What Kind Of Newbie Are You?! They Said That “Summoner” Is A Terrible Job, Yet They Call Her The Last Boss – Chapter 84

Chapter 84: VS Former Party Members

A few days ago.

Oga and Zecca had spent the short time of the night being trained by Roland, the top ranked player in the GOO rankings.

Roland’s own fighting style can be seen in the videos on the [Sword of the Farthest End] channel. But actually learning from him was a great experience for Oga.

Roland muttered something about halfway through the session.

“This game GOO is just like [rock-paper-scissors] when you get down to it.”

And… Zecca heard that and dismissed him with a “Oh no…here comes the Roland Clause again…” but he had begun to find the adults’ stories interesting since he had entered the Dragon’s Chicks, so he decided to listen to what they had to say.

I wanted to ask him what he meant by “rock-paper-scissors”.

That’s exactly what it means. But that doesn’t mean it’s a game of luck. After all, most players in this game can only make one move.”

“One hand”? Uh… You mean there’s only one way to fight?”

Roland’s mouth relaxed a little when he heard Auga’s words .

“Good, you understand quickly.”

“Oh, thank you.”

“And while we’re at it, is your fighting style a par or a goo? Is it a goo? Or is it a scissors? Most players don’t even know what they’re doing. So it’s important to understand the many ways to fight in this game and what each move is.”

“I see. If you know your opponent’s move, you make the move that can beat it. That’s why rock, paper, scissors!”

“Yes, sir. It’s easy to say, but to get more hands… It’s not easy. You have to know your skills and use them. That’s the most important thing.”


Auga remembered what Roland had taught him so far, and he agreed with him. Roland took him to various places and used his skills in various situations. He wondered what kind of results he would get if he used his skills in those situations. He did this over and over again.

A professional swordsman does not have that many skills at his disposal. Roland wants you to increase the skill level of the skills you have and use them fully. He is the opposite of Johan, who has many skills at his disposal.

“But how can I counter a unique skill that I’ve never seen before?”

“Hmm… In my case, if I meet someone with a unique skill or unique equipment for the first time, I don’t go for the win.”


Auga is startled out loud.


Yes, yes…

“Huh, I’m the strongest, but I’m not undefeated. I usually lose to unique skills that I have no information on. But that doesn’t mean I’ll just sit back and let them beat me.”

“Gather information on the other side?”

“Yes. And if his hand is a par… Or a scissors. Or is it a goo? We’ll find out. Study it before the next fight. That way, next time, you won’t lose.”

Auger got goosebumps. Roland makes it sound so easy… This is what makes the man in front of him the strongest. It’s not that he doesn’t care about winning. It’s because he cares about winning that he knows what the real fight is.

Mr. Ogre. I hear you’re looking for something unique.

“Uh… No…”

“Don’t be shy. It’s normal for someone your age to want to be original. I remember that. But you’ve never been able to find uniqueness. You’re very lucky.”

“What? I’m lucky? I’m lucky?

“Yes. You’re very lucky.

Roland laughs. But Auger is confused, for he has no idea what it means.

“Unique. The only one that exists in this game. It sounds exciting. But the truth is, the only way to become unique and powerful is to find it yourself. This is a very lonely battle. For example, if you’ve been defeated, no one can tell you what to do next. They won’t think about it. They won’t help you. On the other hand, there are about 1,000 ranked players in the Swordsman world, and they are always arguing about what is the best. If a swordsman runs into a big obstacle… A thousand people will think together and find a solution.

A thousand people.

“That’s right, Mr. Ogre… everything a thousand Swordsman players have built up is on your side. And the unique players are the best we have to play with. We’ll be gathering data together, and we’ll be looking for strategies. We’re also working on a way to defeat your rival, Mr. Cross. And now we’re going to show you how.”

Ogre was creepy.

One is that I have learned that many players are researching and competing with each other in order to maintain the strongest of the swordsmanship profession.

Another reason is that they have learned that the unique possession that Ooga longed for is a kind of content, a kind of entertainment for them.

Even Cross, whom Oga had never beaten before, was a pastime for them, and they enjoyed the process of defeating him.

(Guillmouth… This could be bad…)

I was never asked to give any information about Johan when I joined this training. Oga assumed it was out of a sense of fair play on Roland’s part.

Maybe they’re not. Maybe they’ve already devised a strategy to defeat Johan? Oga thought so.




