What Kind Of Newbie Are You?! They Said That “Summoner” Is A Terrible Job, Yet They Call Her The Last Boss – Chapter 74

Chapter 74: The Killing Festival

Friday evening on the fifth paid day .

Dragon Chicks Guild Home.

It’s only about an hour before the guild war, also known as the killing festival.

“Aww… What the hell is this?

Johan was in the meeting room with tears in his eyes at a time when some guilds would have been in a state of tension.

Auger looks on in amazement.

“Just before the battle. I log on, full of energy… “I don’t feel nervous, Guillermas. What’s going on?

“Well… I can’t use space-time reincarnation anymore.”

“Huh? You were so excited yesterday…”

“I was pretty strong… It’s a conspiracy. This must be some kind of newbie bullying!”

Oga remembered Johan who had been jumping up and down yesterday saying ‘I’m having fun with space-time reincarnation~’ and sighed at the difference in tension between now and then. What in the world had happened? As if to answer his question, Donald opened his mouth.

It’s what you call a tragedy in the making.

“”Tragedy in Adjustment?”” “

Johan and Auger’s voices overlap.

“Yeah. There are quite a few skills in this game, aren’t there?”

Donald talks about .

There are many skills in this game. Therefore, the possibilities for skill combos are endless. When a player gets a new skill, he tries to combine it with his existing skills to see if he can make a strong move.

The skills which are distributed equally to players are set up by the management of the game, after examining the consistency with the existing skills and the possibility of combining them.

However, in the case of unique skills, omissions occur very rarely. In other words, there are some combos or uses of skills that the game management didn’t expect. (By the way, this happens not only with unique equipment, but also with general skills. Even the management is not all-powerful).

In such a case, it is easy to say ‘this combination is not possible’, but it might take away players’ curiosity, isn’t it? So, the management introduced the AI to make a decision.

If a skill is used in a way that the game administrator does not expect, the AI will take care of the effect instantaneously. So players can play the game normally without any problem.

But at the same time, the results of the process are also sent to the management, and they are discussed in a meeting. In most cases, the AI’s processing is OK, but if the processing is too powerful or seriously affects the balance of the game, the AI will be corrected.

In this case, if Chronodragon uses [Space-Time Reincarnation], there is no problem. It is a powerful effect that is worth the huge amount of materials needed to release the skill.

However, if the player uses Time Reincarnation, a problem arises. The effect of Time Reincarnation is to return the summoner’s HP, MP, and skill usage to the time when the Chronodragon was summoned… But there was a problem with this ability.

Yes, if Player Johan used it, he could use it even if Chrono Dragon was not around.

In other words, once he had summoned the Chronodragon, he could use Time Reincarnation to return the Chronodragon to the state it was in when it was summoned, even after the Chronodragon had disappeared. If this were allowed, Johann would be able to use his powerful skills, which take a long time to reapply, over and over again.

That’s why [Jikkai Tensei] was adjusted so that only Chronodragons can use it.

“It usually takes me about a week to get a decision.”

“… I’m sorry you had to work so hard before the event.

“Ugh… I thought it was going to be our trump card…”

Johann’s shoulders slumped. Johan had seen how hard all the guild members had been working recently and he had wanted to be of some help.

I thought the idea of infinite skill usage with [Space-Time Reincarnation] was a good one, but the management beat me to it.

“Don’t be discouraged, Mr. Johann. You’re strong enough as you are.”


Zecca cheered Johan up.

“Yeah. You’re the strongest one in this guild.

“That’s right. Besides, the Chaos Apocalypse has as many possibilities as there are summoned beasts. I’m sure it’ll be fine.

“The possibilities are endless…”

Johan takes courage from Zecca’s words.

I’m sorry I’m late. Mr. Ogre. Here.”

“Oh… Thank you!”

Smokejou P appears in the meeting room and hands Oga a set of equipment. Oga excitedly operates the menu and puts on the equipment.

In an instant, the appearance of Oga changes from that of a bandit to that of a paladin in silver and white armor.

“Oh my gosh~ you look great.”

“Yes. “You look great, Mr. Ogre.”

I’m so happy.

Oga accepts the praise of Johan and Donald, who would normally be reluctant to do so. Oga receives a set of the [Mystic Series].

The Mystic Series is Roland’s favorite equipment. The best thing about it, though, is that it’s immune to magic.

“Oh, it’s so easy to move!”

“It doesn’t have the strongest defenses, but it seems to have excellent joint structure. It’s a small detail, but it’s probably what gives Roland-san his mobility.”

“Thank you so much… Not only for Smokejaw P-san, but also for everyone else…”

Auga bowed his head to everyone present. Although not the most powerful equipment, the Mystic Series uses a lot of rare materials and gold.

It was more than Oga could gather on his own. But with the help of all the dragon chicks… the equipment was completed.

“I’m… I’m so glad I played this game and met you guys.”

“Hey, hey, hey~ What are you crying about~.”

“Don’t cry until you’ve beaten your rival.”

“Yes~. If you don’t stop crying those tears… I’m gonna lick them.”

“Oh, no! Stop.

Now we’re ready for Auger.

And then…

It’s not good, Mr. Johan. Kong and Mei aren’t coming back.

Zecca panics. If you’re logged in, you’ll be forced to come here right after the event starts, but if you’ve moved to a special area for a different quest or something, you won’t be able to participate.

I was wondering if I should send a message when Kong and Mei finally came back.

“Sorry I’m late, folks.”

“Here comes the star of the show~.”

Mei bowed her head prettily, and Kong was excited without a trace of apology. Seeing this, Johan was sure that they had completed their quest.

When his eyes met Johann’s, Kon said, “Oh, by the way…” “Oh, by the way…” he said.

Kong had heard about the quest from Johan before the final battle of the day. A series of battles against the combined Dark Spider and Chaos Apocalypse.

However, when Kong and Mei tried it, the boss that appeared was [Freezer], a boss limited to another collaboration event. Since the story of how the girl was eliminated is the same, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s a random quest with a fixed storyline and random boss characters.

“Was the Demon Lord who drew the Chaos Apocalypse really lucky? Or was he unlucky? I wonder which one it was?”

And a mischievous laugh.

And .

”Thank you for your patience! The guild war [Killing Festival] will begin from now!

The announcement of the management rings out. Then, the rules are explained again, and the players who are not going to participate are moved to the waiting area from the third level.

Now for one hour of real world time and twelve hours of in-game time, Day One of the Killing Frenzy will begin.

“It’s time…”

With such a rude voice, the inter-guild event has finally begun.