The Divination Master Only Wants to Set Up a Stall – Chapter 20



“Master Meng, I don’t want to drop out,” Jiang Chu said.

“Not drop out? Really, you still want to cling to the academy and not leave? Do you really think that our academy is open to anyone who wishes to come? You are no longer a genius, and we don’t want someone who cannot practice martial arts,” Yue Sha sneered.

Yuxiao Academy is one of the four major academies in Qingzhou. Although it is slightly inferior to the other three academies, its centuries-old foundation still makes it stand proud among its peers, a place that countless boys and girls dream of entering.

By getting in, students have a higher starting point. The academy’s resources and connections provide them with a broader perspective, helping them to go further.

It is because of this academy that Yuxiao City’s development has outperformed the surrounding cities, attracting more people to move here to live.

Yue Sha’s words were right; the academy indeed isn’t open to just anyone.

“Jiang Chu, I know it’s hard for you to let go, but without martial arts skills, we really can’t accommodate you any longer.” 

Master Meng said with regret. “Why don’t you go back and rest for a while? If one day you heal from your injuries and can practice again, then it’s not too late to come back.”

“Master Meng, let Jiang Chu stay!”

A gentle male voice came from outside. Jiang Chu’s back was turned to the speaker, but her shoulders stiffened when she heard his voice.

It was him—―

She turned around and met the gaze of a white-clothed young man, full of scholarly elegance and as gentle as jade.

Qi Shao.

Jiang Chu’s eyes narrowed, staring at Qi Shao.

Qi Shao looked at her, his expression somewhat complex. But he came over and saluted Master Meng, “Jiang Chu has made many contributions to the academy and won a lot of glory in the competition among the four major academies. Although she has lost all her martial arts skills, can’t we make an exception and let her stay here?”

“Qi Shao, you are too kind, but this is against the rules. Master Meng won’t agree,” Yue Sha said, frowning.

“Exactly, since when do we allow useless people to stay in the academy?”

“If Jiang Chu can stay, then all the other waste will want to cram into the academy too!”

“What’s the point of her staying here? To do chores?”

“Senior Brother Qi Shao is too compassionate, still wanting to help Jiang Chu at this point.”

The students of Martial College were all talking.

Jiang Chu had no grievances with them, but she was once among the top students of the academy. The teachers favored her, and resources were inclined towards her, so these ordinary students had long been jealous.

If Jiang Chu had remained a genius, they could maintain surface enthusiasm, but now that Jiang Chu had become even less than them, their resentment had surfaced.

“Nonsense! Since you are no longer a martial artist, how can you continue to stay in Martial College? There’s no room for negotiation,” Master Meng waved his hand, “Qi Shao, you’re usually very steady; don’t say such things.”


Qi Shao sighed, turned to Jiang Chu, “I’m sorry Chu Chu, I can’t help you.”

The young man’s eyes were full of concern, his voice soft, like the warm wind of spring.

Jiang Chu only felt it grating on her ears.

“Don’t, if you help me, I’ll be scared.”

Jiang Chu sneered.

Qi Shao’s eyes dodged for a moment, and he said somewhat hurt, “Chu Chu, why are you talking like this? Is it because you lost your martial arts that you’re in a bad mood?”

“Senior Brother Qi, don’t bother with her. She’s like a powder keg today, snapping at everyone!” Yue Sha said.

“Yes, Senior Brother Qi, your concern for her is wasted; she doesn’t appreciate it.”

Everyone was getting fed up.

Senior Brother Qi was one of the top talents in Martial College, but he was different from Jiang Chu and Mu Qi’s proud personalities. Senior Brother Qi was gentle and kind, considerate to everyone, so both male and female students liked him. He was also the most respected among the students, often naturally leading when activities were organized.

The number of female students secretly in love with him was simply too many!

Jiang Chu wanted to roll her eyes.

Qi Shao and Yue Sha were both pretentious and affected.

If these two were paired together, it would be truly exciting.

However, Yue Sha’s pretense was more superficial compared to Qi Shao, easily exposed.

Qi Shao, on the other hand, was like a smiling tiger with hidden schemes, able to trap you with the gentlest tone by playing the emotion card. It was truly hard to guard against.

That’s why the original host fell for his trick, was deceived into changing her cultivation method, and became useless!

The moment Jiang Chu saw him, she wanted to jump up and punch his knee, but she successfully held back.

She wasn’t strong enough now, she couldn’t face him head-on and needed to wait.

“Master Meng, I don’t want to stay in Martial College, I want to transfer to Divination College,” Jiang Chu didn’t want to see them anymore, wanting to leave here as soon as possible, “Can you tell me, what do I need to do to transfer?”

“Divination College? Hahaha, do you want to be a female sage?”

“It seems she really wants to stay in our college.”

“She’s even willing to go to Divination College, she’s really not picky.”

Everyone was shocked.

Nowadays, martial arts were prevalent, and the famous strong people were all learning martial arts. Other professions also practiced, but overall they were weaker. In contrast, the Instrument and Pill Colleges were not bad, but the rest were so feeble they were hard to look at.

And Divination College was at the very bottom of this list!

Hearing that Jiang Chu wanted to transfer to Divination College, everyone felt a bit of sympathy for Jiang Chu amidst their sighs.

Once a genius, now reduced to the point of going to Divination College to stay in academy, it was quite pitiable.

This made half the people feel compassion, and also quite admired—

Jiang Chu was so proud, it must have taken a lot of courage to make this decision, right?

“Divination College? Jiang Chu, why did you think of going to Divination College?” Master Meng was full of incomprehension.

If there was a chain of contempt between the teachers and students in the academy, Divination College was definitely at the end.

Even, the academy had conducted an internal vote among the teachers this year, and the content of this vote was whether to disband Divination College.

Such a place, Jiang Chu wanted to go?

“In the days since I lost my martial skills, I have been reading and teaching myself at home, and I feel that I have some talent,” Jiang Chu said, “So I want to get more professional learning.”

“If that’s the case, alright then.”

Master Meng looked at Jiang Chu and ultimately felt compassion, “Come with me.”

“Yes, thank you Master Meng.”

Jiang Chu sighed in relief and followed Master Meng to leave.

As she walked, she could still feel the many eyes and mocking, surprised conversations coming from behind.

“If you want to transfer, you need to get the approval of both college’s teachers. I have no problem here, but as for Divination College, it depends on them. If they agree, you can transfer, but if they don’t accept you. . . . . .I can’t do anything about it.”

This is what Master Meng said on the way.

(End of Chapter)

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