What Kind Of Newbie Are You?! They Said That “Summoner” Is A Terrible Job, Yet They Call Her The Last Boss – Chapter 96

Chapter 96: The Agony of the Saints

The Sword of the Farthest Sword has successfully defeated the Second Stage and returned to the number one position. In the meadow by the chalk castle at the guild home, there were those who kneeled and mourned.

It is a unit of the members of the Sacred Elysian Order, currently the second most powerful in the rankings. They were kneeling before the leader, Player [Durk], and asking him desperately for something.

I told you, I don’t like it.

“Get out of the way!”


“Use [Saint]’s unique skill.”


These men attacked Chalk Castle a short time ago. But they were defeated miserably and sacrificed many lives to get back here alive.

There was a reason.

With a well-balanced lineup of members from [Swordsman] to [Wizard], and Dirk, who has a unique skill [Saint] that specializes in defense, on the defensive, the lineup is perfect! I took on the challenge with such a lineup.

But at the last moment he said “I don’t want to use it after all…” Dirk refuses to use the [Saint] skill.

They were unable to break through even the first line of defense and retreated. They had regrouped here.

“I don’t like using that skill in the first place. It changes my outfit…”

The unique skill [Saint] makes you a saint. While you use it, you will be dressed in a white costume of a lovely design, a mixture of a holy robe and armor. Dirk didn’t like it.

The saint’s skills give her access to a variety of defensive skills. The saint’s skills give you many of the skills that a master guardian would want.

But why does the Dalek still refuse to use the saint?

“I don’t understand that design in the first place. The shoulders are bare. The bust is wide open. It accentuates your curves… You can see my thighs through the slit… It’s embarrassing because it almost reveals the most important part of my body.”

“You idiot!”

“That’s a good idea, what are you talking about!”

“Embarrassed that I’m about to show it? I’d rather you could see me!”

“We don’t give a damn about guild battles or anything else!”

“I want to see your saintly figure from an angle!”

“Why are you guys being so contrary? We’re the ones who want to be pissed, and we’re the ones who are going to be broadcasting the battle and stuff!”

The guild members are suddenly enraged and Dirk is surprised and snaps back. It seems like seconds before the guild is about to be disbanded, but this is the daily life of the Sacred Elysian Order.

“Now, now, Saint Dalek and everyone else, let’s just calm down. Let’s just calm down and talk.

Here a swordsman man [Lyle] who is also the guildmaster of the Elysian Order stops him. Lyle smiles gently at you and Dirk glares at him with a suspicious look on his face.

He’s the one who made Dalek an idol… Lyle is the one who made the Sacred Order of Elysium.

Dirk’s been pulled in by Lyle’s tricks and before he knows it he’s become the idol of the men’s portable shrine.

I couldn’t help but be alarmed.

“Saint Dalek. I know you don’t like it when I use my saintly skills. I’ve had you use them on me many times before and each time my heart aches to burst.”

“You’re lying. You’ve been hitting the screen a lot. You know that, right?”

They know? Okay. Now, have you checked the rankings?”

“Yeah. The second stage, the top stage, has fallen. Maybe they lost the guild crystal.”

“So our guild is number two. And if we destroy the scum of the furthest sword who have that chalk castle as their stronghold, we’ll be number one. Isn’t that awesome?”

“It’s definitely… Awesome.”

“But we lost many of our own in the battle that just ended.”

“Uh… You guys… I’m sorry.

“No, you don’t have to look like that. I’m sure none of them regret what they’ve done.”

They were the ones who died because they watched Dahrk agonize over whether to use the saint or not.

“To live up to the expectations of those watching in the bleachers… You know what you have to do now, don’t you?”

“Okay. I’ll use the saint for everyone who’s left… No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! I won’t be fooled again!

“Damn… I was so close to fooling you…”

Lyle and the other members of the group.

“I’ve got no choice. Is there anything you want, Dalek?”

“Don’t get in trouble! You’ll have to negotiate more there… But I’ve been wanting to make a new staff… I’m a little short on super dragon bones…”

“I’ll be circling after the event is over!”

“I have a lot of them in my treasury. Let me give them to you.”

“So please use [saint].”

“Ugh… What do I do…?”

Dalek, you’re upset about the item. Is this what you want? Isn’t this the way it’s always been?

But I’m thinking, “Well, what the heck, I want a super dragon bone. but then he realizes something practical.

“Hey, you know what I just thought of?”

“What is it, Saint Dalek?”

“Is that a cute pose?”

I’ll see.

“No, no. See how many of our members got killed in the battle earlier? Even if we use the saints now, can we cut down the people at the end of the line?”

Everyone turns away at Saint Dirk’s words. They thought it didn’t matter as long as they could see the saint, so they couldn’t refute anything when confronted with a good argument.

I knew it! I knew it! I knew it!

She turns away with tears in her eyes and the saintly dirk sits down.

“Oh, Master Dalek is in a bad mood…”

“Because of all the garbage that died in cold blood…”

“Damn… If only we had more firepower on our side…!”

Somebody! Somebody come on!

Did my wish come true, or was it just a coincidence?

As if all the sounds around them had disappeared for a moment, a black hole opens up right next to the members of the Elysian Order with a tremendous roar. Then the sky is enveloped in dark clouds, and rumbling thunder rumbles through the air.

Either some kind of event, or someone’s attacking us.

As the Daleks watched with bated breath, a player-like creature emerged from the hole.

Johan and the others were transferred by the power of the monk’s note.

“These guys… Dragon chicks… Oww…”

“Transference skills… Are you kidding me?”

“Damn… This is it.

The frightened members of the Elysian cult.

But when Johan and the others emerged from the gate, they were as relaxed as if they were on a trip.

“Hey, hey, hey~ I thought I was suddenly sucked in, but where am I~?”

“That’s Chalk Castle… I see… it’s near the guild home of the Sword of the Farthest Sword…

Wait, you two, is someone out there?

They trembled when Johann pointed to the Elysian Cult. Like newborn fawns they hid behind their backs as if to shield Saint D’Arc.

“Oh, is that the famous Saint Jeanne d’Arc… Could it be the Holy Order of Elysium?

“You know a lot, Smokey. So she’s a saint… A saint?

Donald and the others look at me as if they’re trying to decide what to buy. I glare back at them with teary eyes and say, “What the hell? Dirk says in a trembling voice. Then he finally remembers that Johan is also the player who prevented King Beetle’s attack yesterday.

And then, because of the difference between the image he had in his mind and Dalek, he utters the words on the spur of the moment.

“Are you Saint Jeanne d’Arc? But aren’t you a boy?”

Next time, the saintly girl’s penis will be teased by the dragon chick’s team adult?