What Kind Of Newbie Are You?! They Said That “Summoner” Is A Terrible Job, Yet They Call Her The Last Boss – Chapter 87

Chapter 87: You’re welcome?

I’m going back in time.

Just as Ogre and Pancho were about to face off and settle the score.

In the center of the garden, Mei, who was riding on the back of the Brave Mammoth, was thrilled by the arrival of Oga.

(Oga, did you come to save me?)

But that excitement soon fades. I couldn’t hear the conversation, but I saw the exchange between Ogre and Pancho, and somehow I guessed it all.

“This is a bad one…”

and .

May is somewhat aware of Pancho’s thoughts.

From May’s point of view, she doesn’t think of Pancho as a girl. But she can’t be too careful. Because she doesn’t consider him as a girl, their hearts are close to each other as if they are friends of the same sex.

It was obvious that once they became aware of each other as the opposite sex, their relationship would develop.

(We have to get out of the way!)

(But I feel sorry for Pancho.)

(And if I leave this place…)

“Aww… What am I going to do!”

The demons and the angels within May jostle each other.


A golden, shimmering monster caught May’s eye.

“enemy… Not… Johann and Zecca? And… That summoner… Is it strong?

The golden insect swooped down like a meteor toward Pancho’s body and buried her with a single blow.

(Hey, Johan… Do you think you know how I feel…?)

No, it’s not.

(Oh. I knew you were… Johann is… God!)





Time to go back.

Mei looked up from the ground as Johan defeated Cross in mid-air. And he was naturally confused.

(Oh, what? I thought you were going to let Oga fight Cross. Why is Johan personally giving him the Tokme…?)

And the other members of the second stage that Mei had held back were in the same state of confusion.

“What? Mr. Cross is dead.”


What the hell is he doing?

“What do we do?”

We’re pulling out. I don’t think we can beat the guy who beat Cross.

“Yeah. And I don’t want to be a dead man.”

But what about the guys inside?

“I don’t know!”

The remaining members of the second stage in the garden were clearly upset and agitated by the loss of their leader.

May quickly changes her mind. Donald and Smokejaw P are getting hit here, too. She felt she had to return the favor.

“Summon a summoner at the cost of Brave Mammoth and my MP! –Monolith!”

A black wall of monsters emerges from the geometrical magic circle. It is a summoner’s monolith, skilled at taking control of summons.

Johann, I need your help! –Temptation Eye!

The monolith’s sleepy monocle glows suspiciously and it picks up King Beetle. Then control of King Beetle shifts from Johan to Mei.

Mei quickly opens the menu and checks King Beetle’s skills. She activates the skill that she thinks will be the strongest.

“–[Toxic Eraser]!!!”

A venomous purple spiral ray of light shoots out from King Beetle’s mouth and attacks everyone on the Second Stage. Those who are hit directly melt away, while those who escape are struck by the second effect of Toxic Eraser.

“Pois… Poison?

“I’m… Paralyzed?

“I have a curse…”

“Oh my God… HP?

“I’m in a place like this…”

Toxic Eraser creates a poisonous mist around you. Those who are immune to it are infected first, and their HP are gradually drained. And then…

By the time Johan fell to the ground, all the remnants of the second stage had melted away.




Renma and Zecca have successfully destroyed the remaining members of the Second Stage who had invaded the castle.

Although they lost Donald and Smokejaw P., the Guild Crystal was not destroyed and the dragon chicks survived the crisis.

Johan, the guildmaster, was now sitting on his knees in front of the schoolboy player Oga, apologizing. He was five seconds away from getting down on his knees. The atmosphere of the scene is like a scene from a certain double payback drama.

“Um… I don’t know how to apologize.

Johan glanced at him to see how Ooga would react to his antics.

“Pfft… Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha.”

Oga bursts out laughing and clutches his stomach. Mei sees this and gets angry.

“Hey, Ogre! Johann is apologizing and you’re laughing at him!”

No, no, no. I’m not laughing at Gilmas.

Auga waits until the laughter dies down before opening his mouth again.

“No, man. I’ve never heard him scream before, so it’s kind of funny. I mean, “Oh, my God! Like, ‘aaaaah’.”

“Hey… Stop it, Auger. You’re always so pretentious with Cross-kun, you’re making me laugh too… Pfft…”

“… Huh. I don’t know, I guess I’m forgiven.

Johan stands up after seeing a group of laughing schoolchildren.

“I don’t forgive you or not forgive you. I mean…”

Auga pondered for a moment, as if searching for the words to describe his current emotions.

“It’s refreshing… No, no. I think I’m just surprised most of all.”

Oga has been working hard to defeat Cross in this game. He’s been leveling up and learning from stronger players.

But somewhere in my mind, I wondered if I could beat Cross. I wondered if I could beat Cross.

I’ve known Cross for quite some time. In all that time, he’s never beaten Cross. And he’d never seen Cross beaten by anyone. That’s why he couldn’t imagine himself beating Cross.

In a sense, Cross was deified in Oga.

But today, the illusion within Ogre has vanished cleanly. What remained was a boy just like himself… who had succumbed to the irrational power of Johann.

“Two days left… Maybe he’ll come back. I’ll win then. Guillermas… Thank you for today!

“…? Yeah, you’re welcome?

Johan didn’t know why Oga looked so refreshed, but he nodded anyway.

Case closed.

Zecca and Ranma come outside. There was only an hour left of the first day.

Kon is slowly gaining points, but he’s not far enough to come back, so he decides not to come back and fight the enemy until the last minute to gain points.

The remaining members of the group had a strategy meeting in the garden to discuss the future of the project.

1st [Second Stage] 1140P

2nd [Sword of the Farthest End] 808P

3rd [Sacred Elysian Order] 639P

4th [Minna Lancers] 620P

5th [GOO Support Department] 270P

6th [Eye Opening Bows] 220P

7th [Dragon Chicks] 218P

The last updated rankings are checked. Johan and the other dragon chicks have risen to 7th place, although their points have fluctuated. That’s not bad for the first day of the tournament.

“… The second stage is the uncontested first place, isn’t it?”

“But they’ve been playing their cards too close to the chest… You never know what tomorrow will bring.

What do you think? I don’t think we should try to score any more points, just keep our defenses up today.”

Johann thinks.

7th. That’s not bad. But the higher you go, the more likely you are to be targeted by lower guilds for destroying guild crystals.

“The event area has been cleared of people for the amount of points shown here.”

1 point for every one you kill.

Unlike events where you have to kill an infinite number of monsters, you only have a finite number of points. That’s why I didn’t want the guild crystal to be destroyed and the points to be cut in half… I didn’t want to lose half of my points…

Should we take it easy today and play it safe?

Or should I bet that no one will attack me anymore and go for the points for tomorrow…


“Um, Johann… I’ve noticed something.

May was the one who raised her hand.

“Hey, Mei, what’s up?”

“Yes… We need more points to win, right?”

Yeah, I know.

“But if I go out there to earn points, the castle will be less protected and the risk of destroying the crystal will increase… That’s why you guys are worried, right?”

You’re a smart girl, Mae. You’re right.

“Heh heh heh.”

Johann patted Mei’s head. Mei looks happy and then points at a certain summon left in the corner of the garden.

Then I think she’s the one we can use.

“That boy… Ah!”

May pointed to the King Beetle she’d forgotten she’d taken.