The Divination Master Only Wants to Set Up a Stall – Chapter 36

𝐖𝐨𝐤𝐞 𝐔𝐩

𝐖𝐨𝐤𝐞 𝐔𝐩

The detoxification pill was ready, and Jiang Chu opened the door of the alchemy room, preparing to go out with Master Chen, but he saw Qin Zixue waiting outside the door.

“Is it ready?”

Qin Zixue’s eyes tightened, and she quickly approached.

Jiang Chu looked ahead and saw that there was no one else but Qin Zixue, so she asked, “Second Miss, someone knocked on the door of the alchemy room just now, almost ruining this batch of pills. I don’t know who it was?”

“Someone knocked on the door?” Qin Zixue was startled, “I don’t know. I’ve been guarding here all the time and haven’t seen anyone come.”

“You were here the whole time?”

Master Chen asked doubtfully, “Then who knocked on the door?”

“Oh, I wasn’t here the whole time. I went out once because a servant had something for me.” Qin Zixue smiled sheepishly, “Someone must have come in then. Luckily, they didn’t disturb you, or it would have been my negligence.”

“No matter, the pill has been successfully concocted. Let’s go and treat the young master.” Master Chen said.


Qin Zixue stopped them, “Master Chen, can I see the pill? It concerns my brother, and I won’t feel at ease without seeing it.”

Master Chen paused and looked at Jiang Chu.

Jiang Chu remained silent, merely lowering his eyes.

“Alright, here is the pill.”

Master Chen handed the bottle over.

Qin Zixue took it, turned, and sniffed.

The newly made pill had a strong medicinal fragrance, and when the lid was opened, it seemed like there was a burst of heat.

“Why is there only one?”

Qin Zixue poured the pill into her hand and was taken aback.

The number of pills in a batch is not fixed. It could be as few as one, or as many as a dozen, depending on the characteristics of the ingredients. Some ingredients evaporate quickly when heated, resulting in fewer pills.

But generally, there are three to five pills, two are already rare, and this time there was only one.

“Yes, there are indeed fewer this time.”

Master Chen nodded and then looked at Jiang Chu.

Jiang Chu still said nothing, standing quietly on the side like a little maid.

“You may keep it, Master; I’ve seen enough.”

Qin Zixue returned the pill bottle after checking it, “Let’s go see my brother together.”

“Yes, Second Miss, please.” Master Chen put the pill bottle into his sleeve.


When they arrived at Qin Ziye’s courtyard, they found that the patriarch of the Qin family was already waiting.

Besides him were several younger men who looked somewhat like him, probably his brothers.

“The pill has been successfully made.” Master Chen said, “It can be administered to the young master now.”

He offered the pill.

“Can this medicine really be used?” the Qin family patriarch asked Master Chen.

“Eighty percent of the chances are that it will work, and the other twenty percent is that it will be ineffective.” Master Chen smiled, “Please rest assured, Patriarch, this pill will definitely not harm the young master.”

Qin Zixue looked worried at the side, “Then please administer it quickly. Xiao Ye’s condition is getting worse.”

She walked to the bedside, looking at Qin Ziye, who was in a coma with faint breathing, her eyes complex and teary.

The Qin family patriarch averted his eyes from her and nodded, “I will feed him myself.”

He opened the lid, poured out the still warm pill, and then placed it in Qin Ziye’s mouth.

The pill would dissolve directly once ingested, so there was no need to worry about him not swallowing it even in a coma.

After administering it, everyone in the room gathered around the bed, carefully watching him, not missing a single change.

“Father, why isn’t my brother getting better? Is the pill not working?” Qin Zixue became anxious after watching for a while.

“Detoxification always takes time, even if it’s really working, it will take time. Second Miss, don’t worry, just wait patiently,” Master Chen comforted.

Qin Zixue pursed her lips and sat in front of Qin Ziye’s bed, her eyes fixed on him without blinking.

Jiang Chu glanced at Qin Zixue and then silently looked away.

A quarter of an hour passed, and Qin Ziye’s face showed no change, still pale and weak.

“Father, why is my brother still like this?” she said, bursting into tears of despair. “I knew we couldn’t rely on Miss Jiang; she clearly doesn’t understand alchemy. How could she possibly. . . . . .”

“Second Miss, don’t be anxious.”

Jiang Chu smiled and interrupted her, “Look, isn’t he awake now?”



Qin Zixue turned pale and stared at the bed in astonishment, meeting a pair of eyes that had just opened.

Those eyes were blank and lifeless, seemingly still reacting to having been unconscious for so long.

But the next moment, the person spoke, “. . . . . .What happened to me?”

“Xiao Ye!”

The Qin family’s patriarch was overjoyed and hurried to the bedside. “Son, you’re awake? That’s great. Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere? Are you hungry, thirsty?” he asked, then ordered the servants, “Quick, pour a cup of water to moisten the Young Master’s throat.”


The room immediately became a scene of chaos, and the patriarch’s brothers gathered around, fussing over Qin Ziye, who had just woken up and was a bit weak but still responded energetically.

“Master Chen, quickly check his pulse, how is he?” the patriarch of the Qin family remembered and quickly called for Master Chen.

“Patriarch, the poison has been removed, and the Young Master only needs to rest for a few days to recover,” Master Chen said with a smile after checking the pulse.

Great, the poison was removed, so he would get credit, right?

The patriarch would surely reward him well in the future!

But. . . . . .

Thinking of something, Master Chen furrowed his brows and glanced at Jiang Chu.

The girl calmly stood there, eyes downcast, seemingly unaffected by the joy in the room, as if she didn’t care at all.

As he was thinking this, Jiang Chu raised her head, “Congratulations to the patriarch of the Qin family, congratulations to Young Master Qin. Since Young Master Qin is well, I will return to my room, as it is getting late. I will bid you farewell tomorrow.”

“Very well, thank you, Miss Jiang. Have a good rest,” the patriarch of the Qin family replied, something flashing in his eyes.

Jiang Chu met his gaze, nodded, and left the room.


About half an hour later, a knock came at the door, “Miss Jiang, the patriarch invites you to the hall to discuss something.”

“I understand.”

Jiang Chu, who had been sitting in the room practicing, got up and went out.

Upon arriving in the hall, besides the patriarch of the Qin family, there were two others present, a middle-aged man who looked like his brother and Master Chen.

Oh, and one more person, the young Qin master, wrapped in a blanket and sitting in a wheelchair.

All four looked serious, their eyes turning to Jiang Chu as she entered.

(End of Chapter)



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