The Divination Master Only Wants to Set Up a Stall – Chapter 29

𝐆𝐨𝐭 𝐂𝐚𝐮𝐠𝐡𝐭

𝐆𝐨𝐭 𝐂𝐚𝐮𝐠𝐡𝐭

“Miss, I, I have something to ask, but is it that I cannot speak?”

Hua Lan had been holding back all the way, finally opening her mouth as they were about to arrive home.

Miss said she talked too much, and she didn’t want to ask, but she was really curious.

“You want to ask why I read fortunes?” Jiang Chu looked at her.

“Yes, yes.”

“Actually, when I was in the academy, I thought being a Divination Master was fun, then after my martial arts were crippled, I read some books in my free time, learned a little, but it’s only the basics,” Jiang Chu said.

Hua Lan responded with an “oh,” but immediately had a new question, “But, during that month, did you read books?”

How did she not know?

She cleaned Miss’s room; she knew what was in the room better than anyone else.

How did she not know there were books related to divination?

“It accumulated, and then everything fell into place,” Jiang Chu said, looking profound.

Hua Lan seemed to understand and nodded, but she still had doubts—―

So where were the books?

But she didn’t dare to ask anymore.

“Miss, do you really want to pursue divination in the future, giving up martial arts?” she looked at Jiang Chu with concern, “The new path must be difficult, Hua Lan will support you, no matter what you want to do, Miss, I believe in you!”

“Thank you.” Jiang Chu stopped, patted the little girl’s head, and smiled.

The feeling of being cared for was not bad at all.

But. . . . . .

“Don’t worry, my path is not too difficult, even if it is, I will walk it well,” Jiang Chu looked at the mansion gate and said.


Shopkeeper Liu’s talisman shop.

After Jiang Chu left, Shopkeeper Liu was still worried about the things he was concerned about in the shop.

Would there be a new Talisman Master coming, and who would it be?

Also, would the shop’s Talisman Master voluntarily leave? Even in the next two days?

He found this quite unlikely. He had known Master Sun Fu for three years, and although he asked for more money for processing, he should not leave directly without a clear answer.

“Shopkeeper, I want to buy some talismans. . . . . .”

While thinking about this, an old customer walked in.

Business arrived, so Shopkeeper Liu put aside his worries and began to take care of it.

As an old shop, Shopkeeper Liu’s business was stable. Although the total number of customers was not too many, there were still occasional transactions.

He was busy until evening.

“Shopkeeper Liu.”

A familiar voice came from the door, and Shopkeeper Liu looked up.

It was none other than the shop’s Talisman Master, Master Sun Fu.

Master Sun Fu usually delivered talismans to him twice a month, but today was not the time for delivery, so why had he come?

“Master Sun Fu, what is this. . . . . .come in.”

Thinking of Jiang Chu’s divination, Shopkeeper Liu’s heart stirred, and he invited him into the shop.

Could it be. . . . . .

“I have something to tell you, but. . . . . .alas, it’s really embarrassing, and I can’t say it,” Master Sun Fu said with a bitter smile.

He was thirty-seven this year, gentle, and looked like a scholar.

“We’ve been old friends for a long time, no matter what it is, you can say it,” Shopkeeper Liu said.

He was mentally prepared for everything.

“I might. . . . . .leave Yuxiao City tomorrow.”

Master Sun Fu poured himself a cup of tea and drank it with a sense of bitterness, “A talisman shop in another city invited me to be a collaborative Talisman Master, a resident one, and the pay is high.”

“Tomorrow? You’ve been living in Yuxiao City for over thirty years, why would you suddenly move away? Just for money?” Shopkeeper Liu noticed something was wrong, “Did something happen, so you urgently need money?”

After spending several years together, he had come to understand the disposition of Talisman Master Sun Fu, so when Master Sun Fu suddenly spoke of raising his wages, he was puzzled. Now, this confusion deepened.

“Not bad,” Talisman Master Sun Fu nodded, letting out a long sigh. “My wife’s chronic illness has flared up, and she must take a profound-level pill every three days to suppress it. These pills are expensive.”

Being a Talisman Master, his income was not low, but it could not withstand such consumption.

So, the money he had now was certainly not enough, and he had to work hard to earn enough to sustain her life.

“If there were any other options, I wouldn’t want to leave Yuxiao City either. I originally thought that a raise might suffice, but after calculating the expenses with my wife today, we realized we were thinking too simplistically.”

The income in Yuxiao City could not support their cost of buying pills.

Only by going to a bigger place, earning more money, working harder, would they have a slim chance of survival.

“So it was because of this. . . . . .” Shopkeeper Liu finally understood. “In that case, I won’t insist on keeping you. I hope you and sister-in-law will be safe and smooth!”

“Thank you for your understanding, Brother Liu.”

“Take this money; it’s a small token of my goodwill.” When seeing him off, Shopkeeper Liu also gave a hundred crystal stones.

This money was a gesture of his goodwill, and it was also to make up for their years together.

“Thank you, Shopkeeper! If there’s a chance in the future, I will repay this kindness.”

Leaving the shop’s business at such short notice, time was pressing, and it wasn’t easy for Shopkeeper Liu to find a new Talisman Master. If he couldn’t find one in time, it might even harm the business. This was why Master Sun Fu felt ashamed to speak of it.

He thought that Shopkeeper Liu would be angry and wouldn’t let him go, but to his surprise, Shopkeeper Liu was very reasonable and even gave him crystal stones.

This touched Talisman Master Sun Fu deeply, and he stored the favor in his heart.

After he left, Shopkeeper Liu’s eyes were somewhat glazed over—―

“He really resigned, is this prediction so accurate? Does that mean the other two things are also accurate?”

The other two things: one was that his nephew, for some unknown reason, could not come to his shop anymore, and the other was a new Talisman Master coming to his door.

One prediction had already come true, and Shopkeeper Liu was now somewhat eager and curious about what would happen next.

While he was thinking, he felt a change in the transmission stone.

Taking it out, he heard his sister’s voice—―

“Second Brother, Qingfeng was injured when he returned from his practice today! He was injured in his arm, and the pharmacist said he can’t use his right hand for three months. It seems he can’t come to your shop anymore.”

His sister’s voice was filled with regret.

But Shopkeeper Liu’s eyes were bright as stars!

Another prediction came true!

My God, this is too miraculous!

What about the last one?

Looking at the sky, it had already darkened, and it was time to close the shop and go home.

After closing the shop, Shopkeeper Liu was still thinking about this matter on his way home.

“Excuse me, sir, is there a place nearby that sells medicinal pills?”

Suddenly, he was called by someone.

Looking up, he saw a weary traveler, who seemed to be tired to the extreme, walking on the road with a fatigued face. Upon seeing him, the traveler approached and politely asked.

“Oh, yes, do you see that building over there? Turn around, head south, and you’ll find a shop. They should still be open at this time.” Shopkeeper Liu replied instinctively and prepared to leave.

But suddenly, he stopped in his tracks.

(End of the Chapter)



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