What Kind Of Newbie Are You?! They Said That “Summoner” Is A Terrible Job, Yet They Call Her The Last Boss – Chapter 72

Chapter 72: Space-Time Reincarnation

“Skill Activation–Flower of Life!”

Johan’s skill to triple the magical power of his allies… He uses the Flower of Life on the Chronodragon. The man who merged with the Dark Spider laughs at him.

Amateur? Even if you strengthen Chronodragon you won’t have enough MP left to attack it!”

“… You’re being selfish. You’re going to share your sister’s MP after this, right?”

“That’s fine, but…”

Johann has recently acquired [Magical Link], a skill that allows him to share his MP with summons. It’s still enough, but Johann’s maximum MP is still almost at the beginning. Even though it recovers quickly, the amount of MP it gives him is still very small.

“The Chronodragon has a special treat for you… Come on, Chronodragon! Activate your last skill– [Space-Time Reincarnation]!”

Suddenly, a number of clock-like magic circles appear covering the ceiling. The hands of the clocks rotate counterclockwise at a tremendous speed.

“… Time is rewinding?”

“Setting the Chrono Dragon’s ability. It is the ability to regain lost combat time. [Reincarnation will restore Chronodragon’s and my HP, MP, and skills to the state they were in when Chronodragon was summoned.”

What the hell does that matter?

“Hmm… I’ll put it this way. Chronodragon-Geocide Force!


A powerful energy wave shoots out from the Chronodragon’s mouth again.

“What? G–[shift change].”

The man quickly activates his Shift Change skill, which swaps his position with that of the summoner, and switches places with the baby in the distance. He misses the man, but the Geoside Force buries all five Babies at the same time.

What the hell is going on?

The man looked unconvinced.

“Geocide Force is so powerful that it takes 10 minutes to use it again… Even if MP is restored, how can it be used?”

“Oh, it’s easy. The skill [Space-Time Reincarnation] sent Chronodragon back to the time before he used [Geoside Force], so he can use it again.”

“… I see, so that’s what you mean by reverting the skill back to when it was summoned!”

“Yeah… And I’m benefiting from it. I mean…”

Johan activates Flower of Life again. The Chrono Dragon’s magic is tripled. The effect is permanent, so he can multiply it again and again.

“And more! Chronodragon… [Activate Chronodragon!

“No way! Another space-time reincarnation! I see… So the effect of Time-space Reincarnation is that Time-space Reincarnation is back to before Time-space Reincarnation was triggered…”

“That’s what I mean. In other words, the Chronodragon will continue to fire [Geocide Force] endlessly until it defeats you.

“… Awesome! You’re awesome, sis! It’s been my turn the whole time!”

“Oh shit!!!”

In desperation, the man makes the Dark Spider spit out a large number of summons from its mouth. The summons summons the Baby. Using his various skills, he manages to defeat the Chrono Dragon.

“Geoside Force!”

“Geoside Force!”

“Geoside Force!”

The destructive power of the Geocide Force, which is getting more powerful and enhanced by Johan every time time time time rewinds, is taking up so much of his time on the defensive that he can’t turn to the offensive.

And even if he breaks the Geoside Force’s barrage, Chronodragon still has his trump card, [Timemaker], left. In other words, every skill you used to get out of this loop combo will now be Chronodragon’s.

He’s trying his best to deal with it, but I’d say the man’s situation is completely dead in the water.

I’m afraid I’ve run out of summons… Then I’m going to finish you off–Geocide Force!”

The seventeenth shot of the Geocide Force hits the body of the man who has merged with the Dark Spider and shaves off his HP in a single blow.




“Now all we have to do is beat this guy and we’ll have a happy ending.”

Johann, Renma, and the chronodragon are closing the distance slowly. The last of the three survivors looks despairingly at the man and says, “Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!” and runs away.

“…. Eh…”

Is that it?

I look away dumbfounded. It seems that the battle just now was the final battle of this quest. Johan and Renma run over to the fallen girl’s father, feeling a strange sense of unease. When Renma picks him up, the father groans in pain and then wakes up.

What the hell am I… I’ve been… I was taken by men… They made me draw a spell here to summon the gods… And you, whoever you are… you helped me?”

Johann and Lemma nodded at their father’s question.

“Okay… But why did you help me?

Your daughter asked me to help you. She asked me to help her father.

What? I don’t have a daughter. Who the hell…

I’m horrified.

The discomfort he had felt earlier slowly cooled Johan’s back.

Johan was feeling strange.

The girl who’s been leading us both on this quest all along.

Normally, in a situation like this, wouldn’t the player run to his father whom he finally met? Wouldn’t they prepare a moving reunion scene to give the player a sense of satisfaction?

Johan first felt uncomfortable when he went to her house on the first day. The room filled with his father’s and doctor’s tools didn’t feel at all like a place where a child was left to live alone.

I thought that was because of the game, but… But it wasn’t. The truth is, that room wasn’t the girl’s home.

If that’s the case, then the man behind this whole thing…

“Oh, no. I’ve been exposed.”

The two of them turned fearfully in the direction where the girl was probably standing.

The girl’s hair had turned from black to white and her innocent expression had turned into a devilish grin.

“… You were behind it.”

Yeah, that’s right.

She floats up and flies towards the magic circle on the wall. She takes out a jewel-like object from her pocket. It is a clear crystal, but there is something shining in the center.

“You mind? This is the summoning stone that brings the gods down here. But you’ll need a lot of energy to use it. Enough energy for three battles between powerful summons.

“I see.”

Johan finally understands and accepts the scenario of this quest and waits for the girl’s next move.

The girl inlaid that special summoning stone in the center of the magic circle.

“Oh, no, no, no, no, no, this is not good.

The doctor is scurrying to the side. Hearing that, Johann raises one hand and launches an attack at the girl.

“Black Flame.”

Several shots of black flame hit the girl and she exploded, but it didn’t stop her at all. No damage.

Well, it looks like we’re not gonna get in your way.

“… Yeah. Maybe it’s just a scenario until the summoner comes out. Maybe we can get a divine summoner for completing the quest.”

“What…? I don’t want that.

“… Don’t look like you really don’t want it, sis.”

The magic circle begins to glow, and a black gate opens in the center.

And then something with an ominous aura appears from within. The girl’s face contorts as she sees it.

“You failed… This isn’t a summoned beast from God… It’s something else entirely.

The girl clicked her tongue as she said that. It seems that the [something] that appeared is not the [divine summoned beast] that the girl was trying to call.

Johann knew that. Because the monster was one that Johan knew well.

A mask covers the upper half of her face. Beneath it, bewitching lips that foreshadow a fair face. Her hair of gold and red. Jet-black armor and cloak. The beautiful body hidden within.

“… That summoner that came through the gate… Does it look like your sister somehow?”

“Yes. But that’s a little different, dear Lemma. That monster doesn’t look like me. My armor looks like the monster.

The monster that emerged from the gate. The monster that was the model for Johan’s armor and abilities.

“That’s Chaos Apocalypse. It’s the last boss of the Virtual Monsters cartoon.”