The Divination Master Only Wants to Set Up a Stall – Chapter 40



Jiang Chu made herself mentally prepared, took a deep breath, and walked into the Jiang mansion as if she was heading to a battlefield.

“Chu Chu! My dear daughter, you’ve finally returned!”

On Jiang Chu’s way to the Jiang mansion, a servant had already hurriedly run to the main hall to inform Mr. and Mrs. Jiang of her arrival. Therefore, when Jiang Chu arrived, she was immediately embraced before she could even speak.

The embrace of Mrs. Jiang was warm and soft, and Jiang Chu was completely pulled into her arms. The woman even nuzzled her face against Jiang Chu’s, her joy and excitement transmitting to Jiang Chu and calming her somewhat restless heart—―


“Chu Chu, you scared me to death. When I heard you left the house, I thought you wouldn’t come back. Thankfully, thankfully you’re here. . . . . .”

Mother Jiang finally released Jiang Chu, her eyes reddening as she looked at her.

Upon getting a close look at Mother Jiang, Jiang Chu was utterly astonished—

So beautiful!

Mother Jiang had a pair of phoenix eyes, a petite and palm-sized face, fair skin, and was full of mature charm. Her speech even carried a playful coquettishness, like that of a young girl.

Already beautiful and lively in character, she truly seemed like a young woman in her prime, not at all like the mother of two children?

Jiang Chu had an impression of her mother’s appearance, but knowing was one thing, experiencing it close-up was another.

Jiang Chu had long known that Mother Jiang was not the traditional motherly figure. Others might be gentle, graceful, and dignified, but Mother Jiang was lively, charming, cunning, and extremely clever.

It could be said that Father Jiang had always been captivated by her, and in the house, Mother Jiang’s position was definitely higher.

“Chu Chu, where did you go?”

Father Jiang waited until Jiang Chu finished embracing Mother Jiang before he spoke.

He asked in a deep voice, examining Jiang Chu as if trying to see if she had been injured.

But seeing that Jiang Chu’s condition was quite good, and more importantly, that she no longer appeared gloomy, made Father Jiang very relieved.

“Let’s talk about it later. Chu Chu, sit down first. Hua Lan, pour tea for Miss, so she can moisten her throat before talking.”

Mother Jiang scolded Father Jiang, and while Hua Lan obediently poured the tea, she took Jiang Chu’s hand, “It’s alright, if you don’t want to talk, you don’t have to. If you want to go out and relax, just go, and take Wu Yu with you so we can be at ease.”

Her husband, honestly! Their daughter was in a bad mood and wanted to go for a walk, yet he had to question her.

What’s there to ask!

If he made Chu Chu angry again, causing her to throw things and retreat to her room without coming out, what then?

Jiang Chu forced a smile, sipping tea, and took the opportunity to glance above the two’s heads—―

【Name: Hu Yingyue】

【Near-future fortune: Will be pursued and pestered by a shopkeeper while shopping for clothes the day after tomorrow】

Jiang Chu: . . . . . .

“Cough, cough. . . . . .”

She choked on the tea and started coughing, her face turning odd.

She seemed to remember that Mother Jiang’s charm was indeed very high. Her enchanting peach blossom eyes were too captivating, and her voice was soft and pleasant to hear. It was so appealing that even women would want to listen more.

Because of this, she attracted admirers even after marriage and having children. This was also why Father Jiang never dared to let his guard down, wishing he could stay glued to her side.

She looked again at Father Jiang—―

【Name: Jiang Yao】

【Near-future fortune: Will suffer a financial loss due to a scheme by a villain when going to Danmung City in four days】

Jiang Chu’s expression became serious.

Schemed against.

A villain.

She immediately thought of the divination she did for her parents a few days ago, which did indeed reveal the presence of a villain!

However, at that time, Jiang Chu’s spiritual sense was still very poor, and she couldn’t foresee this particular event.

It seemed that later, she would need to inquire about the situation in detail.

But for now, she needed to deal with the present situation first.

“Father, Mother, I have caused you worry lately.”

Jiang Chu organized her words, put down her teacup, and faced her parents earnestly, “I was consumed with my own grief and neglected you. That was my fault.”

Jiang Yao and Hu Yingyue couldn’t help but stare at each other, both looking a little surprised.

“Chu Chu, why would you say this?” Father Jiang asked, “Did something happen after we left?”

When they left, their daughter had been in deep pain and without any will to fight. How could she recover her spirit and even come to this realization in just a few short days?

What had happened?

“I have found a new direction.” Jiang Chu’s eyes were firm as she clenched her fist, “During the days when I was down, I happened to flip through some books, and I was attracted to divination. I’ve decided, even though my dantian is destroyed and I can’t practice martial arts, I can switch to studying divination!”


Hu Yingyue covered her mouth to stop herself from laughing.

Father Jiang’s face turned dark, “Switch to divination? Chu Chu, actually, being a wealthy idler is not bad. Your mother and I can work harder to earn more for the family, and you won’t lack anything in the future. You don’t need to study this laborious divination, just be content as the young miss of the Jiang family.”

“Yes, Chu Chu, don’t try to become a semi-sage, people will criticize you! It’s great to be the young miss of the Jiang family. Everything of the Jiang family will be yours in the future! As for your brother, he’s a boy, and he has martial arts, he can fend for himself in the future. Everything in our family will be left to you, not to him, don’t worry, your parents will make sure you are well taken care of.”

“That’s right, not being able to practice martial arts is not a big deal for a girl. Being gentle and weak is fine. Your father and I have decided to find a son-in-law for you who will certainly not dare to bully you!”

Their words were bewildering Jiang Chu.

Listening to them, Jiang Chu couldn’t help but show a sympathetic expression on her face——

Brother, you must not be their real child, right?

“That, father, mother, I’m serious. I think I have a strong talent in divination. . . . . . Actually, I was preparing to tell you that I have already been to Yuxiao Academy and successfully passed the assessment of the Divination College. Now I’m a student there.”

Jiang Chu said this with a hopeful look on her face.

You must believe me now, right?

Upon hearing her words, Mother Jiang showed an incredulous expression——

“…Divination College, they have an assessment?”

Jiang Chu: . . . . . .

“That Divination College is almost done for, I’ve heard that the department is about to be canceled. Such a prestigious division, with fewer than one hundred students, how bad must it be? What are you doing going to such a place?” Father Jiang frowned, “Chu Chu, your father understands that you don’t want to leave the academy, so you want to stay there in a different capacity. But it’s unnecessary. You can live well outside the academy, and your parents will take good care of you.”


Mother Jiang blinked her beautiful eyes, nodding in agreement, and even gave Father Jiang a “my husband, you are so right” look of appreciation.

At that moment, Father Jiang sat up even straighter.

(End of Chapter)



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