The Divination Master Only Wants to Set Up a Stall – Chapter 26

𝐅𝐚𝐤𝐞 𝐌𝐞𝐝𝐢𝐜𝐢𝐧𝐞

𝐅𝐚𝐤𝐞 𝐌𝐞𝐝𝐢𝐜𝐢𝐧𝐞

After being reminded twice, there were no more twists and turns, and Shopkeeper Gu managed to make the pill smoothly.

“Chu Chu, I see that some of the ingredients in this pill are for enhancing meridians. Could it be that the effect of the pill is also to help the meridians?”

Although he had never seen this pill formula before, Shopkeeper Gu is a profound-level alchemist after all, and he could roughly guess some things.

“Yes, I might need this pill again later. If I need it, I’ll come to you,” Jiang Chu said.

Jiang Chu currently has no ability to improve the injury in her dantian. The main reason is that the requirements for spiritual medicine are too high, and she cannot obtain them at the moment. She must wait for the right opportunity.

However, she knows about medicines that can further strengthen healthy meridians.

After careful consideration, she took out the Health Pulse Pill because it is the most suitable medicine for her. Anything more potent would be too much for her body to handle.

Twelve Health Pulse Pills were produced in one furnace. Taking one a day, she felt that she might be able to try practicing the Great Strength Technique again in half a month or a month at most.

Cough, yes, the technique Qi Shao gave her is called the Great Strength Technique. Jiang Chu doesn’t know why it has such a name.

“No problem, just come to me anytime,” Shopkeeper Gu smiled, “I hope this pill can be effective for you. Otherwise, your father has been worrying about you all the time. He was very anxious when he left this time.”

“Okay,” Jiang Chu nodded.

She looked at Shopkeeper Gu and suddenly thought of his injury.

Shopkeeper Gu’s condition wasn’t exactly an injury years ago. He just overexerted himself, depleting too much qi and blood. This caused a deficiency in his foundation, making it impossible to support his continued cultivation and breakthrough. Thus, he got stuck at this realm.

However, Jiang Chu knows about a pill to enhance qi and blood.

She initially wanted to mention it but realized that it would be useless because without an earth-level alchemist, it can’t be refined. Telling Uncle Gu would only make him anxious.

So, she swallowed her words.

As she opened the door to the pill room, Jiang Chu wanted to take her leave, but as the door opened, she heard a knocking sound from outside—

“Open the door! Open the door! Do you think you can run away after selling fake medicine? Think again! I know you are inside, open the door now!”

The man’s voice outside sounded like he was in his thirties, filled with intense anger, and he was banging on the door loudly.

But for some reason, the way he spoke was a bit strange, somewhat inarticulate.

The door was closed, and Hua Lan was sitting in the shop, full of anxiety. Seeing Jiang Chu and the others coming out, she quickly ran over, “Miss, that man outside is banging on the door like crazy. I didn’t dare make a sound. What’s going on?”

Knowing that Jiang Chu and the others were busy in the pill room, Hua Lan didn’t dare open the door for fear of getting entangled, so she didn’t even make a sound. But the man kept knocking, and by the sound of it, some onlookers had gathered outside.

“Uncle Gu, what’s going on with this person?” Jiang Chu asked.

Selling fake medicine?

This accusation made Jiang Chu’s face darken.

Although she hadn’t looked after the shop herself, she had heard plenty about the shop from the Jiang Family couple. They would never sell inferior products to make a dishonest profit.

But if they hadn’t done it, what was this person talking about?

“It’s impossible for us to sell fake medicine. Everything in this shop has been inspected by your parents and me,” Shopkeeper Gu explained solemnly. “Don’t panic, let’s open the door and let him in. We can’t keep carrying on like this.”


Jiang Chu nodded, signaling Hua Lan to open the door.

“Finally, you open the door. What’s wrong, were you guilty just now!”

The man’s hands were almost swollen from knocking, but he was sure that there were people in the shop, so he didn’t panic. Seeing the door open, he sneered, “The Light Spirit Pill I bought from you doesn’t work at all. There’s no effect. You must refund my money now. I only used one, and this is what’s left!”

He was standing at the entrance of the shop, speaking loudly, and the surrounding onlookers were enjoying the drama—

“I didn’t expect this, Treasure Medicine Pavilion actually sells fake medicine!”

“It’s an old shop that’s been open for many years, and now they’ve done something so untrustworthy. I guess I won’t be coming back to this shop.”

“That’s outrageous, selling fake medicine. What if someone loses their life because of this?”

“Exactly, compensate the money quickly!”

Shopkeeper Gu looked at the pill bottle the man stuffed into his hand, opened it, and poured out the remaining four pills.

Upon seeing this, his face turned dark, “This pill is not from our Treasure Medicine Pavilion, and what’s inside is not the Light Spirit Pill.”

The Light Spirit Pill, specifically suitable for travel, mainly speeds up the pace and reduces body fatigue. It is commonly used during training and many people carry some when going out.

It’s not very expensive, 20 crystals per pill.

The Shining Star Continent’s trading is divided into silver and crystal trades. Common goods are bought with silver, while spiritual herbs, treasures, or valuable items are usually traded with crystals.

In terms of value, 1 crystal can be worth approximately 10 taels of silver, but this is just an estimate, and the two are generally not interchangeable.

The man bought a bottle of Light Spirit Pill, five in total, used one, and spent 100 crystals on it. Now, he wants the Treasure Medicine Pavilion to refund him those 100 crystals.

“Everyone, please look, this Light Spirit Pill hasn’t been properly made, it’s only a shell. I’ll get our Light Spirit Pill for everyone to see.”

Shopkeeper Gu glanced at the man, who glared back. Unruffled, Shopkeeper Gu turned to fetch a Light Spirit Pill that was for sale.

He opened the bottle and poured it out, and immediately a strong fragrance wafted out.

“The two are different in both scent and color. This is the real Light Spirit Pill, his is clearly wrong,” Shopkeeper Gu explained to everyone.

“It really is different. . . . . .”

“Yes, the fake one doesn’t even have a fragrance.”

“The color is different, so is this man trying to deceive people?”

Everyone started pointing fingers at the man.

“Heh, mine is wrong? Look closely, I bought this from your shop, even the bottle has your ‘Treasure’ character on it!” The man retorted.

This was true; the two bottles looked identical.

Jiang Chu looked at the man and the growing crowd outside the door, quietly walked to the table, and took out her divination tool.

Divination tools are essential for diviners, just like warriors always carry their weapons.

Jiang Chu wanted to see how the current situation would be reflected in her divination, as a way to practice her skills.

“This bottle indeed belongs to our Treasure Medicine Pavilion, but the pill does not,” Shopkeeper Gu said.

“You mean I switched the medicine? Heh, then look, what’s the matter with my tongue?” The man spoke and opened his mouth, revealing a tongue covered in red blisters.

(End of the chapter)



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