The Divination Master Only Wants to Set Up a Stall – Chapter 21



“What? You want to transfer to our Divination College?”

When the two arrived at Divination College and found the Dean, both were taken aback.

Branch Dean Tong Kui looked at Jiang Chu with surprise—

Divination College had nearly faced dissolution in the voting. If it weren’t for the insistence of these few old fellows and playing on people’s sympathies to garner some emotional votes, there might not be a Divination College now.

Someone actually wants to come to this rundown place??

Cough, although it’s wrong for a Branch Dean to think this way, they were used to it.

“Yes, Dean Tong, I am very interested in divination, and have learned a bit on my own. I want to study it further, and I hope that you will approve,” Jiang Chu said.

“Jiang Chu, I regret and sympathize with your situation, but I still advise you to think it over,” Tong Kui said with a bitter smile. “As a student of our academy, you should know the situation in each college. The current predicament of Divination College. . . . . .although it’s part of the academy, the glory that the academy should have has nothing to do with our college. So if you want to stay in the academy by transferring, you might as well try other colleges.”

Tong Kui was a small old man in his fifties or sixties, with sparse hair.

It’s said that his hair used to be thick, but it visibly thinned after he became Dean.

There’s no help for it, it’s worrisome.

“Thank you for your concern, Dean, but only Divination College appeals to me. Please grant my request,” Jiang Chu said.

Whether the college was in decline or not was not Jiang Chu’s concern.

She didn’t expect to learn anything from the academy; in fact, no one could teach her at her current level. It would be more accurate to say she would be teaching them.

She just needed a way to legitimize her skills, and Yuxiao Academy could not only satisfy her request but also act as a stepping stone to a broader world.

Compared to other options, staying in her current college was the most convenient way.

“Dean Tong, let her try, and assess her as needed. Whether she passes or not depends on her abilities,” Master Meng said.

He had some resentment towards Jiang Chu.

She was his brilliant student, envied wherever she went. If she continued to succeed, his prestige would increase with her success.

But now, she had destroyed her own future!

Losing such a talent made Master Meng angry.

But since Jiang Chu had brought him glory in the past, and now she had fallen so far, he couldn’t be completely indifferent.

Since she wanted to go to Divination College, he would help her as much as he could. Anything else, success or failure, was no longer his concern.

“Thank you, Master Meng,” Jiang Chu said with emotion.

She was grateful that Master Meng had brought her here, and he had even spoken up for her. She noted this favor.

She looked at Master Meng’s bald forehead and wondered if there was any remedy that could cure this condition.

Oh, it seemed like an obvious problem.

“Alright, wait a moment.”

Tong Kui sighed and agreed, then sent someone to call for Teacher Yuan Tu, asking him to bring the tools for testing spiritual sense.

After a while, Yuan Tu arrived, yawning.

Jiang Chu looked at his wrinkled clothes and messy hair, her face darkening.

On the way there, she saw the stark contrast between Divination College and Martial College. Martial College was impressive with its huge sculptures, training grounds, and bustling students. There were always a few students sparring.

Divination College, however, was small, not even as big as a wealthy family’s house, and hadn’t been renovated in who knows how many years.

That was one thing, but there wasn’t a single person on the road, quiet as if it were an empty college!

These external conditions aren’t so good, but if the people in the academy were diligent and hardworking, presenting a good appearance, that would be nice too. But this. . . . . .

“Hmm? Why does this young girl look a bit familiar?”

Yuan Tu looked at her, Jiang Chu, with a puzzled expression as he passed by.

Jiang Chu: . . . . . .

She turned her head, avoiding Yuan Tu’s eye with some sleep in it.

“This is Jiang Chu from Martial College. She wants to transfer to our Divination College. You test her and see if she has spiritual sense,” Tong Kui instructed.

Yuan Tu seemed to be used to his appearance, not uttering a single superfluous word.

“Let Teacher Yuan test your talent. If you have the qualifications to study divination, you can stay. If not, we cannot keep you here,” Tong Kui explained to Jiang Chu.

Just this requirement?

“You mean, as long as I have spiritual sense, I can stay?” Jiang Chu asked uncertainly.

“Yes, spiritual sense is required for divination. As long as it is detected, you pass the test.”

Jiang Chu didn’t know what to say upon hearing this.

The requirement for Divination College was so low?

Not much was asked, only that it existed.

It seemed that the art of divination in this world was really in decline. Now, Jiang Chu had a direct understanding of how unpopular it was.

Without comparison, there would be no harm. The original host had to pass five levels and defeat six people to get into Martial College. Compared to that, Divination College had almost no threshold.

Yet, even so, there were very few students in the academy.

“Come and test. Just stay still.”

Yuan Tu opened the box and took out a semi-circular sphere with a scale on it.

Jiang Chu glanced at it and knew it was a spiritual sphere, the most rudimentary tool for measuring spiritual sense. It was considered simple because the margin of error was a bit high and not very accurate, but it was sufficient as a reference.

Yuan Tu attached the flat side of it to Jiang Chu’s forehead, and then the sphere emitted light.

After about three breaths, the light on the sphere flashed.

“The spiritual sense value is 18,” Yuan Tu was somewhat surprised, “There really is spiritual sense, not bad. It looks like our Divination College is going to have another student, good news indeed.”

Spiritual sense value 18. . . . . .

Jiang Chu now understood how big the difference was between this body and her previous life.

Her spiritual sense in the previous life was 98.

There was no such thing as a perfect score for spiritual sense, but the dividing line between ordinary and excellent can be seen as 50. Below 50 is considered ordinary, above 50 is decent, and above 80 is genius.

Thus, Jiang Chu’s 98 in her previous life was extraordinary.

This life’s score was 80 points lower than her previous one. . . . . .

With those 80 points, another genius could have been born!

However, Jiang Chu thought of Mrs. Hao in Summer Sun City. When she returned the red dudou, she faintly felt an increase in spiritual sense. If 18 was the value after the increase, how bad must it have been before?

She sighed speechlessly.

“Well, stay then. You will stay in the academy residence today and start classes tomorrow,” Tong Kui said.

(End of Chapter)

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