The Divination Master Only Wants to Set Up a Stall – Chapter 39

𝐒𝐩𝐨𝐭 𝐎𝐧!

𝐒𝐩𝐨𝐭 𝐎𝐧!

Jiang Chu discovered a pattern: so far, the near-future fortunes she had seen were mostly three or four days long, the longest being nine days, and there was nothing beyond that.

So does this near-future refer to within nine days?

As she was thinking this, Jiang Chu saw above someone’s head—―

【Name: Niu Er Ya】

【Near-future fortune: Will elope with lover Hu Dahai in ten days, slip and drown on the way】

Jiang Chu was stunned—―

This person will lose her life in ten days??

She quickly looked at the woman, subconsciously wanting to go and warn her, but the woman was busy doing something and ran away so quickly that she disappeared in the crowd in just a short moment, out of sight.

Jiang Chu opened her mouth and sighed, her face complex.

The woman was gone, and even if she had found her, what could she do?

Would she listen if Jiang Chu told her about her fortune?

When Jiang Chu was a Divination Master in her previous life, people doubted her readings because people tend to believe in good fortunes and not bad ones, always harboring a chance that the bad ones were wrong—―

Although her divination was usually accurate, there were times when it wasn’t, right? Perhaps this one was a mistake.

Fate is determined by heaven; maybe she was just overrated?

If she could help, Jiang Chu wouldn’t refuse, but now the woman was gone, perhaps this was her fate.

However, this Niu Er Ya’s fortune was on the 10th day. . . . . .

Jiang Chu tried again but found no one with a fortune beyond ten days.

So she preliminarily judged that this near-future fortune only allowed her to see situations within ten days, and anything beyond that was not possible.

But was it accurate or not?

To know whether it was accurate was not difficult; she would know when she got back to Yuxiao City and saw Hua Lan.

As she was thinking this, Jiang Chu suddenly saw a man who was rolling up his sleeves and eating at a roadside stall—―

【Name: Wang Qing】

【Near-Future Fortune: Today, will accidentally be scalded by hot soup while eating noodles outside, disfiguring】


Eating noodles?

Jiang Chu’s heart stirred, and she urgently shouted—

“Stop the carriage, wait a minute!”

The carriage stopped, and Hua Lan looked at her puzzled, but Jiang Chu was only staring out the window.

She saw it; the man was eating noodles, and it seemed that he was almost done. After picking the noodles clean, he tilted his head back and drank some soup, wiped his mouth with his sleeve, and stood up.

At the moment he stood up to turn around, the owner came over with a pot of hot soup, and they collided!

Jiang Chu’s eyes widened, and she covered her mouth.

The soup spilled, splashing everywhere, and the man screamed in pain, making so much noise that even Hua Lan noticed.

“My God, that man got scalded!”

Jiang Chu’s heart beat faster.

So accurate!

And not only that, it was very detailed!

If Jiang Chu at her peak were to predict, she could only predict who, where, and what would happen. But this prediction was so specific: Today, while eating noodles outside, will be scalded by hot soup from the shop owner, disfiguring.

So detailed, it was outrageous!

And no one understood better what this meant than Jiang Chu.

The main point was, this was only the second time Jiang Chu had experienced this change after completing a task. What would happen if she did a few more tasks?

“Miss?” Hua Lan looked at Jiang Chu.

“Yes, it’s fine now, let’s go.”

Jiang Chu spoke, and the carriage continued moving, but she kept staring out the window, not missing any passerby.

She watched like this for about half an hour until her eyes started to hurt.

Sour and heavy, she felt like crying.

This was clearly not normal; the sensation was too intense, making Jiang Chu only want to close her eyes and never look at any person or thing again.

She dabbed her eyes with a handkerchief, and Hua Lan across from her stared at her eyes, “Miss, your eyes are so red, are you uncomfortable somewhere?”

“Maybe I’m just too tired.”

Jiang Chu said, but inside she wondered if it was because she looked at too many people, that this ability was overused, leading to this result.

What should she do? If she could only keep her eyes open for half an hour a day, what about the rest of the time? She couldn’t just keep her eyes closed!

Could she control it somehow, so she wouldn’t see the words above people’s heads?

Thinking this way, Jiang Chu looked again at the people on the street and indeed found that the small characters were no longer appearing.

And when she used her eyes again, she did not feel the fatigue in her eyes and the urge to cry.

Jiang Chu finally breathed a sigh of relief.

After a long journey, they arrived at Yuxiao City.

When the carriage stopped in front of the Jiang residence, Hua Lan was the first to stand up, wanting to lift the curtain and get off the carriage so she could go and support Jiang Chu. However, Jiang Chu stopped her.

“Let Wu Yu get off first, you are too anxious, don’t get hurt,” Jiang Chu said.

Hua Lan pouted, “How is that possible? I’m not that clumsy.”

Wu Yu had obediently gotten off the carriage first, and as she stepped to the edge of the carriage, preparing to jump down, she wobbled a bit, her feet not quite steady. But being a martial artist, she quickly stabilized her body and gracefully jumped down, landing firmly on the ground.

At that moment, Jiang Chu noticed a puddle of water by the edge of the carriage, shiny and oily. Wu Yu had almost slipped when stepping on it.

“Wu Yu, are you okay?” Jiang Chu asked first.

Wu Yu shook her head, looking at the stain and then pointing to a place nearby, extending her hand to help Jiang Chu. She meant for Jiang Chu to stand to the side, away from the stain.

Jiang Chu had already noticed it and naturally would not “step on the mine.”

She took Wu Yu’s hand and landed steadily.

Hua Lan, who was behind, saw this scene and couldn’t help but feel a little scared, “Oh my God, where did this dirty thing come from? Luckily Wu Yu is so skilled, or if I had gotten off first, wouldn’t I have fallen?”

Jiang Chu felt a bit relieved.

Thank goodness she had seen and been extra careful; otherwise, Hua Lan’s fall would not have been merely a minor injury. It could have been a broken leg.

“Don’t be so rash in the future, be more careful,” Jiang Chu said.

“I know, thank you, Miss, for your concern,” Hua Lan replied, sticking out her tongue, feeling a bit embarrassed.

“Miss! You have finally returned. The master and madam came back early this morning, and when they found out you weren’t in the house, they asked all about you, so worried!”

The gatekeeper came running over as soon as the carriage stopped, quickly telling Jiang Chu.

“. . . . . .Father and Mother are back?” Jiang Chu was stunned.

These past two days, busy with the Qin family’s affairs, she had forgotten that according to the divination, the Jiang family couple were indeed to return today.

Finally, she would have to face the relatives of this body.

(End of Chapter)



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