The Divination Master Only Wants to Set Up a Stall – Chapter 24

𝐍𝐞𝐰 𝐈𝐝𝐞𝐚𝐬

𝐍𝐞𝐰 𝐈𝐝𝐞𝐚𝐬

The original host was deeply concerned about Qi Shao, but her ability to shine in the academy for so long was not completely brainless; she just underestimated the characteristics of this technique. Thus, she lost the initiative midway and could only watch herself lose her martial arts.

If it were not for the abnormalities in this technique, she could have preserved some of her martial arts skills with her caution; it would not be possible to lose her martial arts and also suffer damage to her dantian.

“There must be something wrong with the origins of this technique; Qi Shao is hiding something.”

The original host was deeply in love with Qi Shao and was also quite excellent. Even if he did not like the original host, there was no need for him to harm an admirer like this. What benefit would it be for him to turn the original host from a genius into a waste?

In contrast, keeping her and keeping her by his side, and using her talents when needed, wouldn’t that be better?

Therefore, Jiang Chu thinks that Qi Shao giving this technique to the original host must have other intentions, and this is probably related to the origins of the technique.

What is the origin? We have to investigate Qi Shao further, but now the technique is in hand, so Jiang Chu is more interested in it.

She looked at the technique from the beginning and flipped through it to the end.

“If I’m not mistaken, this should be a technique for cultivating the meridians. Practicing it will first strengthen the meridians. Once the meridians are expanded and can contain enough power, it will begin to increase martial arts skills. . . . . .”

Jiang Chu is a Divination Master, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t know martial arts.

On the contrary, she not only has martial arts but also quite good at them. In her previous life, she had cultivated to the state of nothingness, and this realm would be equivalent to a six-star martial artist in the Shining Star Continent, which was already strong for her young age.

Jiang Chu wandered around in her previous life, surviving alone but still becoming a strong person in the Divination Master’s field. All this required a major prerequisite – that is, to survive.

So even though she was not interested in martial arts, she had to practice hard because she knew that doing well would add a layer of protection for her life.

This is why she said that to Jiang Ting:

“Choosing is something you need to do later. When you don’t understand this world, you should learn things step by step. If others can do it, and you can’t, wouldn’t others be able to knock you down? You must at least learn a little so that if you can’t win, you can at least run.”

However, Jiang Chu is not a martial arts genius. Her talent in martial arts is far inferior to that of the original host. The reason she could reach six stars at a young age was that she later held a high position, had numerous treasures, and spent them to improve her strength.

As everyone knows, the Divination Master is the most economical profession.

Warriors need to spend money on improving physical qualities, buying spiritual grass, treasures, and even weapons, which are costly.

Alchemy Masters and Talisman Masters don’t even need to be mentioned. They need materials to practice, costing a lot. Training a talented master could almost bankrupt a medium-sized family. Thus, independent masters are rare; most are found in sects and organizations where resources are available.

The Talisman Master follows the same logic, with the cost of talisman paper, pens, and liquids.

Compared to these, Beast Tamers and Divination Masters are much more cost-effective. The former pays with life, the latter with face.

The reason for saying this is that the Beast Tamer tries different beasts to enhance strength. If successful, the beast obeys; if not, it may kill him. This is why the profession is unpopular. One failure might cost a life, and there are fewer and fewer Beast Tamers.

For this reason, most top Beast Tamers are outstanding warriors, as only those with high strength can survive.

Divination Master pays with face because if the prediction is accurate, the client is happy to pay. If it’s wrong, the client might get angry, fight, and even beat the Divination Master, and some have been killed by clients in history.

If you really want to talk about where the Divination Master spends money, there is—―

Divination signs.

The materials for divination signs are also particular because they need to connect with spiritual sense, so the more spiritual the material, the better. However, in reality, those materials with spirituality are too hard to find and incredibly expensive, so most people only use the most basic divination signs in their lifetime, and this naturally does not cost money.

In her previous life, the divination signs used by Jiang Chu were certainly extraordinary and very expensive, but divination signs are not consumables. As long as one finds a suitable set, there is no need to replace them. Furthermore, as long as one has the skill, money will keep increasing, and countless people will rush to bring treasures.

In her previous life, Jiang Chu had too much money to spend and did not want to end her life easily, so she gathered a pile of treasures to cultivate, otherwise, she might only have the strength of four stars, and it would be impossible to reach six stars.

After achieving six-star strength, her perspective and experience were different, enabling her to see the focus of this cultivation method.

“The original host felt pain in her meridians when practicing. This was because her meridians could not contain the requirements of this cultivation method, and when the inner strength was circulated to the meridians, the martial power would collide in the meridians but have no place to escape. She couldn’t stop it, so. . . . . .the root cause is in the meridians?”

Most cultivation methods focus on practicing the dantian, but this cultivation method practices the meridians. . . . . .

Jiang Chu’s initial conclusion is that Qi Shao was lying. What he said about changing cultivation methods and retaining previous strength was definitely wrong. This was just an attempt to fool the original host into changing cultivation methods with false words.

But his intention to kill the original host, or rather to cause her to lose her martial arts, might have been a misunderstanding because he probably did not expect that this cultivation method would have such high requirements for the meridians. Even the original host, who was already at four stars, could not bear it, leading to the eventual problem.

“If that’s the case, can it be proven that this cultivation method itself has no problem? It’s not a fake cultivation method but has extremely high demands on practitioners. Most people simply cannot meet the cultivation conditions, and only those with special physiques and naturally strong meridians can attempt it?”

Jiang Chu’s eyes lit up.

She suddenly had a new idea.

Her dantian was damaged, and she could not practice most cultivation methods that mainly focus on the dantian, as mainstream cultivation methods all have high requirements for the dantian.

However, her damaged dantian, like a funnel, could not retain strength. Practicing was futile, not only having no effect but also stimulating the old wounds of the dantian, causing the injuries to recur.

A person who cannot practice martial arts would naturally become a “waste” in the eyes of others.

But what if she changed to practice this cultivation method focusing on the meridians?

Would there be a different result?

(This chapter ends)

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