What Kind Of Newbie Are You?! They Said That “Summoner” Is A Terrible Job, Yet They Call Her The Last Boss – Chapter 93

Chapter 93: Oga VS Cross

As a genius, I was not born into a prestigious family.

I was born into an ordinary family and raised by ordinary parents.

But the birth of the child motivated the father to work even harder.

Fortunately or unfortunately, my father succeeded in his business and became a wealthy man.

I lived in a big house and I had everything I wanted. I don’t know if it started then. There were always a lot of people around our family.

He was so happy or sad at my every move, changing his face from one moment to the next, even though I was still a small boy. I remember how stupid and ugly it was.

And then. I was visited by many [unknown relatives] and [unknown classmates] who came to my house because of my parents.

I guess my parents were good people at heart. They gave them alms when they had problems that could be conveniently solved with money.

We’ve given them money, we’ve given them money, we’ve saved them with money.

And then, a few years later. Those dreamy days are over. I don’t know the details. But a bad man cheated my father out of the business and he killed himself with so much guilt and responsibility.

And those who had been saved by my father spoke kindly and sweetly of my mother and took what little was left of my father’s fortune from her.

“It’s crazy… No one can help me.

That’s what my foolish mother cried. Money talks. People disappeared from around our family. The people my parents had helped ignored us, saying they had nothing to do with us.

I learned from my father and mother that you need [money] or [power] to keep people together.

When I was in elementary school. My mother and I moved in with her family.

This is the servant’s room. Use it as you wish.”

I frowned when I saw the old furniture in the room my grandfather showed me. Then I casually looked out the window and saw the garden of the house next door.

It’s new. Naturally, it’s cleaner and newer than my grandfather’s house. In the yard, a boy who looks about my age is playing catch with a man who looks like his father, wearing a glove.

“I can’t take it, Father!”

“Ha-ha-ha. You’ll never become a baseball player like that, Yusaku!”

I’d rather play soccer.

“Oh. I’ll buy a soccer ball next time.”

It was a page from a picture-perfect happy family.


When was the last time I played with my father? I can’t remember. I must have. There must have been…

I spent the rest of that day looking at that happy family from inside a dark, old room.




“Oh, shit… Half the points.”

The Guild Crystal was destroyed, and Second Stage’s ranking dropped significantly. Cross dropped his shoulders in the air as he confirmed this.

“Now… I’ve won… My value is completely gone…”

Now the members who left yesterday and the ones who left today will never come back.

“Also… People are disappearing around me… I can’t… I’m not gonna let that happen.

He sets up a common enemy, makes his talent and strength known to others, proves his worth, and keeps giving them the advantage of being on his side. That’s how Cross learned how to build relationships.

That’s why Cross agreed that defeat meant the loss of his value. It was something that should never have happened.

“No… Not yet. We still have a chance. Johann… If we beat her, we still have a chance!

Cross checks his position on the map and takes off for the Dark Castle.




Is that… Mr. Cross? Why are you alone?”

Johann’s guild home. Just after they’ve cleared the people from the board. Mei happens to be looking through her monocle and sees Cross flying in from the distance.

Anyway, we need to get in touch with Ogre…

May sent word to Ogre in the back.




“Get out of the way!”

“…. !!!”

Cross rushes at him at high speed and slams his own weapon, the bow [God Rage], with all his might. Auga, on the other hand, catches the attack with his sword.

The attack was accelerated, but the power of the attack was still superior to Oga’s. He repels the attack with all his might. Cross flees into the sky in reaction, and howls as he stares down at Owga below him.

“You little fish… Auger, you’re nothing to me! I want your Gilmouth. Get her out of here!

“Hey hey hey Cross. How can I be so naive to think I can fight the boss out of the blue? Why don’t you start by beating me? Or… Are you afraid of me?”

If he’s a regular cross, he won’t take this cheap shot. He’d have come back with something much more hateful. But Cross seems more annoyed.

“I’m… I’m not afraid of you!

Cross screams and rises into the air out of the range of the Auger. Seeing his reaction, Oga realizes that Cross is not calm. He waits for Cross to make his next move.

Cross flies up into the sky, takes out an Arrow of Aluvandil from his storage, and loads it into his bow. He also activates [Must Strike] when he sees Oga on the ground.

