What Kind Of Newbie Are You?! They Said That “Summoner” Is A Terrible Job, Yet They Call Her The Last Boss – Chapter 99

Chapter 99: Summoner vs Summoner 

Johan and his team are aiming to conquer the castle of chalk, the only summoner of the guild [Sword of the Farthest End], Christer stood in front of them.

She’s a dark-haired girl with cat ears and a blue uniform. She is about the same age as Zecca and the others.

I’m surprised. I didn’t think the furthest sword could hold a summoner.

There is a feud between the summoners and the other top players. Donald’s question was not provocative or anything, he was just genuinely surprised, and Christer answered coolly, as if it was nothing.

“karma”? Well, to me, it’s all a bunch of crap. Johann. I’m actually just as new as you are… To be more precise, I’m a newcomer who started playing this game shortly before the Bachimon Collaboration Event.

So there are no conflicts with the top players. That’s what Krister wanted to say, but Johan had a different take on it. And suddenly he starts to get nervous.

“What…? Does that mean you might be a Bachimon fan?”

Could they possibly become friends? Johan was thinking that, but he was betrayed.

“Fan”? No way. I don’t usually watch anime from before I was born. There’s no way I would’ve watched that fossil-like anime as a teenager. And the designs are old. I think they’re suitable for old ladies.

“… Ross…”

“Calm down, Johann. You’re just provoking me.”

“Well, yeah. It’d be a shame to take them down in one fell swoop. Let’s take it slow… Slowly… Rolling…

“That’s not what I meant~.”

“Huh. If you don’t come, I’ll come.”

While Donald is pinning Johann down, Christer pulls out a summoning stone. He slams it under his own feet, and a magic circle forms around him.

“Actually, I also have a unique skill–Summon Ride!”

When Chrystar’s body is enveloped in light, her appearance changes dramatically. She stands about two meters tall, clad in gorgeous white armor and a cloak, and looks every bit the empress she is.

“Did she turn into a monster? That’s amazing.”

Unique Skill[Summon Ride]. Transforms you into the form of an intermediate or advanced summoner and adds the summoner’s stats to your own. This is a powerful skill that also allows you to use skills. With this one unique skill, Chrystar has won Gilthir’s trust.

“Great… That’s awesome, those skills… I want to do that too!”

Johann’s eyes are shining. It seems he’s imagining himself as Bathymon. But.

“Unfortunately, this skill is unique. I’m the only one who can use it.”

“Uh-oh… I’m so sorry.”

Johann… What kind of power does the summoner she transformed into have?

Chrystar transformed into a high level summoner, Zelnesia the Celestial.

He is the king of the Royal Guard. He can use his own Royal Guard to perform various abilities.

“–[Royal Guard calling]! Jump on him.”

Five magic circles light up in front of Christer and a royal guard appears from inside. He jumps on Donald and Johann.

“Zelnesia can call the Royal Guard and push her damage to them.”

“Well, then… So we should just kill them all.

Donald punches one of the Royal Guards. The Royal Guard is blown away by the force of the blow, and collides with the next two Royal Guards, causing all three to vanish simultaneously.

Johan then uses Black Flame to take out the other two.

“It’s too easy… It’s too quick. No way.

“Yes. That Royal Guard is just a decoy. Go on– Summon Ride!”

Chrystar smashes the summoning stone into the ground again. Wolf ears grow from the head of his armor, and a tail sprouts from near his waist.

You can’t possibly duplicate that, can you?

“Yes, that’s right.”

Summon Ride is a stackable skill. The ability and the skill increase, but you have to wait 30 seconds before you can ride it again. The Royal Guard’s attack has bought me time to do so.

“Activate skill–[Grapnir]!”

Chrystar activates Warfenrir’s skill, and chains extend from beneath Johan’s feet, binding him to his body. Johan’s skills are all sealed by successive [Demon Freeze]. His [Dark Gene] also loses its effect, albeit temporarily, so Johann’s Strength is no longer enough to tear the chains off his body.

“Oh, my God. Is this bad?”

Johann, I’m coming to get you.

“I’m not going to let you do it – call in the Royal Guard! Stall formation!”

Christer calls for the Royal Guard to surround Donald as he tries to rip off Johan’s chains and hold him back with everything they’ve got. It’s like playing basketball defense.

You’re in my way.

Clearly annoyed with Donald, Christer attacks Johann. He’s going to end this with his fists in the air and use Warfenrir’s last skill [Kaiselfist]. He has no defense due to Demon Freeze, and he can’t get support from Smokejaw P or Dalek. You’re in a tight spot.

That’s not fair! You made fun of Bachimon, but you still use your powers!”

“My criterion for choosing a summoner isn’t the design or the source material, it’s strength… Strength is everything in a game. Now let’s see which one of you is the strongest Summoner–Kaiselfist.”

Sweet. Chronodragon!


Christer must have thought he was about to be attacked. He quickly backsteps to get away from the descending Chronodragon. But Johann’s intention was to have the Chronodragon destroy the chains.

“Hmm, being saved by a Chronodragon. How blissful…

But the way the Chronodragon helped him went beyond Johan’s fantasy of a gentle helping hand with his arm.

The Chronodragon took the chain into its mouth with Johan and destroyed it by chewing it to a pulp.

“Hey… Hey, hey, hey… are you okay, Johan?

Donald, who had rushed to the scene after crushing the Royal Guard, his voice was hushed.

“It’s okay, Mr. Donald. The summoner won’t be damaged by his summoner’s attack. It’s more like… Good!”

Johan’s foot protrudes from the Chronodragon’s mouth and flutters cheerfully, indicating that he is safe.

“Well… If that’s what you want, that’s fine.

“Oh my God… What the fuck…”

Christer realizes now how bad the people in front of him are and takes out his summons for his next attack.

“Gruuuuuhhh… Pfft.”


And he finally escapes from the mouth of the Chronodragon… No, it spits him out like a piece of gum… Johan stands up and smiles wryly.

“Ummm, let’s go to round two then.”