What Kind Of Newbie Are You?! They Said That “Summoner” Is A Terrible Job, Yet They Call Her The Last Boss – Short Story 2.2

Short Story 2.2

The GOO was filled with a strange fever.

The unique equipment [Chaos Apocalypse] of Johan, who is rumored to be the most powerful player in the game, is now available. Johan’s unique equipment [Chaos Apocalypse], which is rumored to be the most powerful in the world, is available for the players to obtain, so players who aim for the top are running around the event with their eyes on it.

The fact that Johan, the current owner, has disclosed how to obtain it may be one of the reasons for this enthusiasm.

And a week into the event.

The method to reproduce the original has been published by various strategy videos, and the winner will be the one who can spend the most time…. It was around this time that the prediction of the winner was made.

Johann came to the Dark Castle meeting room for the first time in a week.


Zecca and Giltea were there, both looking groggy. Giltia noticed Johann coming in and said, “Sorry to bother you.” She said. Zecca’s eyes lit up when she saw Johan.

“Mr. Johann! It’s been kind of a long time!”

Yeah, it’s been a week.

It had been a long time since Johan had seen Zecca, as he had spent most of his time since the start of the event on the Bachimon event.

“But Johan didn’t log in yesterday, right? We were all worried that you weren’t feeling well, right?”

“There was a bit of a stir on the whole message board.”

“What, you made such a fuss just because I didn’t log in during the Bachimon Collaboration?

Johan wondered if it was time to clarify what everyone thought of him.

So, are you feeling okay?

Zecca looks up at me with worry in her eyes, and inwardly I think to myself, “huh…. She’s so cute…” Johan replies.

“I’m fine. I’m fine. I was just out running some errands yesterday.

“I have to go… What?

“I can’t imagine Johann’s prioritizing… I can’t imagine.”

I don’t know if that’s such a surprise.

Zecca and Girtia are beyond amazed.

“I was just out at the museum.”

“You’re in a museum? Alone? Gosh.”

Zecca elbows a startled Gilthia in the face and says, “Don’t be rude…” Zecca elbows her. Johan doesn’t seem offended by this and continues.

“Well, I don’t usually go there, but… But this is special. Don’t you know him? [His name is Ryo Ishimaru.

The exhibition [Ryo Ishimaru] was held in a part of the museum. It was quite far from Johann’s house, so he couldn’t log in yesterday.

“Oh… The young genius painter. He’s pretty famous.

Girtia seemed to know about it, to Zecca’s surprise. Zecca didn’t seem to know him, but the painter Ryo Ishimaru was a person who came up in the TV news occasionally, and he was a painter who was now active mainly overseas.

His satirical art, which is a scathing critique of society, has been highly acclaimed around the world.

“Actually, we went to school together. We used to be pretty close.


Girtia looks at me doubtfully, but it’s true. When we were in elementary school, we lived close to each other and played together a lot. But we grew apart from then on, and though we went to the same high school, we hardly ever spoke to each other anymore.

“What are you… You’re hardly a stranger.

“Ha-ha-ha. I’m not a stranger.”

Johann laughs at Girtia’s words.

It’s true that we didn’t talk that much after elementary school. But at that time, we were really close enough to be called best friends.

“And you know, Giltia. When you’re my age, it’s incredibly empowering to see your old classmates doing so well.

“Hmm, I guess so. So, did you get to meet your ex-friend?”

No, he wasn’t. He wasn’t here.

He’s a world-famous artist. It’s not surprising that he’s not here, even for an exhibition of his own work.

And even if you did, you wouldn’t remember me.

Johann laughed sadly. Zecca and Giltia gasped at the sad expression on his face as well as the joy at their former friend’s success.

He has traveled around the world and produced many, many paintings that cost several million to several tens of millions of yen each. In terms of the fulfillment of his life, he is probably a few steps ahead of where he was when he was a student. One or two of my friends from school whom I have not kept in touch with are probably far beyond my memory.

When was the last time you spoke to him? Even Johann can’t remember. But Gilteer continues.

But you miss him, don’t you? I mean, we were best friends in elementary school.

“Well… I mean, it would be nice to meet you and talk. But… I mean, he’s busy, and he’s in a position… Maybe he’s married, maybe he has kids. It’s not that easy, is it?”

Johann replies with a wry smile. It was a resignation of adulthood. Now that he’s a busy adult himself, he’s more considerate of his partner and resists the urge to see him.

And Gilthier looks angry for some reason.

“What is that? That’s stupid.”

“I feel like an idiot… I don’t know…”

She’s a tough one… I think to myself.

