The Divination Master Only Wants to Set Up a Stall – Chapter 14



Chun Rong’s face changed slightly upon hearing the words, showing anger and unwillingness, with a touch of unease.

“Raising a child is indeed a hard task, but fortunately, my son is smart and sensible. His martial arts master praises him as a promising student, and I am already very satisfied with that,” she sighed.

Jiang Chu nodded silently, but her eyes were secretly observing the surroundings of the house.

After getting the pancakes, Chun Rong took Jiang Chu outside, and they saw those two helpers again.

“Sister-in-law, the work in the fire room should be completed in a little over an hour. Is there anything else to do? Didn’t you say that the wine cellar also needs to be reorganized?” a worker asked.

“No need to bother with the wine cellar; let it remain unused,” Chun Rong hurriedly replied.

“That’s true; there’s no man in the house, so what’s the use of a wine cellar?” the worker laughed at himself.

Jiang Chu, however, stopped in her tracks.

“You have a wine cellar in your house?” she asked curiously.

“My husband used to be a winemaker, so we have a wine cellar at home, but it has been empty since he passed away,” Chun Rong forced a smile.

“My father was a drunkard; he loved to drink and wanted to dig a wine cellar too. Auntie, can you take me to see it? I want to see what it looks like,” Jiang Chu said excitedly.

“What’s there to see in a wine cellar? It has been abandoned for a long time, and it’s dirty and broken,” Chun Rong said, heading towards the door, “You all better send the pancakes to Yu Fen quickly, otherwise she’ll worry if you’re gone too long.”

“Let me see it, and I’ll give you silver for it!”

Jiang Chu held a silver ingot in her hand and shook it.

Chun Rong’s eyes went straight, and she couldn’t take her eyes off the ingot. Jiang Chu could feel her breath become uneven.

Just to see the wine cellar, she’s giving 5 taels of silver!

Not just Chun Rong, but everyone around was stunned.

Wu Yu was filled with astonishment and confusion, looking at the silver, then at Jiang Chu, not understanding what her young miss was doing.

It seemed like ever since her young miss left the house, Wu Yu felt that she could not understand her anymore. As if she had been stimulated, her behavior had suddenly changed, very unlike her previous self.

And the two workers were filled with jealousy and greed.

“You child, this is not how you should spend money, be careful what your parents might say, hurry back home now,” Chun Rong forced herself to look away and even pushed Jiang Chu.

At that moment, Jiang Chu’s original 80% certainty became 100%.

Wu Yu also sensed something was off.

Chun Rong was a widow, and it looked like she was living a hard life. She also had to raise her son, so she surely needed money. The young miss was practically giving her money, yet she refused!

There must be something strange about that wine cellar. . . . . .

Wu Yu looked at Jiang Chu.

“Auntie, you’re really too kind, but it’s okay, my family won’t care how I spend money, we’re rich!” Jiang Chu pretended to be a spoiled child, “If you don’t want this money, then I’ll give it to someone else. You two, you must know the location of the wine cellar, right? If you take me there, I’ll give you the five taels.”

“We know, we know.”

“I’ll take you there now!”

The two workers didn’t hesitate and immediately agreed, fearing they might miss out on this easy money. They started walking to lead Jiang Chu, acting as if they owned the place.

“Stop! You’re not going! What are you doing? Stop, halt!”

Chun Rong was dumbfounded. It took her several steps to react and try to pull them back, but the workers were completely entranced by the silver and ignored her protests. They even persuaded her, “Sister-in-law, just because you don’t want the money doesn’t mean you can hinder us from earning. Besides, it’s just a look, not a loss of flesh, why are you so anxious?”

“Yeah, sister-in-law, it’s just a wine cellar, not a room, why are you so scared? You’re not hiding someone in there, are you?” one worker joked.

But as he spoke, he realized something was wrong.

Because Chun Rong didn’t refute him immediately!

He turned around and saw Chun Rong’s face pale, her eyes frantic, her lips trembling, unable to speak.

“Wow, there really is something hidden!”

“The widow is hiding a man, let’s go see, hurry up!”

The two laborers were originally just in it for the money, but now, besides the money, they were curious to see who the adulterous wild man was.

Who doesn’t love gossip!

“No, don’t go, you mustn’t go!”

Chun Rong found her voice at this moment, screaming shrilly, but nobody paid her any attention.

“Don’t go, please, you really can’t go there! I’m begging you, I’ll kneel before you, please spare me, please. . . . . .”

She fell to her knees with a thud, beginning to kowtow and beg everyone.

Wu Yu was moved to compassion, feeling a bit soft-hearted, and her steps hesitated as she looked at Jiang Chu.

Jiang Chu, however, remained unfazed and continued forward.

If it was just an adulterous man, she would have been too lazy to bother with it, but. . . . . .was it really?

As for the two laborers, they completely ignored Chun Rong.

A widow having an affair, isn’t this putting a green hat on her deceased husband? Putting a green hat on someone, no man could endure it!

“Wu Yu, watch her, don’t let her run away,” Jiang Chu said to Wu Yu.

Wu Yu halted in her tracks, standing in front of Chun Rong.

A moment later, Jiang Chu entered the cellar, looking at the scene before her, her face also darkened.


“Mrs. Hao, take good care of Yue Yue, I’ve left the money for her medical treatment.”

“Thank you so much, miss, if it weren’t for you, my Yue Yue. . . . . .I’ll kowtow to you!”

“No, Mrs. Hao, don’t do that. I’m very happy to be able to help you,” Jiang Chu said, taking out a red dudou, “Is this Yue Yue’s?”

Mrs. Hao reached out and took it, feeling its shape and the embroidery pattern on it, “Yes, it’s hers, I had someone embroider it for her, where did you find it?”

“Cough, it’s good that it’s yours, then keep it, we’ll take our leave.”

Jiang Chu smiled and said goodbye, turned, and left the courtyard with Wu Yu, but there was something unusual in her eyes.

Mrs. Hao’s daughter has been found!

That night, most of Summer Sun City was buzzing with the good news!

“How did you find her?” someone curiously asked.

“Ah, there’s a widow who’s good friends with Mrs. Hao, she couldn’t afford to raise her son, saw Mrs. Hao’s daughter growing up pretty, wanted to sell her to Red Oriole Pavilion in Muyuan City for money! She’s wicked! Luckily the house’s laborers found out.”

“Ah, did she sell her?”

“No, the price was settled, but the girl was frightened and fell ill that night, she was running a high fever, how could the brothel want her when she was so sick, so it was delayed for a few days, fortunately, she was ill, otherwise, she might have already been in the brothel.”

“That’s really fortunate, right, who was the one who abducted the girl?”

“It was the widow’s older sister who lives in the countryside! Since she rarely comes to the city, no one knows her.”

“That’s wicked!”

“Isn’t it! She’s been handed over to the authorities, getting what she deserved.”

(End of chapter)

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