The Divination Master Only Wants to Set Up a Stall – Chapter 44



Yuxiao Academy.

Divination College.

Today is the day of concentrated teaching at Divination College, an event that occurs once a month.

If there is one day when Divination College has more students, it’s undoubtedly today.

Jiang Chu arrived at the Divination College classroom, where around 30 meditation cushions and low tables were set up, with an open space in the middle.

Compared to the classrooms and training grounds of Martial College, this place looked rather shabby.

The number of students who had arrived was quite low. Upon her arrival, Jiang Chu saw only three other people, two of whom were chatting, while the third was seated on a cushion, engrossed in divination with sticks.

“So the new student is you, huh? I was wondering who the newcomer could be.” 

One of the chatting students, a plain-looking girl with a mole on her nose, noticed Jiang Chu and walked towards her.

“Do you recognize me? I’m Jiang Chu. What’s your name?”

Jiang Chu had initially planned to inquire about Divination College from the students. She hadn’t expected that someone would come to her first, which was to her liking.

She looked at the name above the girl’s head—

【Name: Yuan Fang】

【Near-Future Fortune: Will be injured by a speeding carriage upon leaving the academy today; bedridden for six months】

Jiang Chu’s eyebrows twitched slightly.

“Of course I recognize you. Who in the academy doesn’t know you? I just didn’t expect to become your classmate in Divination College one day. . . . . . cough, welcome, anyway. My name is Yuan Fang.” 

Yuan Fang said with a smile.

“Thank you,” Jiang Chu replied, smiling. “By the way, why haven’t more people come yet?”

“It’s normal. It’s already good if half the students show up for the monthly class. More will probably come in another quarter of an hour or so. Don’t worry, we can just chat and wait for them,” Yuan Fang said naturally.

“Only half the students come for a class that occurs once a month?” Jiang Chu frowned.

“Half is already a lot. Most of the time it’s even less than that. Many students are from out of town, and the academy doesn’t really teach much, so everyone is busy with their own affairs,” Yuan Fang shrugged, evidently used to this.

“Do the teachers not teach anything?” Jiang Chu asked.

“What they teach is all from basic textbooks. Whether you listen or not doesn’t matter. Besides, Teacher Yuan. . . . . . well, don’t expect him to give anyone special treatment except for Deng Ying and Zhong Huai,” Yuan Fang said.

Deng Ying, Zhong Huai. . . . . .

Jiang Chu looked towards the male student seated alone, divining.

Above his head, a line of text appeared—

【Name: Zhong Huai】

【Near-Future Fortune: None】

“Yes, that’s Zhong Huai. He’s a genius with a spiritual sense of 72! Even the Dean says it’s a waste for him to be here, so they want him to take an exam in six months. If he passes, he’ll be able to join our Qingzhou Divination Master Guild!” Yuan Fang looked at Zhong Huai enviously.

Although divination is not as popular, there are still some top talents in the field. Yuxiao City may lack talent, but in the grand scheme of Qingzhou, or even the entire continent, there are notable divination masters, most of whom have some relationship with the Divination Master Guild.

“To advance oneself, staying in a small place is obviously not advisable. One must go to a larger world to improve.”

“What’s your spiritual sense?” Jiang Chu asked.

“Mine…sigh, it’s only 16,” Yuan Fang said with a gloomy face. “What about you?”




Both looked at each other and sighed deeply.

Everything was said without words.

“What is he calculating?” Jiang Chu looked in Zhong Huai’s direction.

“He’s not comfortable unless he’s divining something. He finds things to divine about every day until his spiritual sense is completely drained. So, I really admire him,” Yuan Fang said with a complex expression.

“Do you admire him? Or are you infatuated with him?”

When Jiang Chu arrived, the girl in blue who had been chatting with Yuan Fang also came over. She had overheard Yuan Fang’s previous comment and teased her with a laugh.

Yuan Fang’s face turned red. “What are you talking about . . . . .”

She glanced at Jiang Chu, avoiding eye contact.

So that’s how it is. . . . . .

Jiang Chu understood, but chose not to comment, as they weren’t that close.

However, she did take a moment to look at the girl in blue—

【Name: Liu Lu】

【Near-Future Fortune: Will find 5 crystals outside her home in seven days】

After observing Liu Lu, Jiang Chu walked over to Zhong Huai.

“Zhong Huai, sorry to bother you. Could you perform a divination for me?”

Jiang Chu leaned over and smiled at the seated Zhong Huai, “I’ve never seen anyone with such a high spiritual sense as you. I’ve just enrolled in Divination College and am really curious about how you guys divine. Could you show me?”

The reason she “bluntly” asked was because she had just heard Yuan Fang say that Zhong Huai often divines to improve himself.

So he probably wouldn’t mind if someone asked him to do a divination.

And the timing was perfect; she approached Zhong Huai right after he had finished a divination, so as not to disturb him.

“A new student?”

Zhong Huai looked up at her. “Sure, what would you like to divine?”

“Divine for her, find out about her luck. . . . . .By the way, can you predict a person’s fortune for the next few days?” Jiang Chu pointed at Yuan Fang.

Yuan Fang looked startled, then her face turned red, but her eyes were filled with anticipation.

“Three days,” Zhong Huai answered, then looked at Yuan Fang, “Sure, have a seat.”

He gestured to the spot in front of him.

“Ah, okay!”

Yuan Fang quickly walked over and sat down opposite him, her face full of shy delight.

Liu Lu came over and nudged Jiang Chu with her shoulder, winking at her, “Not bad, you really get it!”

Creating an opportunity for Yuan Fang and Zhong Huai on purpose because she knew Yuan Fang liked him.

This new classmate sure is considerate.

Jiang Chu smiled but said nothing.

Creating an opportunity might not be possible; just by looking into Zhong Huai’s eyes, she knew what kind of person he was. Clearly not on the same wavelength as Yuan Fang.

Someone who’s immersed in his own world and only wants to grow stronger won’t give a second glance to a woman who is now, and likely will be, less than him.

Yuan Fang was doomed to have unrequited love.

Her move was just to gauge Zhong Huai’s abilities and to see if he could accurately predict that Yuan Fang would be injured today.

Zhong Huai began.

The young man in black was focused, his gaze fixed solely on his divination sticks when not conversing, as if they were his entire world.

Zhong Huai’s method of divination was one of the most popular on this continent, the stick-shaking method.

It wasn’t simply a matter of shaking the sticks. Before doing so, spiritual sense would be activated using a technique, guiding it to choose the most appropriate stick.

There were two types of stick shaking: one where the Divination Master performs the entire process, and another where the Divination Master controls the spiritual sense but lets the querent shake the sticks.

In reality, there wasn’t much difference between the two methods; the results were the same. But generally, Divination Masters prefer to shake the sticks themselves, not wanting others to handle their divination tools.

For the querents, though, it feels more “real” when they shake the sticks themselves.

(End of Chapter)



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