The Divination Master Only Wants to Set Up a Stall – Chapter 33



“I have this pill recipe, created by a Heavenly-Level alchemist, which can cure all poisons except those of Heavenly-Level,” Jiang Chu said, “The poison affecting Young Master Qin is no exception.”

“Cure everything below Heavenly-Level?”

The head of the Qin family frowned upon hearing this and said, “Young lady, please don’t joke at this time. Not to mention whether such a pill recipe exists, even if it does, it requires a Heavenly-Level alchemist to produce the pill. For my son, it’s still like distant water that cannot put out a nearby fire.”

A Heavenly-Level pill requires a Heavenly-Level alchemist to produce, and there are only a handful of such alchemists across the continent. Although the Qin family is wealthy, they are still far from having a relationship with a Heavenly-Level alchemist.

Jiang Chu’s words did not please the head of the Qin family; instead, he appeared rather impatient.

The second daughter of the Qin family looked at Jiang Chu and said, “Miss Jiang, you mean to say that the pill is of Heavenly-Level? If I knew that, I wouldn’t have let you in.”

She sighed in frustration.

“This Profound-level alchemist can refine it.” Jiang Chu explained, “If you don’t believe it, please have your alchemist look at it, and they will know.”

“How is this possible!”

Miss Qin exclaimed, her expression inexplicable, “As you said, that pill recipe can even cure Earthly-Level poisons, how can this kind of pill be refined even by a Profound-level pharmacist?”

“Someone, go and call Master Chen.”

The head of the Qin family looked at Jiang Chu and then ordered aloud.

The servant by the door responded and hurriedly ran out.

“Father! You believe her words?” Miss Qin asked in astonishment.

Jiang Chu looked at Miss Qin.

“Whether I believe it or not doesn’t matter; there are those who understand it to verify.”

The head of the Qin family spoke.

Jiang Chu looked at the head of the Qin family with admiration —

Professional matters should be handled by professionals, but there are always those who don’t understand the industry interfering with important matters, utterly foolish.

In her previous life, it was the same; Jiang Chu was clearly a Divination Master at the highest level, but there were always laymen who doubted her because of her youth, thinking she had no real skills, thus questioning her divination results.

She thought that this Miss Qin was a clever and capable person, but now it seems that she is nothing more than that.

“Miss Jiang, if this pill recipe truly helps my son, you can name your price,” the head of the Qin family said.

“What if my price is not simple?” Jiang Chu countered.

Even though completing the green light mission would benefit her, she would still seek compensation from the saved party.

Mrs. Hao’s family was poor, so she wouldn’t ask for compensation there, but the Qin family. . . . . .

Jiang Chu smiled.

She felt that perhaps her dantian injury had a chance of being healed.

“If you can save Xiao Ye, you will be our family’s savior, and reasonable compensation will not be a problem,” the head of the Qin family said.

“In that case, I am reassured. Let’s wait for the alchemist’s examination,” Jiang Chu nodded.

Soon, Master Chen arrived, rushing with his medicine box, “Patriarch.”

“Miss Jiang.”

The head of the Qin family looked at Jiang Chu, signaling her to present the pill recipe.

“Wait a moment, let me borrow some paper and a pen.”

Jiang Chu didn’t hesitate and began writing at the table.

Fortunately, this world and her Mysterious Realm Continent were alike, with little difference in the names of beasts and medicines. The biggest difference was probably the overall strength of the warriors, possibly weaker by a level or two. As for divination, it had declined even more, and the differences in other professions were minor.

After finishing writing the prescription, she handed it to Master Chen.

Upon looking at it, Alchemist Master Chen’s brows furrowed immediately—

“Hmm? This prescription. . . . . .Pharmacologically it seems feasible, but Yeluobai, Huozhang Stone? How do these two blend together?”

He mumbled to himself as he looked at it.

Jiang Chu did not respond.

Don’t ask, she wouldn’t know either.

She had already given the correct answer. If he still couldn’t understand it, it could only mean his talent was mediocre.

Otherwise, if such a precious prescription was taken out, it would be completely fought over if placed outside!

Alas, she had sacrificed so much for this mission.

“Ah, I see, I see!” Master Chen’s eyes brightened, and he excitedly slapped his thigh as he spoke.

“How about it? Is it feasible?”

The head of the Qin family stared at Alchemist Master Chen and asked, “Can this prescription cure my son’s poison?”

“Master Chen, please examine it carefully, as it concerns my brother’s life, please be extremely careful!” the second miss of the Qin family said.

“This. . . . . .Patriarch, this prescription is very mysterious, and with my current skill level, I can’t fully comprehend it, but at least I can see that it is non-toxic, and even if ineffective, it won’t harm the young master’s body,” Master Chen said, his eyes filled with enthusiasm.

He must thoroughly study and ponder this prescription in the time to come! Whether it takes ten days, a month, or even a year, he must grasp it!

A prescription by a Heavenly-Level alchemist might be too complex for an Earthly-Level alchemist to understand, let alone him, a Profound-level alchemist.

If he could understand it all at once, the Heavenly-Level wouldn’t be Heavenly-Level, and he wouldn’t be Profound-level.

But at least he could judge from the drug’s characteristics that it wouldn’t harm the body, and given Young Master Qin’s near-death state, having a method was better than none, so it’s worth a try.

If successful, he would also gain merit, and the benefits would certainly be great. If unsuccessful, he would be neither rewarded nor blamed, and no one could fault him.

“In that case, go and refine the pill.”

The head of the Qin family, whose face had been tight, showed a relaxed smile, his previously tired eyes now gleamed with lightness, “Go find Qing Shan and have him accompany you to buy the medicinal materials. Be quick.”

Qing Shan was the Qin family head’s trusted subordinate, and buying medicinal materials was not something that usually required Qing Shan’s presence, but the situation was urgent, so he sent his capable aide to accompany.


Master Chen glanced at Young Master Qin on the bed, then hurriedly left.

Young Master Qin’s condition was poor, and time was running out; he had to quickly purchase the ingredients and refine them.

“Miss Jiang, I will have my servants arrange a guest room for you; please rest first,” the head of the Qin family said.

“Alright.” Jiang Chu nodded, “But I have a request, may I observe Master Chen’s refining process?”

Concerning the mission’s result and more importantly, her own spiritual sense improvement, Jiang Chu was somewhat uneasy.

Although they had the prescription, Master Chen had never made this medicine before, and if the process didn’t go smoothly, any delay could cause problems.

It was better for her to watch, and she could provide guidance if necessary.

(End of the chapter)



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