What Kind Of Newbie Are You?! They Said That “Summoner” Is A Terrible Job, Yet They Call Her The Last Boss – Short Story 2 – The Sword of the Most Farther Gilmouth Incident

Short Story 2: The Sword of the Most Farther Gilmouth Incident

The last week of June, a few days after the Killing Frenzy.

In the throne room of the chalk castle at the home of the Sword of the Farthest Sword guild, about a hundred members had gathered.

Guildmaster Gilthier had an important message about the future of the guild. So many members who don’t usually show their faces, including Numbers, had gathered.

And as the members watch with bated breath, Giltear’s voice echoes through the throne room as she stands before the throne.

“I’m retiring from the Guildmaster and the Farthest Sword today!”

Guillotia looks at the members for their reactions. Don’t quit…” or “I’ll miss you…” or “I’ll miss you! but there were no such reactions.

People’s reactions were indifferent. “Oh, well…” “Oh, my grades are finally going down the toilet…” “Oh, my grades are finally going down the toilet… I guess it doesn’t matter since my grades have been bad since the beginning.

They were more interested in “the next guildmaster.” The next guildmaster.

(Hmph. That’s actually refreshing.)

Giltia closed her eyes and snickered. She felt a little bad about resigning her position as guildmaster so that she could play with Zecca and the others without any worries. But that too disappeared at this moment.

“So, Giltear… Who’s going to be the next guildmaster?”

“I’m curious…”

Grace and Gardomor are on the scene.

“Hmph. The next Guildmaster’s a pretty obvious choice.

Kai says as he crosses his arms. His gaze fell on Roland, the man standing beside Gilthier.

“Well, Mr. Roland…”

“You’ve got the right face and the right talent.”

I guess it’s settled.

I mean, he’s practically been Guillmouth before.

The guild members say whatever they want. It’s hard on Gilthia… but most of them wanted Roland to be the guildmaster. I suppose it’s understandable.


It’s frustrating that everyone’s reacting like they’ve been waiting for it… but only a little. Being the guildmaster of a large guild like the Sword of the Farthest Sword is a lot of work. It was a burden for Guiltier who realized that his true desire was not to create the strongest guild but to have fun with his best friends.

Everyone stares at Roland with shining eyes. They’re waiting for Gilthier to name Roland as the next Guillmouth. But Gilthier has no intention of doing so.

My brother was never the type to belong to a guild… nor did he want to. She just wanted to be his charismatic sister and bound herself to him.

If he asked… Roland would take on the role of Guildmaster if the Guild wanted him to. His sister Gilthia understood that.

(I’ll act like the ideal person around you…) My brother…)

The parents and the public wanted a great second generation actor.

My sister wanted a kind, good-looking brother.

The player wants to be the strongest.

Roland has played the role with ease. But.

I didn’t want to tie him down any longer with my own or anyone else’s desires. I could see how it would disappoint everyone. I still have to make it clear that Roland is not my replacement. I have to say it.

Hey, guys. I’m sorry to interrupt all the fun, but…”



Roland quickly puts out his hand as if to cut off Gilthia’s speech. Then, in a loud, clear voice, he tells her.

I, too, will pass through the furthest sword.

“”””” eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?!”” “””


I think this is what they mean by “screaming”. The Guild members were very upset.

Girtia was also surprised because she didn’t expect Roland to quit the guild.

Giltia glanced at her brother beside her. Their eyes met. Roland laughed and winked at her like a child who had just pulled off a trick.

Roland had always told everyone that strength was not the only quality needed to be a guildmaster. But the members of the Sword of the Farthest Sword still wanted Roland to become a Guildmaster. And at the same time… he’s disgracing his sister.

Roland could only warn them softly. He didn’t want to cause trouble in his sister’s beloved guild.

Maybe this was Roland’s way of getting back at them in a small way.

Giltea understood and laughed. It felt so good.




Saturday in early July.

The evening of the day when the [reprint collaboration event Virtual Monsters] is held from 18:00. The first layer, the open terrace seats of the cafes in the city of beginnings are surrounded by a strange scene.

The eight members of the Dragon’s Chicks are no longer considered one of the top guilds by those around them, although they are unaware of it.

Then there was Guiltier, the former guildmaster of the Sword of the Farthest Sword who had recently left the guild. His brother Roland, who is still at the top of the rankings, a total of ten people were sitting around chatting.

Johan, who couldn’t wait for the long-awaited event to be held again, suggested that all the dragon chicks should go to a café to have tea and wait for the event to start.

Roland and Gilthier came by and joined them.

But it was good?


Giltier asked Johann as he sipped his juice.

“No, the way to get this Chaos Apocalypse. Are you sure you’re okay with me releasing a screenshot of it?”

