What Kind Of Newbie Are You?! They Said That “Summoner” Is A Terrible Job, Yet They Call Her The Last Boss – Chapter 94

Chapter 94: You’re a great guy

Regaining his composure, Cross thinks with his bow at the ready.

The man in front of you is a swordsman who specializes in melee combat. And he’s a bowman with a medium to long range.

The assigned stats and the characteristics of the skills they have are very different.

(There’s not much you can do against him without unique gear. I can win by keeping a certain distance and attacking with my skills)

Cross knows most of the basic skills of a swordsman. From that, he predicts the pattern of Oga’s moves.

(Ogre is simple. He’ll probably try to fight me head-on, fair and square. I’ll just parry and counterattack carefully… That’s it. That’s it. Nothing special about this fool… I’ll win. Like always. That’s who I am.)

Cross tries to make his move… But… Then it occurred to me.

(No. A fair and square fight? That’s exactly what Oga would have done. But now he’s backed by powerful adults. You never know what kind of tricks they’ve got up their sleeves. That evasive maneuver he pulled earlier… there’s no guarantee he doesn’t have some other anti-archer strategy… So we could use the smoke screen to buy us some time? I’ll use that time to wait for the [must-hit] to recover and strengthen myself with a special bow. Once I’m strong enough to withstand his attacks, I make another arrow of Aluvandil. I’ll have plenty of time to get him…)

“Sounds like fun.”

Cross is startled by Auger’s words. But his expression immediately changes.

“… Fun? Me?

“Yeah. You’re thinking hard right now about beating me, aren’t you? What the hell am I gonna do? What am I gonna do? Isn’t that fun?”

“… I’m…”

“I’m having fun. I’ve learned from a lot of people to beat you. I practiced like crazy. I’ve thought about it my whole life.”

“Hmm. It’s just a game.

“A game is a game, but a match is a match. I’ve never been able to beat you in a fight before, but this is the first time we’ve fought. But this is the first time we’ve fought each other in person, you know?”

Test scores, 100 meter times, regular competition. It’s all a competition, with winners and losers.


This was the first time they had ever competed face to face.

Auga smiles to hide his nervousness and fear of crying. He has been preparing for this day, for this moment.

What if we lose? It’s not that I don’t feel that way. I’m dealing with a genius. Despite his personality… Cross’ genius is best understood by the man he’s been competing against the longest.

More than a month’s preparation could easily be overturned.

But then he thought of his friends.

Johann laughed at my cheeky self and took me into the guild.

Zecca was very sincere in his practice.

Romma was always willing to help me gather the hard stuff.

Kong would tell me anything I wanted to know.

Donald seemed to be joking around, but he was able to get us to relax.

Smoke Strike P gave me a powerful piece of equipment.

May was always there for me.

(At first, I was just stubborn. I didn’t want to lose to him… That’s all. But now…)

Right now, I just wanted to win and have everyone praise me. I wanted to see their faces.

I’m strangely encouraged by the thought of it.

“I’m having fun. It’s the first time I’m pushing you this far!”

Cross thinks about Auger’s words for a moment.

The humiliating defeat Johann inflicted on me yesterday. The fear I felt from Kai earlier. And now, what do you feel after your battle with Ogre?

There is a way to win. But oga may be able to overcome that. Will he make a move beyond what I expect? Should we anticipate that?


Needless to say, Cross is now doing everything in his power to defeat Auger.

“You’re hunting me down… I don’t know. I admit it. I’m enjoying your games right now.

Auga smiled when he heard Cross’s words.

“Yeah, right! It’s fun to have the battle go your way! It would be great to win!”

“Yeah. But, oga… I’m gonna win this fight! Just like before!

“… No, I’m gonna win!

Their fighting spirits collide.

Cross loads a black arrow and fires it at the ground in front of him. A black smoke screen rises from the arrow as it lands on the ground, enveloping the area around Ogre.

“Geez… What the hell?

Smoke screen. This prevents Ogre from recognizing Cross for a certain period of time. Cross cannot attack him either, but he uses this time to strengthen himself with arrows.

“–Arrows of Hercules. –The arrows of Achilles. –Arrow of the vampire!

Cross puts a number of arrows of three different types into himself. This greatly increases his attack power. He is invincible to enemy attacks 10 times. He also guts himself 10 times. He is now so resistant to attacks that he cannot be attacked by Ooga. You then make an arrow of Aluvandil. You pick it up and hold it ready.

“Not yet… I’m not hitting… All right!”

Cross does not hit the arrow immediately, but waits until [Must Strike] becomes available again. Then he waits for the moment when the smoke screen clears.

“Not yet… Not yet… not yet… Not yet… not yet… Yes!”

The smoke screen dissipates and you see Ogre. At that moment… he immediately activates his ulti. But…

The ogre in his eye is ogre, and he’s posing like he’s after he’s thrown something. He’s posing like a pitcher after he’s thrown a pitch.

“… What the hell did you…? What did you do…?

After a delay, Cross felt a pain in his shoulder. Something had stuck in it. Cross is surprised to see it.

“Is this… Aulvandil’s arrow?

He had thrown an arrow of Aluvandil, which could only be made into a cross.

“Why did you… Why did you have to make this?

“I didn’t make it. I picked it up. I picked up an arrow you shot earlier and missed.

“Stupid… That thing must have been buried deep in the ground! There’s no way we have time to get it out…”

“Yeah. So I got to use my skill. The skill [Finding Objects]. A skill that lets you find and get items buried and hidden in the field.”

“Picking up things… A swordsman has that skill?

“No, it’s not my skill. They are the skills of my precious friend Inukoro, who was entrusted to me by Gilmouth.”

Johan’s armor, Chaos Apocalypse’s second skill [Factor of Darkness], allows you to turn your summons into Chaos and give it to an ally, allowing them to use that summoner’s skill only once.

Johan had given the chaotic Inukoro summoner to Owga before he left the dragon hatchling, saying “It’s a lucky item.” and gave him the summoning stone of Inukoro, which he had turned into Chaos.

It was the summoner that led to the meeting between Ogre and Johan. It was the Bachimon that Johan had with him that day in the cave when he and Taurus met for the first time.

“Well, Gilmas probably gave it to him for [Guts]…”

Even Johan would not have expected that he would be using the [Mono pick-up] method. In a sense, this was the moment when Ogre surpassed Johan. If Johan had known this, he would have been delighted.

“Well done… But that doesn’t mean I’ve lost yet… Oogaaaaahhh!

Cross uses his last ounce of strength to release the arrow.

But if Cross is hit by an arrow from Ahlvandil all his enhancements are removed and he can’t activate them for a while. This was no exception to [Must Strike].

Auga ducks the final blow from Cross. In that movement, he dodges the arrow, swings his sword, and closes the distance between himself and his enemy.

The sequence of movements is reminiscent of Roland’s. Cross closes his eyes in thought.

Then, with a calm expression on his face, as if something had been lifted from his mind, he asked Auga.

“Tell me, Ogre. I’ve taken on many comrades and given them powerful skills to win this guild war. And here we are. What was the reason for my defeat?

“Come on. I don’t know why you lost. I just know that there are people out there that are better than me. I just know that.”

“Well… You’re still able to do this… You’re a great guy.

Oga’s sword is unsheathed, and he unleashes his strongest attack skill [Final Saber]. Cross’s HP instantly drops to zero, and his body is transformed into particles of light.

“… I lost.”

Cross muttered at the last moment.