The Divination Master Only Wants to Set Up a Stall – Chapter 13



A young girl, as soon as she opens her mouth, asks where girls are needed. . . . . .

Xu Dazhuang encountered only rough men in the tavern, things like vulgar talk and certain topics were only discussed by men in their leisure time, he had never talked about such things with women, even dared not mention them to his wife, fearing she would be jealous.

Hearing Jiang Chu ask like this, Xu Dazhuang felt a moment of discomfort, but accepted it as it was for finding someone.

“Usually in such cases, they won’t be sold locally, most likely chosen from a neighboring city,” Xu Dazhuang said hesitantly. “As for the neighboring city, from what I know, it seems there’s a place called Red Oriole Pavilion in Muyuan City that is newly opened and is in need of girls.”

“Well, Xu Dazhuang, you remember it quite clearly, Red Oriole Pavilion? This name comes right out, I think you’ve planned a sneaky trip there, haven’t you?”

Upon hearing this, the young woman’s eyebrows furrowed, and she pinched the man’s ear.

“Hey, hey, what are you doing. . . . . .hiss, it hurts, let go!” Xu Dazhuang yelped.

“Thank you both, I’ll take my leave.”

Jiang Chu ran away at the sight of this.

The information was obtained, and what happened afterward had nothing to do with her, ahem.

After seeing Xu Dazhuang, Jiang Chu didn’t want to go and find Mrs. Liu in the west anymore.

Alright, she admitted that she trusted her divination more, so she directly ruled out anyone living in the west.

However, although she didn’t go to the west, she still needed to look in the south.

The divination showed that the person was not far away, in the south, but divination also had a time limit. In the short term, the person might still be in Summer Sun City, but after some time, they might leave.

Time was of the essence, it was best to search quickly, perhaps there would be a clue.

But Jiang Chu was disappointed again; the three of them searched this part of the road several times back and forth, but found nothing.

“Miss, what now?” the coachman looked over.

“You go back to the inn first, Wu Yu and I will go and see Mrs. Hao,” Jiang Chu said.


The coachman left the two in Qingshan Alley and went away. Just as Jiang Chu entered Mrs. Hao’s house, she heard her urgent voice—

“Is it Miss Jiang?”

“It’s me, Mrs. Hao, what has happened?” Jiang Chu hurried over.

“Chun Rong left this purse behind when she was here just now; it’s an heirloom from her mother. She will be very anxious if she loses it. Please run over and take it to her,” Mrs. Hao said, worriedly.

She held an old purse, its silk thread a little frayed.

It probably fell when Mrs. Chun Rong was sitting by the bed talking earlier.

“Okay, I’ll deliver it, where does she live?” Jiang Chu took the purse and stood up.

Wu Yu reached out to take it, meaning she would deliver it, but Jiang Chu shook her head in refusal.

Wu Yu couldn’t speak after all, and going out to find someone to deliver something would be inconvenient. If there was no special circumstance, Jiang Chu didn’t want her to run around.

Otherwise, although she had the ability to protect herself, she would inevitably receive some disapproving glances, and Jiang Chu didn’t want Wu Yu to suffer this indignity.

“Just walk south out of the door, about a hundred or so steps and you’ll be there. Her house has a black door and a red lock,” Mrs. Hao said, “This is what Yue Yue told me, it should be right.”

“Alright, I’m going now.”

Jiang Chu turned, and Wu Yu followed.

Jiang Chu wanted to say something but thought better of it and let her follow.

Mrs. Hao would be fine for a while, and she could come back early.

Following Mrs. Hao’s instructions, Jiang Chu counted a hundred steps and saw a small house with a black door and red lock.

However, the door was open now, and two men were moving some wood, seemingly working.

Recalling, Chun Rong seemed to have mentioned that her house was under construction recently, so she was busy.

“Excuse me, is Aunt Chun Rong here?” Jiang Chu approached and asked.

“Who is it?”

A woman came over, and it was Chun Rong, whom she had met not long ago.

“Ah, it’s you. . . . . .”

“Auntie, Aunt Hao said you dropped something, so I brought it to you,” Jiang Chu took out the purse.

“Look at me, I actually lost something so important, thank heaven. . . . . .” Chun Rong was first startled and then delighted when she saw the purse, “Thank you for making this trip, young lady.”

“It’s no problem, now that I’ve delivered it, I’ll go back.”

“Don’t rush off, since you’re here, take some of the pancakes I made today to Yu Fen. She used to love them,” Chun Rong gestured, indicating Jiang Chu to follow her to get them.

Jiang Chu agreed and entered the house with Wu Yu.

“Young lady, do you know Yu Fen?” Chun Rong asked on the way.

“No, I just heard about Yue Yue’s situation, and thought they were pitiable, so I wanted to lend a hand,” Jiang Chu explained.

Chun Rong’s expression was a bit strange, “. . . . . .I see, I thought you were distant relatives. You are really kind; it’s been five days since the incident, and you are the first to come and help.”

Jiang Chu smiled and said nothing, but felt that something seemed off.

Was it Chun Rong’s look, or her tone? Jiang Chu couldn’t quite tell.

“I heard you arrived yesterday? Have you been searching all day? If there are any clues, just say, and everyone will help. Many hands make light work, right?” Chun Rong, now in the kitchen, was getting the pancakes.

Jiang Chu looked at her but didn’t answer, instead asking, “Auntie, is your house under construction? Is something broken?”

“The front furnace room collapsed the other day, and it’s being fixed now. It should be done by tonight,” Chun Rong said, “You haven’t mentioned any clues yet.”

“I wish there were some, but there’s been no progress,” Jiang Chu sighed.

“I figured as much, if there were clues, we wouldn’t be unable to find her after five days,” Chun Rong shook her head, looking worried, “It’s been so long, and I fear. . . . . .Yue Yue’s so pretty, it’s likely hard to find her. You two are also beautiful, running around outside is dangerous, better go home soon.”

Jiang Chu laughed, “Rarely do people compliment me like that, Auntie, you really know how to joke.”

Chun Rong seemed a bit embarrassed after speaking, looking at the scar on Jiang Chu’s face, wanting to ask something but refraining.

Jiang Chu was sizing up the house. Although it was a standalone courtyard, it was not much better than Mrs. Hao’s.

“Auntie, is there anyone else in your family besides you?” Jiang Chu asked.

“My husband died early, and I only have one son, who has gone to learn martial arts, and he’s not at home,” Chun Rong answered after a pause.

“Learning martial arts must cost a lot, isn’t it hard for you to raise him alone?” Jiang Chu asked, looking at her.

(End of chapter)

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