”

He grabs me from behind and lifts me up. You try to swing your sword, but Johann’s defenses are too strong for it to do any damage. Johan whispers in the ear.

“Hey, Mr. Ogre.”

Johann’s tone of voice was very gentle, but he felt a strange pressure, and his whole body shook like he was in silent mode.

“You said you looked it up earlier. Where did he hear about my weakness?”

“Hi… I’m not gonna tell you… I’m not gonna tell you.

Auga answered as quickly as he could. Johan would be hurt if he saw that site.

“Well… Well, let me know if I win.”

Wait, under the circumstances? That’s not fair.

Auga shook himself frantically, but he didn’t feel like he was going to make it out.


“No, I’m not… I’m not gonna… I’m not gonna… Oh, God.

A series of Black Flames at point-blank range quickly reduced Oga’s HP to zero.