I feel sorry for you. If you really want to see him, don’t be shy!”


“I’m coming to see you. Even if they’re working, married, raising kids… I don’t care if they’re overseas.

Gilthia said forcefully.

“If I miss you, I’ll come see you.”

“…. …”

Gillette was only saying that because she’s a child. A child with a bright future ahead of her. It was childish and naive. And yet… No, but that’s why. It’s because they’re the words of a straight child that they stuck in Johan’s mind.

“Hm… Even if Zecca gets married or has a baby, I’ll go see her whenever I want to~.”

You’re annoying me.

“Oh, no!”

“Johann, think of what he says as animal noises. If you keep worrying about it, you won’t last long.”


“What’s so funny?”

Johann smiles a little and a teary eyed Girtia scowls at him. Johann thinks about his friend from the distant past as he lightly brushes aside Giltier.

(It might be nice to go abroad someday.)




“By the way, what were you two hanging about?”

The subject switches. Zecca’s eyes swim as he breaks out in a cold sweat.

“To be honest, I’m getting tired of circling the Bachimon event.”


As Zecca wondered what was going on, Giltia answered. Johan was damaged by her comment, but he stood up, breathing heavily on his shoulders.

“So, but this time we’ve added an element where you get points for completing quests, and you can get materials in exchange for those points.”

“What? Do you really think that I, who was the top guild, would want to trade materials now?”

“Uh… But… but… I get to relive the famous anime Bachimon… That alone is a pretty amazing experience.”

“I admit the story is good. I mean, I cried at first too. But if I watch it too many times, I’ll get bored.

I can’t get enough!

“You’re mad at me?”

Johann, please calm down.

Yeah, I know. I lost my cool a little bit.

Johann takes a deep breath.

Right now, most of the users who are playing the Bachimon Collaboration Event on GOO are aiming to get Chaos Apocalypse. But Zecca and Giltear are different.

A new feature that was added after the Killing Festival is called the [Pet] feature.

You can’t take part in any battles, but you can take small pet monsters with you, even if you are not a summoner. Petit-Dora] and [Petit-Colo] from Virtual Monsters have been added to the point-based exchange prizes for this event.

Puchi Dora and Puchi Koro are the first pet monsters.

“I’m tired of the story, but Zecca and I will definitely get one of each of these monsters.”

“Yeah. That’s for sure.

Zecca and Giltear’s goal in this Double Engraved Bachimon Collaboration is to get these two. This is because [Mew], another friend of Zecca’s, is an animal lover.

The two of them had a plan to apologize to Miu Miu, and as a way of apologizing, they wanted to get an item that they thought she would appreciate.

(I think it’s usually better to apologize quickly.)

Johann thinks, but he doesn’t interfere.

“Oh, ladies. I’m getting tired of going in circles… I’m getting tired of doing laps…”

His voice sounded like a gentleman’s. It was Smoke Strike P. He’s not dressed in his usual idol outfit, but in his work clothes for production play.

“Have you collected the points you need?”

We’re only halfway there.

We have a long way to go.

I see. Then I have something for you. A present for you.

Smokejou P placed a certain item on the table. It was a golden bracelet with the Virtual Monsters logo on it. The number was two.

“This is the [Bachimon Ring]. It’s an ornament that increases the number of points you get for circling the event. It’s a special gift for the two of you who work hard for your friends.”

The two gladly receive the rings.

“Thank you Smokejaw P., this will make me more efficient!”

“Are you sure? You’re taking me, too?”

“Yes. If he’s a friend of yours, then so is mine. I hope they can make up.”

Smiling, Smokejaw P.

“Thank you. Thank you so much. You look like a normal person, Smokejaw P.”

“No… I’m always a normal person.”

Smokejaw P. was puzzled, but no one agreed with him.

“I’m sorry, Johann. So the ring for you will come a little later…”

Smokejord P turned to Johan and apologized apologetically.

“It doesn’t matter. I’ve already got Petit Dora and Petit Koro.”


“Hmm. Now I’m circling for the second one.”

“Great job, Johan!”

Johan is smiling while doing the V-sign. For Johan, who is happy with his laps, GOO is a heavenly place.

“Ha-ha-ha. I guess “I love you” is the strongest feeling. That’s Johan. Don’t you need any more items to increase your points?”

Johan replies in a serious tone.

I’d love to have it.

“Okay, okay. I’ll get it done as soon as I can.

“I’m looking forward to it, Smokejaw P.”

After a short chat, the four of them departed for their rounds and workshops respectively.