Oga, who was in charge of defending the 3rd floor with Kwagaiger and Crystal Leo when the Second Stage attacked, was running towards the garden. (He has gotten the approval of Renma, who is in charge of the defense.)

“I see… Mr. Kong’s not with Guillmouth and the others… but he’s off on a raid somewhere else…”

Down into an empty lobby. All I had to do was go through the door and I was in the garden. But two men stood blocking the door.

Zoma Lv 30 Guardian

Yuya Lvl 32 Swordsman

Both of them had started GOO with Ooga, and were classmates and friends in real life.

Sorry, but you’re dealing with us.

“Let’s show them how strong we are.”


Auga clicked his tongue lightly.

The cross that Oga wanted was just beyond the door… It was right there. But the two men in front of him were ready to do anything. It was better not to think that they would just let us through.

Oga silently draws his sword. It’s the Mystic Sword.

“Well, you’re up for it. Okay, I’ll go first.

Yuya, the swordsman, stepped forward as if excited to see him. He was a boy who had never been a match for Ogre when they had played together. But thanks to Cross, Yuya had gained a unique skill.

“Watch–[Asura Arms]!”

Unique Skill [Asura Arms]. The effect is that he can grow four arms. An arm grows from each of Yuya’s shoulders and armpits. Together with his original arms, he now has six arms. A sword is attached to each arm.

“It kind of looks like a mook.”

“Don’t be silly, Ogre! You should be scared. My stats are up by six swords now! Oh no!

And with six arms and six swords Yuya attacks him. But he parries all of their attacks.

“Why… why… why won’t it hit me? Why isn’t it working?

Oga remembered the battle of Zecca. The two swords. The calculated trajectory of two swords… to kill the enemy without fail.

But Yuya’s fight before my eyes is different. He’s just wielding a sword in the darkness. No matter how many swords he wielded. He wasn’t afraid of them.

“Yuya. If you’re going to use six swords, I’ll have the same number for you… Sword Dimension!

When Oga activates his skill, the six swords that have been hidden in storage appear.

Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go!

And the six swords strike Yuya at the same time.


Yuya responds by swinging his swords around, but there’s no way he can knock them off, and as a result, all of them hit him. He loses HP and disappears, screaming in frustration.

“Well, Yuya’s just like this…”

and Zoma, who had been watching silently until now, stepped forward.

“Are you next? Let’s get on with it.

“Yeah. But my Unique Skill isn’t as sweet as Yuya’s.”

Zoma turns his palm toward Auga.

“–Skill lock!”

And out of his palm fires a red lightning bolt. It went straight for Auger.

“Ha-ha-ha! Run away, run away, Oga! If you get hit by it, all your skills will be disabled!”

“That’s very kind of you… Oh, my God!”

Oga swings his sword down just in time to catch a red light bullet coming toward him. The bullet bursts like a soap bubble and disappears.

“Hey… Ogre, what the hell did you do?

“What? You don’t know about Blake’s magic?”

[Break Magic] is a permanent skill for swordsmen that activates whenever you have it.

With this skill, you can see a red line in enemy’s magic attack. If you cut the red line with your sword, you can nullify the spell.

And its difficulty depends on how high your opponent’s Magic Status is. Zoma, who is not even a wizard and does not have any points assigned to his Magic statistic, can easily slice through the enemy’s attacks.

“No, that’s ridiculous… If that’s the case, how did you know that my Unique Skill is magic!”

“No, because you posted a video of yourself playing it on your channel, didn’t you?”

Yes. As Roland had taught him, it was important to know your opponent’s moves, so he checked out all the GOO play videos his friend had posted.

“Oh, you’ve been watching my videos?”

“Yeah. I watched it a bunch of times to figure out when to hang up. And I liked it.”

“Really! You’re a good guy after all!”

Before entering into a chat mode, Ooga slashes Zoma’s body in half with his skill [Slash]. Zoma disappears, saying “Subscribe to my channel!” and disappears.

I already did. Well…”

Oga walks through the door and goes outside. Outside, about fifteen Second Stage members are still fighting the defensive summons. And Mei, who was in charge of defending the garden, looked to be in danger as well.

May… I’m coming to get you.

But when he tries to go to May’s rescue, a shadow blocks his path.

“Wait, Ogre. You want to go save her… But first, you’re gonna have to fight me.

There you are. Pancho.

Another former party member, Pancho, is waiting for them.