The Divination Master Only Wants to Set Up a Stall – Chapter 2


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟐: 𝐌𝐞𝐬𝐬

The lady of the house searched everywhere for a spiritual medicine for the miss, but all in vain.

A genius who had a smooth journey from childhood, who never experienced any hardships, faced a huge obstacle for the first time. Such a blow would be unbearable for a 16-year-old girl, and even a person over fifty may not be able to bear it.

So, the miss became depressed and stayed in her room all day without speaking. No matter how they comforted her, she wouldn’t listen, and sometimes, when her pain was touched, she would throw things in a fit of temper.

Everyone was afraid to provoke her further, so they just let her be alone in her room, hoping she would come to terms with it sooner.

She was still young, and life held many possibilities. Even if she could never practice martial arts again, the wealth of the Jiang Family could support her for a lifetime.

However, starting from yesterday, the miss’s mood seemed to have changed a bit, and she did not look as gloomy. She just kept staring into space, and no one knew what she was thinking.

Today was even better, as she was willing to go out for a walk!

If the lord and lady of the house, who were out on business, heard this news, they would be very happy!

Only. . . . . .

“Young Miss, didn’t you go out for a walk? Why did you come back so soon?”

Hua Lan looked at the returning Jiang Chu with some confusion, as she didn’t seem to have been out for long.

Also. . . . . .Wasn’t it a walk? Why did Young Miss come back with a dark face?

It seemed that her mood had worsened after going out.

“Hua Lan’er, go and invite a carpenter to our house, and have him make something for me according to this drawing. Pay attention to the details; the size cannot be wrong, and the sooner, the better.” Jiang Chu did not answer the maid’s question but handed her the drawing she had made today. She spoke in a low voice, expressionless, just as she had been in the past month, gloomy. “Remember, it must be made of willow wood.”

Hua Lan was taken aback and corrected softly, “Miss, I am Hua Lan, not Hua Lan’er. . . . . .”

“Alright, Hua Lan’er.”

Hua Lan: . . . . . .

She pursed her lips and didn’t correct her again.

Young Miss seemed to be in a very bad mood, so she didn’t argue about such a trivial matter.

However, Hua Lan was a bit puzzled, as the name Hua Lan was given to her by the young Miss. The second young master often mischievously called her Hua Lan’er, and the young Miss would always angrily correct him.

Why was Young Miss calling her Hua Lan’er today?

But since she was Young Miss’s servant, it didn’t matter what she called her, as long as she was happy.

With that thought, Hua Lan didn’t say anything more, but when she looked down at the drawing in her hand, she was a bit stunned.

What was this drawing of. . . . . .

“Miss, what are you going to make?” she asked, puzzled.

Faced with the unanswerable question, Jiang Chu looked up at the sky and sighed in sorrow.

She looked like she would burst into tears at any second.

Hua Lan’s scalp tingled, and fearing that she would upset her mood further, she turned and left to find a carpenter without asking any more questions.

After Hua Lan left, Jiang Chu sat down in front of the dressing table.

The girl in the mirror had a small face like a melon seed, flowing black hair, and clear white skin.

If it weren’t for the annoying old sword scar on her left cheekbone, she would have been a beautiful lady.

This Jiang Chu, the Young Miss of the Jiang Family, who had the same name as herself. . . . . .

No one knew that just yesterday morning, she had taken poison to kill herself.

This girl, in the prime of her youth, couldn’t overcome this obstacle and couldn’t accept the huge fall from genius to waste. After her last attempt to mobilize her Dantian power failed, she chose to escape everything by death.

In her view, she was already a disfigured woman, and even if she had extraordinary martial arts talent, she was now completely lost and didn’t know any reason to continue living.

For a young child, the world’s ridicule, sympathy, and gossip can be deadly weapons. She couldn’t face it all and chose to freeze her youthful years to yesterday.

Now, the new Jiang Chu had to pick up this mess.

Caught off guard with a new identity, Jiang Chu spent a day accepting this reality, luckily retaining the original host’s memory, so she wasn’t completely lost.

Yesterday, she was almost in a daze all day, not even eating. Her strange behavior was apparent, but luckily the original Jiang Chu had been quite peculiar for the past month, so even her closest maid did not notice anything unusual—

People’s temperaments can change after a significant setback, so who would care about a small change at that time?

Jiang Chu looked at the closed door, and then took out the dudou.

This dudou was not new, and the edges were a bit frayed from washing. Moreover. . . . . .

Jiang Chu looked closely and realized that it didn’t look like the size an adult woman would wear; it seemed more like a child’s.

She couldn’t help but think of the distant plea that had flashed through her mind when she picked it up on the street—

Mrs. Hao of Summer Sun City was in deep pain because her little daughter had gone missing on the streets.

The girl was missing, and the dudou didn’t seem like an adult woman’s size. . . . . .

This matter was too strange; so bizarre that Jiang Chu had never heard of it in half a lifetime.

How did the dudou fall from the sky, why could only she see it and others could not, what was the green light, and what was that inexplicable memory and plea that was transmitted into her mind?

She clearly did not see anyone, but the sadness and pain of the other party were clearly transmitted, making Jiang Chu’s heart ache slightly.

It felt as if the daughter was not lost by Mrs. Hao, but by herself.

But heaven knows, the previous Jiang Chu did not have children, and she had never even married! Is this matter true or false?

Summer Sun City does indeed exist, not far from Yuxiao City. So, is Mrs. Hao, and the situation she is facing, really happening? Jiang Chu pondered for a while, then neatly tucked the dudou into her body and walked towards the backyard.

She had to see how the thing she wanted was coming along.

“Young Miss, I made one of these wooden tokens first. Is it right?” said Carpenter Liu, who was working. When Jiang Chu came over, he handed her the semi-finished product he had made according to her request and then quietly looked at her.

He was not a servant of the Jiang mansion, but he had been there before to work. At that time, he had seen the young Miss of the Jiang Family a few times. In his memory, she was spirited, always standing tall, slightly lifting her chin. Although she didn’t boss people around, she had a pride about her that fit the image of a talented girl.

A genius, after all, having some pride was quite normal.

In the month since the Young Miss had an accident, Carpenter Liu had not been to the Jiang mansion. However, he had heard rumors that the young Miss Jiang had been stimulated and became depressed, staying in her room all day, becoming more irritable, gloomy, and harsh.

But looking at the Jiang Chu before him now. . . . . .

(End of Chapter)

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