The Divination Master Only Wants to Set Up a Stall – Chapter 18

𝐉𝐢𝐚𝐧𝐠 𝐓𝐢𝐧𝐠

𝐉𝐢𝐚𝐧𝐠 𝐓𝐢𝐧𝐠

“You’ve returned from martial arts training?”

Jiang Chu looked at the boy in front of her, almost rolling her eyes.

Jiang Ting, the original host’s younger brother, is 14 this year.

From her memory, she knew this little brother was erratic, incapable of learning anything properly, always dreaming big.

“I’ve returned, ah, martial arts training is so tiring. I really don’t know how you used to endure it. . . . . .” Jiang Ting spoke and then realized something was off. He quickly sneaked a glance at Jiang Chu’s expression.

Oh no, he’d hit a sore spot again.

Jiang Ting had already instinctively shrunk his neck, waiting for Jiang Chu to explode in anger and throw things, but he found that Jiang Chu seemed to have. . . . . .no reaction?

“Sister, have you come to terms with it?”

Jiang Ting approached, excitedly saying, “I mean, what’s good about martial arts? You’ve lost your martial prowess now, and you don’t have to suffer this hardship anymore. I’m even envious of you. If only we could switch places.”

Jiang Chu looked at this silly younger brother, thinking that his carefree and heartless attitude was quite good.

If it were someone else, the sister’s brilliance would surely overshadow a mediocre brother, causing feelings of sensitivity, inferiority, and jealousy.

But not Jiang Ting. He was carefree, already harboring the idea of slacking off and taking it easy at a young age.

“Choosing, that’s something to worry about later. When you don’t yet understand this world, you need to learn things step by step. It’s the right thing to do.” Jiang Chu looked at Jiang Ting, “If others can do it and you can’t, what if someone wants to attack you? You wouldn’t even have the ability to fight back? You must at least learn a little, so in the future, if you can’t fight, you can still run away.”

Jiang Chu was actually quite envious of Jiang Ting.

The Jiang Family wasn’t extremely rich but well-off enough to afford their children’s martial arts training.

This was something Jiang Chu had been incredibly jealous of in her previous life, for even when she struggled with basic necessities, there were little kids using divination sets worth thousands of silver.

Jiang Chu’s parents had high expectations for their daughter, but their son didn’t seem cut out for success. They only wanted Jiang Ting to study earnestly, not expecting any great achievements or fame for the Jiang Family.

But even so, Jiang Ting didn’t want to study, always talking about wanting to venture out into the world.

A 14-year-old kid, who had never been far from home and had no self-care ability, talking about venturing into the world? Jiang Chu found it laughable—―

He clearly hadn’t suffered from life’s hardships or taken the knocks of the world.

Jiang Ting was stunned, “Who wants to attack me? Is it Liu Daer? I knew it! He must be jealous that I’ll be the lord of a city in the future!”

Jiang Chu: . . . . . .

She took a deep breath.

Hitting children is wrong.

“Sister, why are you making that face? Don’t you believe I’ll become a city lord? It’s definitely true. I think that wandering Divination Master is a super Divination Master. The divination he cast for me will absolutely come true!” Jiang Ting became anxious.

This rascal, Jiang Ting, when he was younger, had encountered a wild Divination Master.

At that time, Jiang’s mother was out and happened upon a middle-aged man on the verge of starvation. Feeling sorry for him, she sent a servant to bring him food.

The man said he had no money to repay her, so he offered a divination as a gift.

After mumbling and drawing, he finally said—

“Madam, you have a young son, right? This child has a deep fortune and will surely become the lord of a city, protecting the people.”

Jiang’s mother found it amusing.

If you had this ability, would you nearly starve to death on the roadside?

She thought the man just wanted to say something auspicious to please her!

So she didn’t take it seriously, even telling Jiang’s father about it as a joke. Unfortunately, Jiang Ting overheard, and the five-year-old took it to heart, remembering it firmly.

As he grew, Jiang Family’s parents increasingly believed that the wild Divination Master was a fraudster—

Jiang Ting becoming a city lord, protecting people? It sounded laughable.

But no matter what others said, Jiang Ting believed it. He even told his friends, so “Lord Jiang” became his nickname, a source of teasing.

Strangely, he was oblivious, not realizing it was mockery, even happily accepting the nickname.

Talking outside with others and talking even more at home has led to the family hearing the word “city lord” and their heads buzzing with confusion.

“Alright, alright, it’ll happen, it’ll happen.”

Jiang Chu nodded perfunctorily, not intending to argue with the little one.

“Sister, are you okay now?” Jiang Ting asked with round eyes.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” Jiang Chu smiled, “Just like you said, not being able to learn martial arts doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad thing. There’s not only one path to follow in this world.”

“That’s right, sister, don’t be afraid. When I grow up and become the city lord, I’ll protect you!”

Jiang Ting patted his chest and promised.

Jiang Chu gritted her teeth, steadying her breath, “Alright, I’ll wait for that.”

“By the way, sister, I heard something when I came back just now. A few days ago, there was a violent wind in our city, and a talisman shop owner happened to be selling talismans at his stall. As a result, the wind suddenly rose, and hundreds of talismans flew all over the sky. They were blown all over the street, and more than half of them were crazily snatched away by passersby. I heard that the shop owner was so angry that he fell ill and the shop has been closed these days.”

Jiang Ting began to tell the story with excitement, “That’s not the main point. The main point is that a female Divination Master passing by reminded him that the wind would blow, but he didn’t take it seriously and insisted on setting up his stall. Can you believe that?”

Jiang Chu looked puzzled, “He didn’t take it seriously. . . . . .”

This is fate.

Some people, without being reminded, will follow their destined path. Others are reminded but do not heed the warning, so they still follow their fate.

Jiang Chu, as a Divination Master, has often seen people who consult her and then disregard her advice.

For such people and such things, she has long since become indifferent.

Whether or not to speak is up to her, but to listen or not is up to them.

“Oh, also, if you’re in a bad mood, just hit Er Dan. Hitting it will make you feel better,” Jiang Ting carefully looked at Jiang Chu, “Or, you can go out for a walk. We can talk about anything. Just one thing. . . . . .can we stop undressing our dudou on the street? My friends have been laughing at me. I even fought with them. Look, this is a scratch Liu Da Er gave me.”

He tilted his head and pulled down his collar a little to show Jiang Chu the red marks on his neck.

Jiang Chu: . . . . . .

In the short time it took to have this conversation, she had the urge to beat the child three times.

This little brother is really something.

“Is that okay, sister? If you really want to undress, you can close the door and do it inside—―”

“Shut up,” Jiang Chu couldn’t stand it anymore, “Say another word, and I’ll beat you.”

“I’ll Shut up, I’ll shut up, I won’t talk anymore,” Jiang Ting grinned.

“By the way, who’s Er Dan?” Jiang Chu asked.

“It’s the wooden stake in our training room. Da Er, Er Dan, aren’t the names I chose great?”

“I see, now get out.”

“Okay, I’ll go out, but you have to promise me, no more undressing—. . .”

“Bang! Get out!”

(End of Chapter)



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