“I never thought I’d have to use this on you… Die!!!!”

An arrow is fired at Ogre. The arrow is guaranteed to hit no matter how far it escapes, and it will continue to chase you until it has pierced the ogre.


I can’t hit it.

Cross arrows will strike the ground and bury themselves deep in the earth if their trajectory is such that they avoid an upright ogre.

“B… You idiot… Why didn’t the arrow hit me? It’s a guaranteed hit… Oga, what kind of a cowardly trick did you pull?

I’m not trying to be a coward.

Oga used an accessory called [Arrow Arrow Arrest]. It is a meta-equipment for archers.

After seeing the battle yesterday, Oga consulted with Zecca and the others, gathered the materials during the daytime today, and had Smokejou P create the new version of the game.

It may seem powerful at first glance, but it can only be used once per login, and it fills up one of the three accessory slots available, so it is a power that has come at a great cost to Oga.


Cross grits his teeth, but quickly regains his composure. Because he has the absolute advantage of flight.

As long as he attacks from this safe zone, he can’t lose, and with his God Halo and God Rage combo, he can always do five times the amount of damage. But Oga has known all along that Cross has the ability to fly.

They can’t be unprotected.

Go– Sword Dimension!

Oga summons six unarmed swords from his storage. The swords float in the air, and when they see an empty cross in the sky as an enemy, they point their tips upwards.

And they’re all going at once.


And he grabs one of the hilts as it flies towards Cross.

“Can you carry me to the cross, please?”

“Damn… With a skill like that…

Cross is not going to stand idly by. He loads his strong-attack arrows and fires his skill at Auger.

“I’ll knock you down–Meatia!

But Oga is not to be outdone. He’s hanging on to his sword in midair, but he’s still able to knock down the arrows that are coming his way. Of course, it’s impossible to hit them all. Some of them hit.

But that’s Roland’s armor that we all worked so hard to make. The defensive abilities you gain are incredible. even with 5 times the damage, you’ll still have about half your HP left.

Sword and Ogre are getting closer. Cross tries to gain altitude in a hurry, but…

“–Aqua Slash! –Fire Slash! –Wind Slash!

He hits you with three attack skills in a row. Cross does his best to avoid them, but he can’t avoid the Wind Slash, which has a wide damage margin. The Halo and Ring above his head disappear, and he loses his ability to fly.



He grabs his sword, which is still in the air, and leans his weight on it as he slowly descends. Cross, on the other hand, would die from the fall damage if he falls.

You’re not gonna let this end like this, are you?

“Of course… Don’t you dare!

Auga yells in agitation as he grabs an arrow and thrusts it into his own neck. He could use the arrow like this even if he didn’t fire it from his bow.

Then Cross used [Achilles’ Arrow]. It gives the player hit by the arrow an enhanced state that negates damage for one hit, and he thrust it at himself instead of at an ally.

Cross, now invincible, lands awkwardly on the ground. Oga lands next. At the same time, all the swords summoned by the Sword Dimension disappear.


They took a breath and faced each other, weapons at the ready.




“Ogre… Good luck.”

May folded her hands in prayer as she watched them fight. Kong, who was watching the battle with her, did not make a crack about it and looked unusually serious.

It’s her little brother’s big game, too. I’m watching the game, trying my best to suppress my desire to lend a hand.

“Oga… He’s never beaten Mr. Cross. In academics or sports. So he said he doesn’t want to compete anymore. He said he didn’t want to lose. Until we started playing this game.”


“I like Oga. I like the way she tries so hard not to lose to Cross.”

That’s, uh… That’s hot.

Mr. Kong. If… If he loses again, will he give up? Will he lose the will to challenge Mr. Cross… Will he lose his will to challenge Mr. Cross again?

“It won’t. You bet. Even if we lose… The boy will be fine.

Kong knows. In this world, it’s harder to recover from a loss than it is to win. I’ve seen too many people rot because they can’t.

That’s why that day. The adults of the dragon hatchlings like him because he stood up to Johan and didn’t rot. They want him to win.

“Besides, Mei. I don’t think Oga’s going to lose at all.

“Oh… Me too! I believe you’ll win! Oga! Go for it!

“Huh… Well… Let’s see how you do, genius. Let’s see.

Kong smiles and watches over Mei as she watches her little brother, the dragon chick. The end is near.