After the brawl, Johan felt that there was no way to collect the Chaos Apocalypse, so he opened up the conditions for obtaining it to the entire player base.

The condition is that ‘the player who has the highest number of clears in the limited time collaboration event: Virtual Monsters in the original game will receive the prize’.

I could have kept it to myself.

Johan smiled kindly and shook his head.

“Gilteer, I… I love Bathymon so much… but I don’t want to be the person who loves him the most in the world. But I don’t want to be the person who loves Bathymon the most in the world. If enough people loved Bathymon, that would make me the happiest person in the world.”

Johann replied as he rubbed the hinadora in his lap.

“That’s why I made the terms of acquisition public. But I didn’t tell you what constitutes a “reproduction of the original work”. I wanted you to check out the original anime on subs and study it on your own, and come to like it. I’m telling you, you can’t recreate it just by looking at the wiki, okay?”

Johan giggles mischievously.

“… It’s true. There are a lot of unique items in collaboration events that can only be obtained if you have a lot of love for the original work.”

Rengma said as he looked at Johan and Smokejaw P.

“Oh, I wish our favorite anime would have a collaboration event.”

“What’s Kon-chan’s favorite anime?”

“The oil baron cards. It’s a really fun, fun way to beat each other up.”

“It was a surprisingly popular anime.”

“Well, I hope you understand my reasoning.”

“Yeah… “Well… I understand you’re a missionary genius.

Guiltier, for his part, has been watching the Virtual Monsters anime over the past week in order to get his hands on Chaos Apocalypse. Probably a lot of players have used the streaming site.

Johan’s eyes lit up when he heard this and he leaned forward to ask Giltier what he thought, but Zecca spoke up first.

“Hey, Guiltier. “Chaos Apocalypse. That’s not what we’re talking about. Have you forgotten what we were trying to accomplish with this event?”

“I haven’t forgotten. “Don’t worry, I remember.”

“Huh… I’m worried.”

Zecca sighs and puts her head in her hands. Johann tilts his head, “What do you want?” Johann tilts his head.

Well, then, I’d better get going.

At that moment Roland, who had been watching his sister’s happy conversation with Johan and Zecca, stands up.

Master, where are you going?

I’m about to log out.

“Oh my god, you wanted to see me about something?”

No, I was originally my sister’s chaperone.

“Hmm, my brother. We’re going to America now!”

Giltear looks like she’s about to burst.

America? “””

The dragon chicks are surprised.

Yes. I’m leaving Japan tonight. I got a job over there.”

“Oh no… Master. I can’t… I can’t see you anymore?

Tears welling up in his eyes at the sudden separation, Oga rushed over to him.

“Don’t cry, Mr. Ogre. Don’t worry, the job will only take a month. You’ll be back at the beginning of August.

“Oh, no… Well, that’s… That’s good.”

“Oh, you’re crying Ooga?” (grinning)

“Shut up! I’m not crying!”

“Hey, isn’t there a ranking event the week after next?”

“Oh, really. If I don’t join, my ranking will drop.

It doesn’t matter. We’ll get it back.

Roland replies to Con and Donald. It’s the confidence of a man of strength. Roland turns to Johann with a sad look on his face. Johan, who has only removed his helmet, looks very sad.

“So, Mr. Johann. The earliest we can meet is a month from now.”

“Well, a month. That’s very sad.

Roland blushes when he sees Johan’s melancholy expression. Is it really so sad that he can’t see you? He wondered. He was glad inside.

(I’m about to start Bachimon’s god event… I’m so sad that I can’t participate. It’s so sad.)

But this is what Johan was thinking. Roland takes Johan’s hand in his.

“It’s good to see your face before I go to America. Now I can do my job to the best of my ability.”

Uh, yes? That’s good.

What the hell are you doing?

“Hi, no! I don’t care what you say, but that kind of thing is forbidden in dragon chicks!”

Zecca and Kong, both of whom had lost their minds in anger, broke in to separate them.

“Mr. Roland. It’s bad manners to shake a woman’s hand out of the blue.

“Somebody bring me some salt!

“I have salt for potatoes.”

Roland laughed heartily as Zecca and Kon stood over Roland like beasts.

“Ha-ha-ha. That’s good to know. I’d feel a lot safer with a knight as good as him. Well, gentlemen. I’ll leave you.

Roland quickly raised one hand and left the café.




“I’m terribly motivated. “I’m gonna do a great job… Hmm?”

As they left the café and walked a little further, Roland passed a girl.

I’m sure she’s…

I look back. I look behind me and I remember who it was. I didn’t dare to say anything to him.

“… My sister’s wish is coming true sooner than expected.”