What Kind Of Newbie Are You?! They Said That “Summoner” Is A Terrible Job, Yet They Call Her The Last Boss – Chapter 86

Chapter 86: I just wanted to kill him. I didn’t want him to die

“Uh… Gilmouth…?”

Augha was upset, but he asked the Guildmaster who had landed with the insects from the sky. He had many questions he wanted to ask, but at the same time he didn’t want to know anything.

That was a close one, Mr. Ogre.

“You’re just standing there in front of the enemy… You’re being careless, Ogre.”

Zecca reprimanded me. I had many things to say, but I apologized and kept my mouth shut.

“Well then, I’m off to cheer for Ranma-chan.”

Zecca then entered the castle at great speed. Inside the castle, the seven members of the Second Stage who had invaded the castle were currently engaged in battle with Kwagiger Crystal Leo on the third floor. He must have gone to join them. As he was leaving, he said to Ooga, “I’m sure you’ll beat your rival. He sent a pep talk to Oga, saying, “You’ll beat your rivals.

“Well, then we’ll deal with the remaining enemies in the garden.”

“Usu. Cross is…”

It was then. A golden flash of light pierced through the space between them and into the castle. It was an arrow of Urwandil from Cross. And from deep within the castle… A scream of pain…

“The voice now…”

Looks like Kwaggaiger’s down.

They both stare at the cross floating in the air.

“That’s Mr. Ogre’s rival… Mr. Cross. He’s got a pretty face. If he works with Smokejaw P, he might even become an idol.

“I’m not very pretty on the inside, though.”

Auger swears.

“Okay, I’ll leave him with Mr. Ogre. Take this.

Johan said, “Ta-da!” and pointed at the King Beetle beside him.

“I was wondering… What’s this?”

“The ultimate summoner, surpassing even Chronodragon and Kwagiger. It’s called the Ultimate Pervert King Beetle. A kind man gave it to me. Ride it as a Monster Rider and you’ll be invincible!

“Guilmas… I’m so happy…”

Auga opened his mouth to say.

“Even if I use this awesome summoner and win… I don’t think I can proudly say I won with my abilities. I know it’s a little late for that after all the help you’ve given me with equipment and stuff. But I want to fight him on equal terms and win. More than anything, I want to know how good I can be! So…”

“I see. That’s true.”

Johann was convinced.

Johann wanted to help his little brother win in every way he could. But I also wanted to take care of Oga’s desire to win by his own hand in the end.

“So, if you lend me some kind of flying summoner… then I’ll drag her down to the ground.”


I had a bad feeling about Auger.

“The three rings above Mr. Cross’ head. God Halo, right? If we destroy it, he’ll lose his ability to fly, right?”

Yeah. Yeah, but…

God Rage is a unique equipment that Cross had before he left the second stage. So both [God Rage] and [God Halo] abilities were known to Ogre.

When you activate God Halo of God Rage, three rings appear above your head. While the rings are attached to the user, the user can fly without limit, but the rings have HP, and are destroyed when their HP runs out.

If that happens, you won’t be able to use it again for another 24 hours.

As long as he was flying, attacks from Cross would deal 5x damage, so destroying Halo was a top priority when facing him.

“Well… That’s why I’m going to destroy the ring…”

Look, Mr. Ogre! Mr. Cross has an arrow in his quiver!”

“Oh, really!”

Oga looked up to see Cross above him loading the arrow of Aluvandil into the God Rage.

“Here it is at last, Oga. And next to him… Your guild’s most powerful guildmaster? Great. If you beat him, you’ll really be finished.”

Cross grinned and activated his [Must Hit] skill against Johan on the ground. The actuality that you can’t even need to invoke the [Visual Sharing] is that it was a visual invocation.

“Damn… He’s going after Gilmas this time.

That’s funny. I’ll take it.

“Guillermas… What’s that stance?

Johann takes the stance of a Hercules beetle for the first time in a while. He can’t use Chronodragon’s [Geocide Force], since he has to save his advanced summoner’s skills. If so, he plans to use Buster Beetle’s [Terror’s Blaster], which has high firepower even at Intermediate level, to cancel out Cross’s arrows.

“But can you offset that without any buffs…?”

I got it. I have an idea.

Augha felt a stirring in his chest, but he kept his mouth shut, wondering what Johan had in mind.

“Ha! Ha-ha-ha! Oga, your guildmaster is a fool!”

Cross laughs when he sees Johan on the ground.

“Arrows shot from the God Rage while flying won’t cancel out!”

Cross didn’t laugh at Johann’s pose, but rather at Johann’s foolishness in trying to offset the arrows with his high firepower skills.

But that line will never reach Johan and his men on the ground…

“They’re laughing at me like crazy…”

“Calm down, Guillermas… He likes to ridicule adults.

“Oh, yeah… Is that right? That’s good. No, it’s… You’re still no good. I’m not saying you shouldn’t respect your superiors, but you’ll have a hard time in the future if you don’t have the proper etiquette.

Johann mutters to himself as he thinks of a certain junior colleague. And while they’re talking like that.

Looks like the cross is ready.

Come on! –God Rage!

An arrow from Urvandil, which has a super-strength disarming ability, is shot at Johan. The arrow is covered in a golden effect and flies towards Johan.

“Guilmas… I’ve got to shoot him soon!”

“… Not yet.”

Johann doesn’t activate his skill. He draws his arrow just in time. And just as the arrow is about to strike. Johann finally activates his skill.

“–Shift change!”

Johann didn’t activate Terror’s Blaster, but rather Shift Change, which swaps the location of the summoner with himself. A Ghost, a beginner-level summoner, appears at the location where Johan was.

“Ghost… Where the hell have you been? Where’s Gilmas?

Aurvandil’s arrow dodges the ghost and changes its trajectory towards the cross in the sky.

“Johann vanished and a ghost appeared? Why? Why is the arrow coming back towards me? No, no, no… No way?

Cross finally realizes what Johann is trying to do and looks backwards. There is Johann, still in his Hercules beetle stance.

“Well, you… I summoned a ghost before I came back…”

Yeah. I made them invisible and put them behind you.

“Damn… King Beetle is a decoy.”

King Beetle is a summoner that Johan had used his skill to steal and put under his control. So Johan still had one summoner left.

Before returning to the Dark Castle. Johann saw Cross floating in the sky and summoned a ghost in advance. He had it waiting behind Cross so that he could switch places at any time.

“That’s ridiculous… That’s ridiculous.

The arrow’s inevitable hit effect is still there. Johann is coming back from the ground at breakneck speed.

But Johann is faster.

“I will smash your angel hoops with my Hercules beetle stance, space skies… What?

Johann fires his Terror’s Blaster at Cross’s head. But he’s not used to shooting in the air without a foothold and his hand goes haywire…

“Oh no… I’m the one who…?”

The flash hits Cross in the torso. It takes all of Cross’s HP. Then, with a frustrated look on his face, Cross vanishes in a particle of light.

“Oh, what~?”

At the same time as Cross disappeared, Aurvandil’s arrows that were chasing Johan also disappeared. At the same time, however, the rivalry between the rivals of the century, Oga and Cross, also disappeared.

Did I do something wrong?

Johan, who had done it, desperately tried to think of an excuse to tell Auger while he was falling to the ground.