The Divination Master Only Wants to Set Up a Stall – Chapter 17

𝐓𝐡𝐢𝐬 𝐓𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐠

𝐓𝐡𝐢𝐬 𝐓𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐠

Jiang Chu returned home to find a guest in the house.

“Young Miss, your friend has come to visit and has been waiting for almost half an hour,” the gatekeeper said.

“Friend? Who?” Jiang Chu frowned.

Geniuses have no true friends. If they do, after a genius ceases to be a genius, those friends will only show fake concern and then disappear forever.

“Yue Sha.”

Yue Sha?

Jiang Chu wanted to laugh at hearing this name.

How could she have the face to call herself a friend?

During their time at the academy, Yue Sha was just one of the original owner’s followers, always trying to please her to learn a thing or two, and also to gain some prestige.

The original host neither embraced nor rejected her followers; they could follow if they wanted, and she would occasionally ask them to run errands for her, nothing more.

However, to be fair, Yue Sha was probably the closest follower to the original host, and she had benefited from the original host’s favor. Perhaps to outsiders, they indeed seemed like friends, but only those close to them knew the reality.

A month had passed since the original host’s mishap, and the whole city knew that Jiang Family’s genius Young Miss had fallen from grace. The academy was abuzz with the news, and she must have known, but she never showed her face in that month, not even to visit and console the reclusive Jiang Chu.

Now that Jiang Chu had started to go out, she had come over.

Perhaps she wanted to confirm whether her martial arts skills were completely ruined or not?

“I see.”

Jiang Chu said and entered the house.

Walking into the hall, she saw a slender woman playing with her fingers out of boredom. When the woman looked up, she met the expressionless face of Jiang Chu.

“Ah, Chu Chu, you’re here!”

Yue Sha got up in surprise and greeted her, asking with concern, “I’ve been busy preparing for the martial arts competition at the academy lately, and I wanted to come to see you but couldn’t find the time. Today I finally could. . . . . . Chu Chu, how are you? People are saying you were injured and can’t use martial arts anymore, but I don’t believe it, how could that be possible?”

The Martian Academy was indeed in the time for a big martial arts competition, but Yue Sha was only average in the academy. Students at her level could only get through the first round of the competition and would be eliminated in the second round. The two rounds only took five days, so she would only be busy for those five days, plus the preparation time beforehand.

No matter how she calculated, it wouldn’t be a whole month.

“A few days ago, Mu Qi came to see me,” Jiang Chu smiled and said.

Yue Sha was taken aback, “Mu Qi? Why would she come to see you? She must have come to insult you, right? That’s too much!”

“She came to comfort me and even brought me some healing medicine.” 

Jiang Chu sat down opposite Yue Sha, supporting her chin with her hand, looking at her with interest. “And you, as my friend, what medicine have you brought me?”

Yue Sha opened her mouth, her cheeks visibly reddening, “I, I came in a hurry. . . . . .I will make it up next time! But Chu Chu, that Mu Qi surely has ill intentions, she must have come to spy on you, not really caring for you, don’t listen to her words.”

“Thanks for the concern, I know what I’m doing,” Jiang Chu said slowly.

Yue Sha looked at Jiang Chu, her eyes moving, “Chu Chu, you look quite well, have you recovered? When are you planning to return to the academy? Your classmates miss you.”

“In the next few days,” Jiang Chu said casually.

Yue Sha’s face now looked unnatural.

She had already inquired twice about Jiang Chu’s physical condition, but Jiang Chu had never directly answered her, leaving Yue Sha unsure.

Jiang Chu was always proud; without her martial arts, she should be downcast. But now, Jiang Chu didn’t seem to be greatly affected, her leisurely appearance as if she was in a good mood.

Could it be that she had used some miraculous medicine, and her dantian had recovered?

If so, wouldn’t her neglect over this month offend her?

Yue Sha felt a bit anxious.

“That’s great, then I’ll wait for you at the academy, Chu Chu. You take care of yourself, I won’t disturb you anymore.”

Yue Sha finally had no shame to ask Jiang Chu for the third time, so she had to get up and leave in disappointment.

“That “flower basket”. Tell the gatekeeper that this thing is not allowed in the mansion in the future. If it looks for me, say I’m not here,” Jiang Chu stood up and returned to her room.

This thing. . . . . .

Was she referring to Yue Sha?

Hua Lan was taken aback and hurriedly complied.

Jiang Chu returned to her room and began to practice her spiritual sense technique.

The spiritual sense technique involves meditation and nurturing spiritual sense, making it more sensitive, so that you can quickly and accurately sense fate.

“Old Bai is right, knowledge is something that, as long as you study deeply and fully understand, no one can take it away.”

Jiang Chu was sitting in meditation, thinking of her own enlightenment teacher, the Divination Master, and felt that she couldn’t agree more.

Technique is a very precious thing, and spiritual sense technique is the same as martial arts technique. It emphasizes heritage and levels of proficiency.

For a student, other things can be learned, but techniques are not easy to learn because advanced techniques are always controlled by families and sects, and are only awarded to outstanding disciples with extraordinary talents. Ordinary disciples cannot see it unless they have great opportunities.

Jiang Chu’s parents died early in her previous life, and she wandered from a young age, learning a mix of different skills. She only learned low-level techniques, but later accidentally combined several techniques. With a flash of inspiration and intelligence, she created her unique technique.

That technique alone was quite mediocre and only considered beginner-level, not intermediate or advanced. But when combined with Jiang Chu’s own divination methods, it could barely reach an advanced level!

Perhaps it was her completely unconventional approach, having no background or traditional learning, but still sitting on par with the big shots of divination using “strange and evil techniques,” that annoyed those old stubborn folks and led them to reject her.

But no matter what, only she knew that technique, and others couldn’t imitate it.

She even managed to “bring” the technique with her!

Knowledge, indeed, cannot be taken away by others, no matter where you are, whether alive or dead, it remains the same.

“Jiang Chu! Jiang Chu!”

A male voice grew closer, finally stopping at the door, followed by a pounding knock.

Jiang Chu opened her eyes.

“Jiang Chu! Sister! Are you there? Speak up! If you don’t speak, I’ll barge in!”

Jiang Chu exhaled helplessly, “Come in.”

The door was instantly pushed open, and a tall and thin young man stood at the door, hands on his hips, looking at Jiang Chu’s position, “Wha, Jiang Chu, are you meditating? Are you going to become a nun?!”

(End of Chapter)



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